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Updated 14th SepLast updated 14th Sep by Jamiemcw
Ive got a new M.2 NVMe 2tb ssd but sold the laptop that it suits, is there a 2.5" sata Adapter out there so I don't need to buy a new 2.5" ssd for my new laptop? there seems to be … Read more

I bought a new dell g15 5510 for dj use. Added the 2tb m.2 ssd thought it would run virtual dj easily but it didn't. I tried all advice but it was suffering latency issues which I couldn't fix or rely on when playing live. Ive since cut my losses and sold it. At the weekend I bought a second hand hp elitebook i7 to get me by. Ive ordered 16gb of ram and it looks like I'll get a 2tb 2.5 ssd for it and run it til it breaks lol.


It is not possible to do what your asking for a laptop at the present time, Possibly in the future. You can put 2 of these PCIe m.2 ssd onto a card that goes into a PCIe slot on a desktop pc only. Msata is micro sata and are generally on older slower sata 1 or sata 2 controllers. Your laptop must be old or a netbook or cromebook? Almost all laptops I have seen use either IDE or sata hdd's. Newer machines now come with 2.5" sata ssd or m.2 drives that are sata also. At the very high end they will probably have PCIe M.2 but I'm not aware of who is doing that yet. What new laptop are you getting. Make and model number would be helpful here. It could be a 2.5" sata ssd or more likely an M.2 sata ssd but should tell you somewhere in the specs.


Great! Thank you. I'll upgrade the ram and get a bigger hard drive for music


Exactly the same NAND flash tech as in your current M.2 drive, just a different connection.


The laptop has a msata 128gb hard drive already installed, are these good and reliable? I would get a separate drive for music. Its going to be used as a dj laptop. i7 elitebook folio 8gb ram

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Updated 14th SepLast updated 14th Sep by C0mm0d0re_K1d
Hi, I was wondering if any computer savvy individuals would be happy to help. I have an adapter that allows me to connect my hard drive to the computer (sata to USB) for data tran… Read more

There are a few external enclosures that do this to thunderbolt 3 and range in price from about 30 to over 400 pounds. See here... And here... For examples.


NGFF = Next generation form factor NVME = Non volatile memory express Neither of these are anything to do with it - M.2 is the interface and can be connected to either a SATA controller or on the newest systems directly to the PCIe bus. Another user asked a similar question to this. About converting PCIe M.2 to sata. You cannot, at present convert a PCIe M.2 storage device to sata as it requires an ACHI bridge chip and nobody currently makes an adapter yet. It may happen in the future as PCIe M.2 becomes more common, but might take longer. Plus if you could do this, your going to slow the whole thing down. PCIe x4 is much faster than sata or USB. So it's pretty pointless really. Other than to be able to access the data. After searching eBay to see if one is available yet. I found a seller had this in their listing... Warning: don't fantasize about converting the PCIe nvme protocol hard disk to SATA. Don't ask and don't look for it. There is no such thing in the world at present! 2.Note: this adapter card can use m.2 ngff SSD of two protocols at the same time, but it can only support the conversion of SATA m.2 ngff SSD to 2.5-inch SATA interface or nvme m.2 ngff SSD to sff-8639 (i.e. U.2) interface! Cannot support the conversion of SATA m.2 ngff SSD to sff-8639 (i.e. U.2) interface or nvme m.2 ngff SSD to 2.5-inch SATA interface! Please make sure to understand this concept before purchasing! Hope that helps.


Okay that's great, I'll do just that then. Thanks for your help guys.


Yeah this isn't doable. You can get M.2 Sata (ngff) to normal SATA adapters but NVME will need it's own enclosure to usb that does pci-e instead (or you can get dual ngff/nvme m.2 enclosures).


I think the only way to connect a PCIe drive externally is to buy a suitable USB enclosure. That needs to support PCIe as opposed to SATA.

