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Instant pot Duo v2 £70 off! 7 in 1 cooker - poss energy saving £100 Sold by Instant Pot UK and Fulfilled by Amazon.
Posted 11th JanPosted 11th Jan
Instant pot Duo v2 £70 off! 7 in 1 cooker - poss energy saving £100 Sold by Instant Pot UK and Fulfilled by Amazon.
Ive heard so much about this pot and I was going to buy this two days ago for £140 but for some reason waited went to get it today and its another £40 off. If you use the amazon sm… Read more
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You only need a plug shape adaptor to use in India. They use 220v 50hz, UK items will work without issue. The advise above is incorrect.


I purchased one for £79 on black Friday from Amazon. I also tried the Pressure King Pro and there are lots of cheaper ones. However the IP is really well made, specifically the inner stainless steel pot which can be put on a hotplate with the lid on. I have a second inner pot so I can then cook more things for the same meal and of course you can get inner stackable pans as another accessory to cook multiple things at the same time. I haven't stopped using it every day since then and my wife loves that I now do most of the cooking :)


May be you are right and I dnt want to sound like an advocate for IP but I have boiled 6 eggs today in IP in 5-7mins and have made porridge in the past (with no stirring or baby sitting) in 10mins.


Also I got all my accessories online either from amazon or ebay but some here and some in USA.


The price isn't too bad if I'm honest.. And about cooking foods that need same cooking times.. You will get more confident as you use it more and understand how to find a happy medium. For example if I cook dal in one box rice in other and dry veg curry in third, I know dal needs more time so I will either soak it for few mins bef cooking or use hot water from kettle to make the cooking faster. All three things cook in 15 mins and no clean up at all other than the 3 boxes. Happy days!

Sonic Watchman Oil Tank Monitor - £59.95 @ Boilerjuice
Posted 4th JanPosted 4th Jan
This is the best price I've seen for these Oil Tank Monitors, I've bought the Alarmed one which is also discounted on the same site £74.95 instead of £89.95 they all include free U… Read more

I've lived in 3 houses now with Heating Oil Tanks and I've never had one with a dipstick, in the past I have always fashioned one out of either Broom handle or Garden Cane.


If the oil level drops quickly then it sets off an alarm on the receiver unit. My tanks is probably about 90 meters from where I have the receiver plugged in, the receiver is plugged into a socket next to a window but does not have a direct line of sight, the direct line of sight is through a stone wall, but I don't exactly know how the signal is transmitted/received so I can't give a definitive answer.


How does the alarm feature work? Does it sound an alarm at the tank or in the house? Also it says "200 metres line of sight range" does this mean the signal wont go through brick wall?


Have had two now. They last around 18/12 before dying a death.


Do you not get dip sticks with domestic tanks?

Linear 15mm A Rated Angled Thermostatic Radiator Valve & Lockshield Pack £6.35 @ Selco BW
Posted 3rd JanPosted 3rd Jan
Linear 15mm A Rated Angled Thermostatic Radiator Valve & Lockshield Pack £6.35 @ Selco BW
£6.35£6.959%Selco BW Deals
You will need to setup a trade account so require proof of business: Supplied with matching 15mm lockshield v… Read more

A deal...


According to "We accept a photo or scan of: business card, letterhead, compliment slip, certificate of incorporation, company invoice/order form, VAT certificate, tax document, CSCS card, tenancy agreement (landlords), tenancy deposit protection certificate, liability insurance certificate, or company bank statement. Do not upload bank or credit card information." So I guess you could get some business cards printed, setup as a sole trader or register a limited company for £12 or just ask a mate


any tips on getting a trade account without a real business?



