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3 boxes of Felix as good as it looks (kitten) for £10 at B&M
LocalLocalFound 13th AugFound 13th Aug
B&M currently have 3 boxes of Felix 'as good as it looks' for kittens (fish selection) for £10. Cheapest I have seen it for a while, usually between £4-£5 in the supermarkets.

3 for 9.50 pets at home, plus get 10% off when sign up to vip


Yes, £3.50 a box vs £3.33 but most people probably live a lot closer to ASDA/Waitrose than a B&M.


That works out as more expensive than this deal...


2 for £7 in ASDA and Waitrose at the moment.

40 pack of felix as goood as it looks cat food £9.50 @ Pets at Home
28/08/2018Expires on 28/08/2018Found 13th AugFound 13th Aug
Hi folks, I've just had an email to say Pets at home are doing various 40 packs of Felix as Good as it Looks cat for for £9.50 saving £3.50 per pack. Most of the big chain super m… Read more
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I prefer its product name in the Scandinavian countries:


Bought some Felix for the first time from Asda last weekend. Got the 40 pack because it was down to £9. Was moving over from Whiskers because my cat was seeming to be a bit bored of it. The meat chunks in Felix are much bigger. The change seemed to have perked my cats interest in food a little bit, but I'm not sure if that's because Felix was tastier, or whether it was simply something a bit different. Although I got it slightly cheaper last week, I think it's a good deal, so voting hot. Worth checking Asda to see if the deal is still on


Should this not actually be called 'as bad as it smells'?


I wish. He won't eat anything we humans eat unfortunately. Although tuna shouldn't be used anymore than a rare treat in cats that do like it. It causes serious neurological toxicity if given often. A neighbour of mine nearly killed his cat with it. Not even the vet knew why he couldn't walk and was shaking so much. As soon as i saw him I asked if he was feeding him tuna, only to find out he was on a tin of tuna everyday. He stopped giving it to him and he's a happy chap again :)


Cheap chicken? Tuna

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Iams single cat Food pouches 39p / 3 for £1 @ B & M
Found 30th JulFound 30th Jul
You can get these in boxes of 12 for £4.90, however the price put me off buying in case my picky mare stuck her nose in the air rejecting it. I’ve grabbed these, no idea if it’s lo… Read more
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I’ve bought 3 just to try because Miss Marge is a complete a-hole and will probably pull a face. She’s very much liking the webbox sauce sachets though.... although tomorrow she may give me the “take it away peasant” face with those too


these are pretty much the only cat food our will eat all of. this, and the meat in gravy gourmet tins. most other things, he licks the gravy/jelly off and leaves most of the chunks however, we usually just stock up when the supermarkets have it at 2 boxes of 12 for £8 (ie 33p each), so its not that great a price unless you only want a few of them. still, voted hot, as its nice to see a fairly niche post for a change :)

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Extra 10% off when you spend £5 + Free Delivery at Mars Petcare / eBay - Brands include Pedigree, Whiskas, Sheba, Cesar, Dreamies & Catsan
Found 24th JulFound 24th Jul
Never realised until recently how much we as a nation spend on our Pets per year, last year it was estimated at £11.6 Billion! Having 4 Giant breed dogs myself, I know they do cost… Read more
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Apologies, somehow quoted the wrong person's comment, you quoted the comment that referenced Unilever and when replying via mobile (for some reason the formatting is all squiffy) I've grabbed your comment but not the one it was in response to (which didn't seem to show up as a separate quote).


Had many a vet say to me that you never give your dog Dentastix unless it's a rare treat, they are so bad for them and fattening (despite the annoying advertising making it that it should some kind of 'daily health' product). I wouldn't eat a Mars Bar every day, why on earth would you expect your dog too!


I agree too ...I absolutely wouldn't feed my cats on the foods listed. However, they do get Dreamies as a treat & as a reward when playing with them. Dry foods crack off the dental plaques that can build up and cause decay and gum disease. Often the hidden sugars and ingredients in some less pro health foods, especially wet foods, are to blame for dental issues in cats and dogs. If you do convert to dry food feeding it is VITAL to ensure access to plenty of water. The first ingredient in most wet foods is actually water! I second the person who says people look at how expensive a sack of dry food so buy Whiskas etc not realising that it actually works out more expensive per day to feed their pet. I use the bottomless bowl program that operate but appreciate that it may be cheaper to source it elsewhere sometimes. At the end of the day it's about what you are happy to feed and prepared to give your pet. For me that is quality dry food. Hope that helps someone :3


I haven't a clue what you're talking about. I never even mentioned Unilever?


