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Updated 14th SepLast updated 14th Sep by James2505
Noticing our entry level Philips air purifier has kept a purple ring on top tonight meaning air quality is a bit bad. Stayed like that for hours now though, which is a first since … Read more

I think humidity is unlikely to be a factor unless it is at the extreme ends of the scale. If the air was saturated to the point where water vapour was condensing then it could well interfere with some sensors (as happens with smoke alarms) but it doesn't sound like this was the case. Some air purifiers do measure humidity and temperature but typically these would be displayed on a separate indicator to pollution levels Cooking can generate pollutants so this could be a factor, especially if you have a gas hob. Even something like burning a small candle can have a big effect. Alternatively your air purifier's filter could be at the end of its life and therefore not working well, or it may just be giving an inaccurate reading

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Updated 31st AugLast updated 31st Aug by BargainLovingMum
Hi just wondering if anyone had any recommendations for a humidifier for using in a bathroom?

I don’t think you should get an electric one if you are thinking about using it in the bathroom?


Sorry yes typing error !


Do you mean dehumidfier?

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Updated 27th AugLast updated 27th Aug by jon81uk
I'm wanting something similar to Dyson's expensive Hot + Cool Fan. I'm simply wantingnsomething that is a 2-in-1 and can Cool my small bedroom down on the warmer months and heat i… Read more

I didn’t mention the wall temperature? I agree that yes you are just trying to get air flow and most of the cooling is then by evaporation of sweat. But many people think just that the Dyson hot+cool will cool the room, when it won’t, it just moves the air around, which as you say can either increase air flow or create a bigger temperature difference. But if the air is already warm then no fan will be able to actually cool the air the same as an air conditioner can.


But nobody cares whether the wall is hot. The thing you're interested in is the people, you're trying to increase the rate of heat flow from the skin to the air. That can be done with a greater temperature difference or a greater amount of air flow, both are equally valid ways of cooling.


Yes to move the heat away. So the logic in a house would be to open a window and put the fan at the window. They don’t actually lower the temperature though, just move the hot air around. If there is no cool air the fan can make it hotter as the action of the fan makes heat too.


A fan moving air transfers heat away faster - it cools. That's why they're used in cooling systems in everything from cars to computers.


There are evaporation based cooling fans around, just be warned that obviously they increase humidity in the house, If your house has dubious levels of venting and you rarely open windows it's not a good idea.

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Updated 9th AugLast updated 9th Aug by Nicebob
Hi All Forgot 1 last bit before call building control round. Have a Bathroom with Shower (room has no windows) Would i need a Fan above the toilet as well Already wired up a in… Read more

Wish I had a mate like that. Cost me £350 to have my self installed electrics checked, and I'm an industrial duel role mechanical/electrical fitter, just don't have the nesessery part P qualifications for electrical work in the home. Never mind.


Mates a sparky so he inspected it all for me then issued the safety cert once he was happy. I remember BC just picked up that I didn't install metal capping over the cables


Hi Mate Apologies didnt make it clear Building control have been round at all stages Ie footing, roof timbers, drainage, soakaway checked all electrics plumbing, and Last stage is for completion sign off Just last bit is fan need sort then all good, just confused on fan issues, Other have suggested people pulling me leg saying fan has to be above the toilet As I have installed a Zone 1 Fan


actually, the problem sounds like its 'deeper'. OP is 'about to call' BC and is asking about the room which it sounds like (s)he has already built. Which implies BC were never called to inspect the dig out for the footings BEFORE pouring the concrete. First mandatory inspection. + drain seal. + cavity inspection. + + + + Oh dear. You might get some push back from BC. Depends on the inspector. They may start with a dig alongside and down to the base of the footings to insect the ground condition that it has been built on. Be very nice and hope for a fair minded inspector who is willing to help rather than pillory you. And as nicebob says, the electrics are mandatory part P work


Just wondering, you say you've do it all yourself, how have you managed to get building control to let you do the electrical wiring yourself?

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Updated 26th JulLast updated 26th Jul by KC30
Hi, It gets really hot in my bedroom esp as my room is sun facing. I’m looking for a powerful fan that will help keep my room cool but also one that isn’t too loud. Was wonderin… Read more

(lol) aye likewise (lol) except im up north in scotland make a wee place for them in the attic soon (lol)




Absolutely. I live in Wales, not the South of France....the thing only comes out for a couple of weeks a year XD


Have a look at these wall fans I bought several of the G4RCE ones a couple of years ago, they don't get in the way like tower fans and normally mount with one screw so when you don't need them you can hang a picture from the screw. They also seem to move the air better than our previous tower fans.


beat me to it i paid 17£ from screwfix does the job

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Updated 23rd JulLast updated 23rd Jul by jameshothothot
Hi guys, I've got a gaming pc with 4 fans preinstalled but I cannot find the same exact fans online, If I buy other brand argb fans with the same voltage and connect it to the fan … Read more

Thinking about it.. Controls 10 fans? So could sync them... Though they might have different colour cycles and speeds. I tend to run them on max speed for cooling down rather than looks! Hence I try not to share their power sources to give them more direct oomph


Appreciate the advice :)


They will work but not necessarily in sync. In theory you could maybe program them to be in sync with a controller. Some fans are powered by a controller..some off the motherboard.some off the PSU. I haven't really done RGB syncing.