Posted 10 November 2023

Don’t buy cat food from Amazon

Be aware if you buying cat foods from Amazon! I have made the purchase of boxes of cat food just a week ago but Amazon delivered the smashed, damaged and broken boxes of cat food to me!

As a normal customer, I won’t buy a defect or damaged packaging cats foods for m cat! The advertisement from Amazon website also doesn’t mentioned the cat foods are in damaged boxes!

So the price I paid is for a pristine condition boxes of cat foods!

Contacted the online associates from Amazon and have sent in the photos to prove the damaged packages. The associates said they cannot see the damaged of the cat foods, they said only the boxes are damaged, so no refund or replacement will be made!

They also said they won’t accept the order to be returned as they concern the health and safety!

So what about to my cat??? I am also concerned the heath and safety to my cat! The boxes are damaged, so the pouches must be ruined by mice, insects or virus. I won’t feed it to my cat with this damaged condition cat foods!!

Amazon cheat its customers to pay the full price for the purchase and forcing them to receive the damaged order!!!

Amazon also doesn’t let me to left the feedback via its feedback system!

I couldn’t believe nowadays Amazon is providing such horrible worst service to its customers!!!

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  1. Justintime12's avatar

    It's a box. The 'food' is unaffected. first world problems.

    Have a word with yourself for getting your cat the McDonald's of cat food aka whiskas, the junk food for cats.

    Cats are obligate carnivores so 40% meat content is suffice

    Whiskas, like all that supermarket crap (purina, felix etc) is about 4% (edited)
    Uncommon.Sense's avatar
    Have to agree a lot more worried about the trash people feed their animals than the state of the box, if the OP really cared they'd do some investigation and research into quality care for the animlas welfare.
  2. PS5's avatar
    OTT award winner.

    However, please don't feed that rubbish to your cat if you are genuinely concerned about what they eat. It is the equivalent of feline McDonalds for every meal and then some..
    greentomato's avatar
    Yeah I know you would pay full price and don’t mind the packaging been damaged
  3. Turret-Buddy's avatar
    The box has just been thrown about a bit. You tried your luck getting a refund and keeping it but it's failed. Now feed them cats
    greentomato's avatar
    You can have it for free but I have donated it to cats rescues organisations (edited)
  4. fisco2001's avatar
    Looks like the Pre Cut bit of box has opened
    Can’t see big deal of the post tbh

    This could happen when item was placed in shipping box

    So I agree with Amazon only outer is damaged,

    So if you bought loose pouches from Tesco you have seen the outer box anyways as half ones come like this anyway (edited)
  5. deleted2862047's avatar
    For an animal that happily licks its own backside I’m sure it won’t be bothered that the outer box of its perfectly fine sealed pouches was opened along its pre cut lines.

    And why you feel the need to post this in reply to 7 other pet food deals in the last hour as if they will ‘suffer’ the same is beyond me.

    Totally over the top reaction good grief. (edited)
  6. eset12345's avatar
    "so the pouches must be ruined by mice, insects or virus. I won’t feed it to my cat with this damaged condition cat foods!!"

    Have a sit down and a cuppa and get a grip, your pouches of food are fine, just like the single pouch you'd get on a supermarkets shelf would be fine
  7. sm9690's avatar
    As a normal customer

    Sound anything but normal if this is what you're moaning about
  8. Horningtoft's avatar
    Have you seen the garbage that cats will eat, given half a chance? The bags of food are intact so they are fine. Yes the packaging is damaged but that's because it has done its job and protected the contents.
    greentomato's avatar
    Shame you feed your cat garbage food
  9. EndlessWaves's avatar
    Mice happily chew through cardboard and and very few cardboard boxes are sealed well enough to keep out insects, let alone airborne viruses.

    The only thing protecting it against those concerns is the pouches themselves so the question is whether they're damaged.

    If they're not then the cardboard packaging has done it's job and is no longer relevent, assuming you're not going to be transporting them around roughly.
  10. bozo007's avatar
    If this is a crisis, then we are doing really, really well.
  11. Willy_Wonka's avatar
    One of my cats pukes every time it eats mouse brains but never learns.

    I am sure yours won't worry about a piece of broken cardboard.
  12. KodaBear's avatar
    I buy food for myself on Amazon that has come looking worse than that. Microwave rice pouches in a bulk box. The outer box was completely destroyed worse than your photo. Pouches inside were creased up. I flattened them out. Gave them a quick wipe down and put them away in the cupboard. Worked my way through eating them and found them to be just fine.

    Tins of tuna chunks. One of the cans had a dent in the side. And one was bashed in at the top? No need to complain. The food inside was still safely sealed and still tasted just as good.

    If you order things online the packaging may get dirty or damaged in the process of picking, packing and shipping. This packaging is designed to protect the inner goods. And it sounds like it’s done just that in your case. The inner products aren’t damaged. There isn’t actually a problem here.

    In future I’d probably advise you to stay offline and pick your own items in a supermarket or pet store.
    greentomato's avatar
    Sad to have food like that
  13. happi's avatar
    Order from Zooplus, they bombproof packages. probably because they use Evri
  14. Gollywood's avatar
    I was going to buy cat food from Amazon but after seeing this thread, I've decided not to.
    MadeDixonsCry's avatar
    Do u have a cat?
  15. melted's avatar
    Hmm, ordered cat food and got a little bit of a dog's dinner! (edited)
  16. dunny06's avatar
    Your cat will scoff a lot worse on its travels. always best to buy from a physical store for the ones you love rather than risk damaged items on delivery.
  17. leeanne123's avatar
    See if you can go pick it up yourself from the Amazon warehouse, you can pick a box thats in tact then...and go home and open it up.

    FWIW, cat food delivery from any company is at risk of being damaged. Any delivery is liable to damage - things get dropped/broken. I once ordered from Harringtons directly and it arrived split open and crawling with bugs + maggots..
  18. JimboParrot's avatar
    Who'd eat a green tomato from choice? Other than in a home made chutney!!!!!!!!

    As others have said - get your cat onto some proper, good quality nutritional food with or without a dented box!

    Purchase locally too!

    Support your local high street!
    joyf4536's avatar
    Why should I pay £2.50 to park near the high street just to buy cat food.
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