Hive Active Heating with Free Amazon Echo Dot 3rd Gen - £143.20 @ Hivehome
Posted 30th Dec 2018Posted 30th Dec 2018
Hive Active Heating with Free Amazon Echo Dot 3rd Gen - £143.20 @ Hivehome
£143.20£1483%Hivehome Deals
Price does not include installation. Price is for Hive Active Heating kit without hot water tank (not sure if this made a difference to the price). Product can be found slightly … Read more
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I have a brand new Hive 2 active heating without installation Hub, Thermostat sealed and the receiver which is not compatible with my old thermostat ( has two wire ) so I will not keep it. Text me. BR75JD


offer seems to have expired


The price without the hub and no installation is £99 how do you get it for £79.20?


persevere i had to put phone down twice on clueless operatives 3rd one was ok and my order went through ok , just waiting on it now


Ok wtaf is the craic with these fools?? - I can't add the product to the cart - the incomprehensible person on the helpline asked me for account details, which I don't have - there's nowhere to register on the website as far as I can tell - the website advertises subscriptions but doesn't say that you do/don't require one (only partially related) - nobody responded to my online chat How do they sell anything???

FREE Nest Thermostat when you join First Utility
Posted 28th Dec 2018Posted 28th Dec 2018
FREE Nest Thermostat when you join First Utility
Totally free Nest E thermostat when you join First Utility on their First Control tariff The tariff isn't as cheap as my Utility Point tariff but loads cheaper that the other big … Read more

Tariff is expensive compared to mine as I checked yesterday and fancy a thermostat much cheaper to buy a nest yourself then pay the tariff these are offering for example £1,148/yr for the cheapest atm £1488 Estimated per year £340 difference so basically depends if you don't mind paying the extra suppose its not a bad deal condidering it would be fitted. You can pick those nest up for around £130 ebay


I checked: this tariff is more expensive than the tariff that money saving expert recommended to me.


I'm sure there's a hate group for everyone on Facebook.


Face book has it's own hate group for this SHOCKING company it's cheap for a reason! Customer service shocking false promises stolen money and long long fights with ombudsmen over them faking readings, good luck joining I hope this free thermostat helps when the nightmare begins!


No problem

Free Christmas Penguin at British Gas! (invite only)
Posted 24th Dec 2018Posted 24th Dec 2018
Free Christmas Penguin at British Gas! (invite only)
You can get a free cuddly Christmas penguin toy from British Gas and they have got 2000 to give away. Just follow the link, login and then head to Rewards section and apply for it.… Read more
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I Won't have a smart meter lol everyone I know who had one have become obsessed with watching them... I prefer the TV 🤪🤪🤪


Still cannot figure out the smart meter either and yes those out of date rewards that stay put ARE ANNOYING


Would Imagine they'd total the usage over a year and knock 5 days worth off??? Only a guess, I got it too. I want to know how I knock the used/expired deals out of my wallet it bugs me that all those useless things are there.


Applied months ago got nowt,got 5 days of free electricity as well,how the hell your e supposed to know when they are ,I want free electricity when the hot tubs heating for 48 hrs


Thanks OP, Got it, just there.

Hive Dimmable Bulbs 20% off in Winter Sale stackable with 20% off code from British Gas Rewards.
Posted 21st Dec 2018Posted 21st Dec 2018
Hive Dimmable Bulbs 20% off in Winter Sale stackable with 20% off code from British Gas Rewards.
£10.12£1947%Hivehome Deals
This is my first deal, so please be gentle. I've just seen that Hive have started their Winter Sale with 20% off most items. British Gas Rewards have been offering 20% off select … Read more

That's a bit harsh, this is their first posted deal. Give them a break (poo) Edit Just seen you are suspended, I know what that feels like, lol. Anyway, no great loss I spose. Hang on, I'm talking to myself :p


Thanks. I've set the end date to yesterday. Hopefully that expires it. (:I


Cold for being a liar.