Thanks for the info. I don't own any dogs atm but I'm planning to get one soon

Felix As Good As It Looks Cat Food Ocean Feasts 40x100g - £9.50 @ Pets At Home
Found 18th JulFound 18th Jul
Having three cats, always on the lookout for better catfood prices. All 40x100g packs of Felix As Good As It Looks @ £9.50. Normally anywhere between £16 - £12 per Box. Works out a… Read more

I don;t need luck, it;s not me paying over the odds


good luck with that


That was an example only... £11 at Waitrose currently, therefore £9.90 cost, Most weeks one of the other supermarkets will be at £10, therefore you stock up when it is.


only problem with your theory is that the cheapest comparison is £12


Comparison shops are talked here dozens of times a day throughout different threads, those that do then reap the benefits, however I'd suggest the majority can't be arsed as they assume it's hard work even after people take the time to explain. If you don't have an Asda where you could shop at then it's irrelevant. If you do, just do a simple comparison shop ensuring that one of the other supermarkets is selling the product (and other products you choose to buy) cheaper or at the same price. ASDA £13 Tes or Sain or Morr £10... buy at A in a comparison shop, A give an extra 10 %, therefore £9

Applaws Dry Cat Food Adult Chicken and Duck, 7.5kg £20.39 @ Amazon (Prime Day Deal)
Found 16th JulFound 16th Jul
Decent dry cat food with high meat and low gain content, usually over £30 a bag even at best price, prime day special at £20.39 ! -- out of stock but you can still order at the pr… Read more

Such a good offer, the kitten food is also reduced. I've got two bags coming, no idea where I'll store them though, I've only got one small kitten!


I ordered the chicken and took advantage of the 15 off 60 student deal. Always stock up when Amazon have it cheap.


Oos. Usually feed our cats the Burgess dry food but was gonna give this a go as almost run out.


Definite 'heat', nice one.


Always wait until this is on offer, thanks OP! Hot!

PRIME DAY DEAL, 96 Gourmet Cat Food £22.20 @Amazon
Found 16th JulFound 16th Jul
Usually this price with a voucher, good to stock up if you need it!

Thanks OP! One of my cats favourites, saved me a few quid!


The 60 pouch’s from Asda etc is normally 24 quid 19 when on offer yet found home bargains close to work sells them all the time for 17.59 but yeah this 21.99 is even cheaper


Thank you OP, purchased


Always check the crude protein content, most of these types of pet foods are very low in actual protein and high in cereals instead and this is not good for a carnivore. Cats should be getting food with at least 15-25% protein. There are some very reasonably priced complete dry foods for this type of money that are high quality.


Gluten free?

Felix Cat Food Beef, Chicken, Tuna, Salmon In Jelly 120 x 100g (120 Pouches) £19.99 amazon prime day
Found 16th JulFound 16th Jul
This is easily the cheapest that I have ever seen 120 pouches going for! You will have to be a Prime member to be able to get the deal (obviously). Enjoy people :)
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I just tried this and it looks like it’s the full price. So set it up and it would have cost £27 non deal price - 5.


thaks,.. had the 80 due in Aug on Subscribe Save, just cancelled that and replaced with this one...




Gourmet Perle is also on offer if you have a fussy cat like mine. Around £22 for 96 packets


Just bought 5 boxes as my cat has been eating this it’s whole life, if you have a student prime account you can also use the code STUDENT15 to get £15 off also!

Gourmet Crystal Soup cat food 10p Tesco  instore
LocalLocalFound 10th JulFound 10th Jul
10p a pouch seems a blooming good price. Spotted in Tesco Port Glasgow, not sure if nationwide. Uploading on the app, so apologies for listing being a bit crud



£2 in merhtyr, down from £2.50


We always go for stuff that's actual meat and not foamy rubbish. This stuff is actually big chunks of fish in it.


most of the mainstream (heavily marketed) cat foods contain rubbish bulking agents, anything that states "meat derivatives" can mean anything from bones, feathers, feet, offal etc. the main thing is to avoid gluten foods rice or wheat items that include lots of carbs, this makes your cat hungry quicker, (my nan has switched from whiskers/felix, to a higher meat content, and her cat used to attack her when hungry now does not at all) if you can afford it switch to grain free high meat content foods (potato and rice are okay in low %, but avoid grain)


Awesome price - checked on my Tesco app (think it finds for local to me) and it says 30p each. Or I can "buy 4 in a pack" for their offer price of £2 (bwahahaha). Presume the 30p is an offer price - but doesn't say it on the app. Not sure I've seen them in my local store. Well done for getting them!

