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Updated 1st AugLast updated 1st Aug by lollypoplee
I have recently booked a trip with National Express coach service. upon booking the tickets i was offered the option to add "change to time and dates to my trip" for £12. i opted f… Read more

I can see where everyone is coming from and agree with you....but XD ...... only joking mate


It is flexible... It doesn't mean you can swap to any seat that you like without paying the difference, though. Let's look at it your way but in reverse... You just booked a seat from London to Edinburgh to go see the Fringe festival and it was a whopping £138, and you paid your £12 insurance, making it £150. Two weeks before the Fringe Festival all of your favourite acts have to cancel so you decide not to bother! Rather than lose out, you decide to go up and see your wee ol' Gran that lives there, a week or two before the festival starts so you can spend some time together without the tourists making everything too busy. Now that the tickets are a bargain £38, would you have the attitude that it's all fine and dandy to just swap your ticket, or would you feel robbed of £100? I don't think you'd be OK to just swap, I think you'd want a refund of the £100. I certainly would, as would every other user of this site, I'd imagine.


I assumed that my ticket was flexible once i upgraded, obviously not XD


Have they stopped doing flexible tickets I used to buy those after missing a coach once


I agree with you 100% mate and thank you for posting (y)

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Updated 27th JunLast updated 27th Jun by Samluk
anyone applied for 26-30railcard recently? does it take 5 working day for new application? thanks *As it mentioned 5 days on the page, but also said available instantly

Cool thanks.


I was able to get it straight away after making a railcard application.


Do you need to wait for a few day? Or available immediately? Thanks


I just got a 26-30 two days ago and seemed like it was digital only you have to download the trainline app and the railcard is present on there.


Pretty sure I read that the 26-30 railcard is digital only, there is no option to have a physical card.

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Updated 8th MayLast updated 8th May by Corkscrew
Hi all, I have an open return ticket for Avanti West Coast train and I wish to use my return journey today. However, given the COVID times, I imagine seats need to be booked, so h… Read more

I just asked through twitter and it's all sorted now


Who did you talk to at Avanti before you asked here?

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Updated 5th FebLast updated 5th Feb by Ollyvica
Operation Veterans Railcard is a go. Get yours today! Save £9 on the annual fee for Railcards purchased before 31st March 2021
Service personnel often live and work all over the UK, moving regularly from posting to posting, so when they leave the armed forces, they may well find themselves hundreds of mile… Read more

And it looks like you get 60% off the kids' fare anyway.


If kids get 60% off the adult fare, that would be 20% off the kids' fare.


Why isnt this on Deals? instead shoved in discussions? Love the "must have served for 1 day" good for those who cant stand basic training and want to go home!


Thanks for pointing that out, I'd wrongly assumed they meant 60% off the normal kids fare but if its 60% off the adult fare then you're quite right, it's not much of a deal for kids so I've amended my original comment.


It's actually only 10 percent for kids when you think about it as they get 50 percent off anyway. Quite cunning really.

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Updated 30th Dec 2020Last updated 30th Dec 2020 by lookatmywadd
Refunds on Advance Single Train tickets
Hi, I had an 'advanced single' booked with Greater Anglia for travel this coming week but now plans have changed. I logged into the Greater Anglia site but it specifically states … Read more

I'm trying to upload the images but this site keeps blocking it. It says 'must be a png. file', which it is, but still blocking it. Copy and Paste image functionality missing from a site like this? I don't understand. Anyway, I'll link the images instead.


I tried getting a refund but they're stalling. I even quoted the below. They're saying this: "As per the refund policy we can only provide a refund once you rebook a new ticket for the same journey and the new ticket price should be same or higher than the original ticket. Once you rebook a new ticket we can offer you a refund less £10.00 per person per ticket from the original ticket. You may contact us on 0345 600 7245 6 Monday - Sunday 08:00 - 22:00 wherein, one of our advisors will check and assist you accordingly." Obviously, I can't rebook the ticket because of the lockdown. And their final recourse is to tell me to call them in full knowledge there'll be a long wait and hopefully I'll **** off. Presumably Greater Anglia are bailed out by the Govt for any losses from Covid and their refusal to refund customers a sneaky way for management to hold on to people's ticket payments until such time as they can fob off joe public with a new lie to deny refunds.


Just rechecked their site. Actually, there is a section there on refunds for Covid chaos but when logged in to account showing your ticket, the option to apply for a refund doesn't appear. You have to contact them directly. They never make it easy for you.


Oh, seems that Greater Anglia haven't got round to updating their terms - I'm sure it's just a glitch and they'll get round to it soon (lol)


Booked a hotel and the day i should have booked in tier 3 came in. Called the hotel, they just brushed me off. I should of cancelled 3 days before. Called head office, 5 min later I had a credit to use in the next 12 months. Don’t just bow down, call again blame COVID.

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Updated 27th Nov 2020Last updated 27th Nov 2020 by saadiya
hi. I'm looking for travel from Cardiff to Heathrow Terminal 5 in January. any suggestions apart from Megabus? any black Friday offer? thanks

Thanks. At the moment Megabus and national express come to the same price for me


I constantly travel from Cardiff to London and while the Megabus is usually the cheapest option - I tend to go with National Express by default. Granted the stop is in Sofia Gardens as opposed to outside the Hilton in town centre but the fact it's an actual "bus stop" is a plus for me as you actually get staff who give you updates on any delays etc. Other than that, there is also the train from Cardiff Central - which is the quickest, most convenient route as you can then catch the tube/Heathrow express straight from Paddington- but unless you have a railcard (or don't mind stumping up twice the amount as coach), it's pretty expensive. As far as I can see, there are no deals with any of these modes of transport at the moment


Whats the best have you found so far?


National Express