Been there eager to post and messed it up. No biggie just expire post. Heat for trying :D :D


Well said (y)

Hive Active Heating!!! British Gas customers get a £50 discount + a FREE Amazon Echo Dot (3rd Gen) 
Posted 20th Dec 2018Posted 20th Dec 2018
Hive Active Heating!!! British Gas customers get a £50 discount + a FREE Amazon Echo Dot (3rd Gen) 
Hive Active Heating!!! British Gas customers get a £50 discount + FREE Amazon Echo Dot (3rd Gen) (RRP £49.99) Manage your home with Hive and Amazon Echo Dot (3rd Gen). Get Alexa … Read more

Search Amazon




Thank ebay for that then :p


Lol I've a small collection of hubs gathering. I really should sell a couple :p


Pmsl!! I didn’t even notice that!!

Beurer TL41UK Daylight SAD Lamp with Energy Saving LED Technology £39.99 at Amazon
Posted 18th Dec 2018Posted 18th Dec 2018
Beurer TL41UK Daylight SAD Lamp with Energy Saving LED Technology £39.99 at Amazon
£39.99£69.9943%Amazon Deals
Beurer TL41 SAD LampEnergy-Saving LED Technology. Do you feel the winter blues?It's no coincidence that our mood can change with the weather; low mood, lack of energy, and irri… Read more

That’s not how science works. But.....some key words for you, low quality of evidence, evidence very low, poor samples etc they are being polite I read some of those paper and they are atrocious! Personally I think there could be a benefit hence my interest, the reason I was hoping to find a credible paper is specs required or should I consider building one. However if it’s all placebo, and it certainly looks that way to me then I will save my time.


Lets turn this on its head. Have you got any proof that light therapy does not work and is of zero benefit?


Errrr that not empirical evidence lol glad the placebo is working for you.


Recommend this one for efficacy but not the prettiest. Depends on your setup I guess. Lumie Desklamp - SAD Light Therapy and Task Lamp


No just empirical evidence from thousands of people who have used them and are aided by them. I put off using these for years and eventually my GF found one 2nd hand and it blew my mind. I can't be without now. Have 2 in the house and a (rather expensive) portable one.

Free Kitchen Appliance cover for 1 item for British Gas HomeCare customers
Posted 17th Dec 2018Posted 17th Dec 2018
Free Kitchen Appliance cover for 1 item for British Gas HomeCare customers
If you currently have British Gas Homecare cover then check your email for the option to add 1 kitchen appliance to your cover for free up to the renewal date of your contract. I'… Read more
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£180 here no excess :-)........and how many will forget to cancel on renewal, thats what they are banking on.


YES phoned and said wasn't really happy and that I was cancelling. Think my renewal quote was 254. After phone call 177 for the year. Plus added plumbing and electrics.


Got this deal today, something for nothing. 😁


Gonna check my cover now. Thanks op


I call every year, never renew at the price they send out on the letter.

Flomasta Magnetic Central Heating Filter 22mm (4672F) £12.99 Screwfix
Posted 17th Dec 2018Posted 17th Dec 2018
Under another item number this is £74.99 on the Screwfix site !

Did anybody managed to get one of these


3 things; first that is a reply to a letter by 1 journalist shall we all take what he says as gospel? second, the article is from 2012 and back then its says on new boilers from the last 6 or 7 years so that's back to approx 2005 so there wont be that many 13+ year old boilers in the field anymore. And finally inhibitor is just that it only 'inhibits' the rust and doesn't stop it.




This type of filter is good at removing ferrous sludge and should be fitted to most systems. Adey who developed the original Maganaclean also make the Worcester Bosch filter. Worcester Bosch claim that their version has a more powerful magnet and they extend the guarantee on a new boiler if one is fitted in the system (conditions apply).


British gas wanted £300 to fit one of these filters (different brand). Is that a reasonable price?

British Gas Energy Plus Protection Jan 2020 - £60 @ uswitch
Posted 11th Dec 2018Posted 11th Dec 2018
This tariff is similar to last years ”All online 2019” tariff, which seems to be only accessible via compatison sights. The tariff price is lower than any current BG rate that you … Read more

Quick update after an email sent from Uswitch following the order "As of 11 December 2018, your personal projection (est. annual cost) for the British Gas's Energy Plus Protection Jan 2020 plan is £930.18. This is based on consumption figures of 2330 kWh for electricity and 12384 kWh for gas" My actual gas consumption was 9738 kwh. British gas are quoting me £1109 based on my previous consumption for the next best tariff that you can get directly through them. So baring in mind Uswitch are putting an extra 2500 kwh of gas onto that £930 anyone on any tariff ending soon with BG is worth flipping over to this if you don't want to switch providers.


