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Cat Chat
I really do not mean to keep de-railing other people's threads with my kitty talk. So I am starting a thread about cats. So, tell me about your cat! Feel free to post pics if yo… Read more

Deep down i'm a big softy (just don't tell anyone!). This will be our 8th cat and cat number 7 in the house, should have named them after the 7 dwarves. Nothing more relaxing than crashing on the sofa in an evening with cats laying on you and purring away! They are all little cuddle monsters.


THAT IS JUST SOOO SOOOO FUNNY!!!!! Just LOVE LOVE the last bit!!!! Incredible - just goes to show - don't judge a book by its cover and so on..... Seeeeeeee!!! LOL You guys DO have a heart after all!!! (((As he gets thrown out of the bar!!)))) :3


Hello :3 terrifying news story but ends well


Too hard to resist, one of the Mrs friends cats had kittens and this litte guy was the last one wanting a home I tried my hardest to resist after going to her house and seeing them but kept getting whatsapp pictures of the little guy, she knew I would crack easier than the Mrs (to be honest I had already named him in my head before we got home). He will be called Jesse (the male form of Jess after postman pats black and white cat) the other two was all black. I am now getting daily upates of pics and videos of him, he was trying to stand yesterday but fell over and rolled over onto his back in the cutest way possible, pink little belly and jelly beans on show. From my posts about my fur babies it would be hard to imagine me as a 17 stone, shaven headed & bearded guy who works as a bouncer!


Awww, it’s so lovely to see these ikkle monsters ….. cute little fur all’s!

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Blink! are offering a free trial box (need to pay £1 P&P). Haven’t tried them before, but the meals are grain/cereal free and complete meat meals. We give our cat a different b… Read more

I've signed up to this, but does anyone know if Blink do promo to make the subscription cheaper? I don't mind paying a bit extra for better quality food, but this stuff is literally 4-5x price of regular cat food brand. 🙀


My cat hated them so donated to local cat rescues


The pure meat cat food is usually a bit more expensive. We get Thrive for our cat, which is usually about 99p a can or £10 for a 1.5kg bag of biscuits, but we buy bulk packs to get it slightly cheaper/stock up when it is on offer. Our cat loves them though and it keeps him full.


Crazy prices for normal purchase though.

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Best wet cat food
hello just need some advice on cat food. cats went to the vets yesterday for their jabs and need (allegedly) £450 dental treatment each. they have been on plaque off and Royal can… Read more

Just avoid the popular supermarket branded junk food like whiskas, felix, purina etc It's junk food for cats with very little actual meat content being mainly water and padded out with filler like maize and ash! Acana is great but for value, smilla from zooplus is very good


Applaws, Bozita, Carny Animonda, Grau, Encore ... all very high meat content with minimal additives


Fussy chunk <3


Thrive is by far the best wet and dry food you can buy IMO, however it’s not cheap.


applaws or nature's menu

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Claim a FREE pack of Harringtons cat food (purchase required for full cashback)
"We're so confident that your cat will taste the difference and love our new range of natural dry cat food that we’re giving you your first pack for free. To take the Natural Choi… Read more

Yes after about 3 weeks


Did they pay out?


Yes, I normally sprinkle it on my cereal :p


This stuff tastes great.


when we've collected food parcels from food banks to pass on in the past, they've asked if the person had a pet aswell and handed us pet food to go with the food parcel. so im guesssing so. alternatively most supermarkets have donation boxes for local animal shelters etc

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So my lovely cat is now 7, still fluffy and cute as she was a kitten. We have been feeding her 1+ whiskas food. Wondering if there is much benefit moving onto the senior 7+ pouches… Read more

6! Wow :)


My little one (actually 6 but still tiny) was 100% wet food until she had to have a couple of teeth out.


Yes, you have a good point. Mine get wet food mainly (not whiskas etc which is like McDonald's for cats) with a small daily bowl of orijen dry food.


That’s why you balance it as you like. No dry food at all means you have to brush their teeth or they fall out


Better for teeth. Terrible for their nutrition and kidneys

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Greenie dog treats amazon £4 for 22 greenie, dental sticks, cat food and treats
Has anyone tried greenie dog treats and know what size is like I got this amazing offer off amazon today a glitch in free samples and free delivery but wondering how small they wil… Read more

Hi again, I wonder if that's why they edited the title of my deal for the free Crave cat food.? I added the other 2 free samples to the description earlier today but they wouldn't allow me to edit the title. Maybe that is the reason they wouldn't allow your post. They must have edited the title of my deal after you posted.


They have got rid of dental sticks as a freebie


I put all the items in my basket and it’s asking for £9 with discount?


I use the bag of dental sticks from Home Bargains. You get about 28 for £1.49 and my dogs actually prefer them to the high priced ones


I noticed it had been removed. That’s such a shame as I wouldn’t have made an order for just one but all 3 is a mega bargain!! Completely different deal!! Thanks for the bargains.