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Posted 7th May 2021Posted 7th May 2021
Ikea Hertz Van Hire, how long is a day?
Silly question I know but bare (bear? 🐻) with me! I see IKEA have special rates for the van hire, either by the hour or a day rate, what exactly is the day classed as? Is it a blo…
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Posted 14th Apr 2021Posted 14th Apr 2021
Alternative to home broadband? Vodafone Gigacube or other?
We're moving house and I'm really struggling to find an internet provider that will give us any decent speeds. Can't get Virgin Media and BT, Talk Talk, Sky etc are all saying we can get 8mb…
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Posted 25th Oct 2020Posted 25th Oct 2020
Help removing radiator cover for cleaning
Hi all, Looking for a bit of help with our radiator covers as we're having an absolute howler trying to get them off to clean between the fins Basically at the bottom there appears to be…
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