Smaller companies will always be cheaper to start off with but will eventually rack up the prices but not the service. I think i've called British Gas services once in 3 years, unless you're not paying for what you use or can't afford what you use then I can't quite grasp why people would want to call them.


I've applied for it and i'm with them, when you go through the process it will ask you for your existing account number.


Agree we were with Outfox until they announced the massive price increase, switched to Utility Point as came out cheapest on Cheap Energy Club, fixed price for 12 months.


their cs is so bad they probably try and sell you gas and electricity.

British Gas rewards free smart plug pack
Posted 10th Dec 2018Posted 10th Dec 2018
British Gas rewards free smart plug pack
It’s worth checking your rewards. Mine showed up today Terms and conditions for Hive Plug Pack giveaway 1. This offer includes the following products per option (the customer can… Read more

Really angry, hive plug received, but can't use the Actions as my hive hub is not the newer version. When ordering from website it just asks if you have hive or not, not if you have the old hub or not (mad) . Called up hive and they just said I needed to buy the newer hub for £40 and sorry about the website making order just the plug instead of the plug and hub which I've lost out on. Anyone got a spare hub for sale at a reasonable price ?


(I have PRO version of) this; (Some have help from Tasker) Overlays


Ah nice work, how did you get those lock screen widgets/shortcuts? Is that Tasker creating them? Unsurprisingly the Hive App doesn't support widgets for the Smart Plugs.


Absolutely This is my lock screen with 3 Plugs, 3 lights and hub plus I have other Applets within IFTTT and coupled with Tasker to do most stuff I find useful.


Anyone had any luck with integrating their plug with IFTTT or Tasker? Or maybe someone's managed to find a way to change the firmware to remove the need for the hub?

British Gas / Sky Offers (eg ky Entertainment, Ultimate On Demand and HD/£30 for 18 months )
Posted 9th Dec 2018Posted 9th Dec 2018LocalLocal
British Gas / Sky Offers (eg ky Entertainment, Ultimate On Demand and HD/£30 for 18 months )
Had a letter from British Gas with some Sky offers+ £50 PP MasterCard • Sky Entertainment, Ultimate On Demand and HD/£30 for 18 months • Add Broadband to above TV Bundle and sav… Read more

Has anyone managed to get this, I haven't received the letter from BG?


Sky q


I've been waiting for a deal, I've been over paying for years like a fool. Just checking, is this sky+ or sky q?


This offer is not on the rewards online page... I’ve got this letter from BG


i havent got one of those,i do have there other email stuff like house insurance quotes,save 50% off wine,win a cuddly toy etc,do you have to signup to there reward scheme to get this offer?

British Gas Boiler & Central Heating Cover (via Sky) £2.50 per month plus £5.99 Sky Movie credit
Posted 5th Dec 2018Posted 5th Dec 2018
Just had a e-mail from Sky - so this is probably only of interest to Sky customers but might help some. The offer is 12 months boiler and central heating cover for £2.50 per month … Read more

Keyword alert? Huha? Not so deals, you might need to sort your search out. I never signed up for this crap


Both times I had BG engineers. Maybe I was lucky


The problem is, it is mainly contractors doing their work, and there is very little come-back at them if they do a shoddy job; if you have a good set in your area, be very thankful. They managed to pipe my mums house up back to front; then did a bodge repair they hid under the carpet; never even refitted the floorboards correctly. Sister stupidly gave them a maintenance contract at our old nursery; first time something went wrong they tried to claim we needed a new boiler; called in a local guy for a 2nd opinion, and he fixed it for £5 (plus his fee). After that we switched to him.