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Updated 10th AugLast updated 10th Aug by EN1GMA
Hi, I'm trying to find something similar to… Read more

why would you want a socket connection in a light bulb fitting???


We didn't have any sockets in our house originally when I was a kid. I have memories of Mum doing the ironing with the iron plugged into a double adaptor on the lighting pendant and the light bulb swinging all over the place. Must have been a low wattage iron as I don't recall there being any problems. Later I remember Dad having one socket put in the living room , can you imagine that nowadays.


hopefully this helps understand why its not a terribly good idea 1. Light circuits use 1.5mm wire (or less 1mm if the electrician is a cheap skate and the distance is very short). They have to carry an earth but that usually stops in the pendant/ceiling fitting 2. Mains rings use 2.5mm or 4mm wire because they support devices that draw more power 3. Light circuits are designed and expected to be fused at 6amps - although can be higher 4. Mains circuits are fused at 30/32amp for a ring Most of all, you just invalidated your house insurance. That device isn't approved to any EU or UK spec and your insurer will laugh at any resulting claim.


This is what people used back in the day, I agree with tintin7 though.


Plugging things into light bulb socket adaptors used to be popular about 50 years ago when each room had a single socket. Was dangerous and stupid then - even more so nowadays......

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Updated 4th AugLast updated 4th Aug by a1gav
Like many on here, I bought the ring wired doorbell on prime day and was disappointed when the plug in adapter was out of stock and showing 7-9 weeks for delivery. It's now in stoc… Read more

You just cut the jack plug off and strip the cables to terminate to the ring doorbell and it works exactly like the ring equivalent power supply. Ps. I am an electrician by trade but appreciate this may be outside of some people's comfort zone.


I'm an electrician by trade and that's exactly what I did and it's works perfectly exactly as the ring equivalent product.


Ah great I'll try that. Thanks


Thanks, the biggest issue for me about alternatives was many many reviews about a loud buzzing noise. Saving £5 but having to put up with that would have been awful, glad I waited and got lucky with the official one coming back in stock


voted hot, like you I saw a few days ago it was 8 week delivery time, then started to look at alternatives not much cheaper and not worth the risk of it not working so I'm glad the official one is availalbe again.

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Updated 24th JunLast updated 24th Jun by Robloxian
Hi, looking for a relatively cheap but reliable hub. I need it to have individual switches for ease of use and will have a hard drive and camera attached. Any recommendations plea… Read more

So the Sabrent hub is temperamental with my portable drive and sometimes works and sometimes doesn't. Would a USB-C hub with USB ports have more power? Would a USB-C to USB adapter work better with a standard USB hub to provide more power? Thanks


But could my USBC port on my laptop provide more power to a USBC hub meaning more devices can be used at the same time?


Sounds like you don't need a hub then - just plug & unplug as needed?


Why though? If you're only having one device on at a time?


Note that individually switched USB ports are not part of the spec, any proper USB hub won't have them. What you need is a proper externally powered USB hub, not some cheap self powered device.

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Updated 18th MarLast updated 18th Mar by bobdylan
dual sim adapter, switch between work and personal sims
Hi, Is there a device available to install 2 sims in a single sim phone. I currently own hauwei pro 30 mobile phone. I require a device to install work and personal sim and easil… Read more


Do you have an eBay link for what your recommending? And what does funkyhauwei do? Fyi I have single SIM p30 pro variant


Get yourself a dual sim slot card holder (eBay for a couple of quid). Small fee to FunkyHauwei and they will take care of it... Despite some of these phones advertised as single sim; they have the capabilities of dual


I prefer to keep work separate - fortunately work supplied 2 phones (a dodgy Alcatel & a Samsung). I use the Samsung as it's more reliable. I have my on P30 Pro, but it's on my desk in work and I haven't been allowed in since lock down to retrieve it, so I'm stuck with my P20...


On the pro there are both Vog-l09 single sim Vog-l29 dual sim