HOME 3 x plastic cereal containers microwave and dishwasher safe £3.99 delivered @ eBay sold by Argos
Found 6th JulFound 6th Jul
3 x plastic cereal containers for £3.99 delivered and you can stick them in the microwave and the dishwasher. Good for cereal but I've just got a set for the cats dry food - much … Read more



Iv searched but couldnt find but i assume the largest would be the size of these abd rest abt 2-4 cm less




Anyone knows the size of this product? Couldn't find in description

Whiskas cat food 40 pouches for £7.49 @ GoLocal (poultry or fish)
LocalLocalFound 27th JunFound 27th Jun
Whiskas 32 box get 8 free and 1/2 price at golocal stores
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48 for £7 in Argos


Think it's 3 for £22 in farmfoods, if that helps anyone?


Esk Eastbourne doing the 40 packs at 7.99 a few quid cheaper than asda 10 and js 11 plus they have poultry senior version as well

Free pack of Dreamies Cat Treats being given away in Hull today
LocalLocalFound 27th JunFound 27th Jun
Spotted the free giveaway guys giving away free packs of Dreamies Cat treats to passers by. Outside Hull bus station. thought it might help someone (y)
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Whenever I think of cat food I always think of Hull Bus Station


“Crack” for cats (as it’s known)... & free :)


You’re not wrong. My cats love them. They also go mad when having them.


Does it come with a free p***y as well toutou? And heat :p


Crack for cats. Just like drug dealers giving away free samples to get you hooked. Just say no ;)

Feliway pet diffuser 48ml refill only, pack of 3. Use 5% off code for new customers @ Zooplus + 10% off next order
31/08/2018Expires on 31/08/2018Found 9th JunFound 9th Jun
Used this stuff over the years to reduce stress in our cats. Pets at home asking £28 for one refill. Zooplus is £13.99 for one, £37.99 for three but with 5% discount code for new c… Read more

That's why it went so cold Dave. You've highlighted a tiny saving on the 3 pack, practically the same price as Amazon or any other retailer. If its cheaper to buy a multi pack over 3 singles, that's not really a deal either. Good luck with your next post.


Kindly read the original post again. Sorry if it isn't clear.


No love, the triple pack has a 5% saving. That's this deal & it's not great. It's not 13.99


Love. What an arse. £28 pets at home 13.99 zooplus yes, thats 5% isn't it?


It's a 5% discount. I think you need to check your numbers love

Whiskas casserole multipack bargain at Morrisons Wimbledon - £5.50
LocalLocalFound 2nd JunFound 2nd Jun
Half price, only bind is that it’s the 85g pouches. But it’s the posh stuff
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Great deal if you find it.


Not in my local


My cats a fussy git now he won't eat the non-casserole ones.


anyone seen these elsewhere?


My Cat won't touch this stuff unfortunately, Bring back the Whiskas Grilled which this replaced they need to, he'd eat that no problem.

Found 1st JunFound 1st Jun
Enter your purchase information and receive 100% cashback on nutrition tailored to your pet's needs.

That has changed since i first looked at it a few weeks ago, originally you had to post your receipt in and then refund was by cheque, thanks for posting the new info.


The terms on the site say cheque or bank transfer and depending on what you buy your refund could be £13.00


I signed up to this but the only method of refund was by cheque, i really couldn't be bothered going to the bank for 3 quid.


Worth noting you can't preregister. I haven't gone and got a pack yet so I can't sign up as I don't have a receipt yet.


It is sort of - checked other stores after this was posted and bought my packs in asda. I made sure mine had the try for free sticker on them BUT after going to the site I don't think they need to be the special promotional packs.

Gourmet Solitaire Duck and Vegetables cat Food - 12 Pack - 20% off Voucher = £7.68 (Prime) £11.43 (Non Prime) S&S available for further savings ~ Amazon
Found 18th MayFound 18th May
Beef version is £7.20 Collect the voucher under the price shown for the 20% off. S&S would save a further 5-15%. = £6.53 or 54p each.

60p each in Asda and you can pick and choose which ones you want


The beef variant is £7.20 anyway or £6.84 subscribe and save

Whiskas Crunch x 10 (100g) - £6.25 @ Argos - Free c&c / £3.95 del
Found 16th MayFound 16th May
First post so do take it easy on me. For all you cat lovers out there, Argos currently has Whiskas Crunch x10 (100g each), so 1kg in total for £6.25, was £12.50. The only drawbac… Read more
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Thanks for posting @Ahmed_El-Sayed I've found stock in the following stores - Streatham, Rayleigh Weir Argos and EE Store, Walthamstow 207 High Street, Neath, Bromsgrove, Great Yarmouth Market Place and Preston in Sainsburys.

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