Had 2 call outs this year. No excess. And they sorted it straight away


BG = Wunch of bankers. Will wiggle out of a warrant repair any way they can; and if forced to do it, will do such a bad job, you end up paying someone else 3x as much to put the botch right.

OVO Energy Customers - Upgrade To Smart Meters Get £30.00 Credit
Posted 30th Nov 2018Posted 30th Nov 2018
Not such a deal per se, but OVO Energy Customers, if you have not upgraded to smart meters yet, book your meters in for an upgrade for a free £30.00 credit to your account (£15.00 … Read more
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Agreed. I put it off for ages due to the reasons stated. But just realised that my usage was up around 30% compared to last year and needed a way to monitor so I can figure out what's causing it. Choice between buying my own energy monitor or getting paid to install one was simple. So when they recently called me with the offer, I took it. Installed next day. No hassle. Now realised that one of my smart radiators was turning on the boiler, even if the valve was only open by 1%. Now just got to figure out why my house is using a minimum of 400W when most equipment is turned off. Can't imagine I'm using 400W to keep the TV on standby!


Smart Meter Luddites


You can always go off-grid


So it only takes £30 to buy the Sheepeople now. :(


pay £400 and get 30 back .....Lol Smart meters ARE just a prelude to variable rate tariffs ... when they have close to 100% coverage they will kick in. If we use less energy , the suppliers win as they can get by without building more capacity, and these will smooth out demand , also dont forget the advent of electric cars.. they will be a major force in electricity usage/storage in the next decades. If you look at the contract struck for the new Tingly C nuclear station , PM has promised the builders a electricity prices far in exess of todays . It is a foretaste of things to come, we're doomed, DOOMED

Hive heating including installation + Echo dot (2nd gen) £124.50 via British gas rewards
Refreshed 29th Nov 2018Refreshed 29th Nov 2018
Hive heating including installation + Echo dot (2nd gen) £124.50 via British gas rewards
£124.50£148.9916%British Gas Deals
Just logged into my British Gas rewards and there was an offer for Hive heating including professional installation plus a free Amazon Echo Dot 2nd gen for £124.50. If you want th… Read more

I had to order mine through amazon from British gas. Have you done this??


:D If anybody thinking about hive it very good but dont bother getting it from british gas had mìne put in december and still no sign of the dot british gas are not interested they had there money should b wearing striped tops n masks they cant even phone back even there e mail dont work apparently as not heard from amazon where they get em from with a code that dont work i had 3 now


I have just booked mine and it is being fitted on 9th January, this half price offer runs out tomorrow and the current offer is not as good if anyone has saved their code. Looks like only 3rd gen dots now.


No British Gas installed it


Was that self installed?

Hive Leak Sensor FREE to British Gas HomeCare Customers
Posted 27th Nov 2018Posted 27th Nov 2018
I've just had this email through, I thought it might be worth highlighting for anyone with a British Gas HomeCare arrangement and Hive set up. The deal link takes you to a page whe… Read more
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Received two of these and neither would connect properly. Last Hive team member was most unhelpful and blamed my phone. Took up lots of time. sounds like they are not worth the bother.


I had the same. Dispatched then 2 days later cancelled. I managed to get 2 plugs delivered through my BG account. Then i phoned up hive yesterday and asked why my order has been marked as dispatched but hadn't received anything yet. They told me it was cancelled and they don't send "dispatch emails". So she then ordered me the leak sensor again. Told them I'd cancel my hive installation tomorrow and send all the stuff back (lol)


This deal is only available to people actually emailed by British Gas, if you use the link it looks like it's worked but they just cancel your order after a couple of days


I got an email to say it is only for selected customers , they won't send me one ! After reading the comments above though i'm pleased i'm not one of the chosen few to get one ;)


Just seen mine regretted it after looking into it after so no biggy

Free Hive plug pack with British Gas rewards
Refreshed 27th Nov 2018Refreshed 27th Nov 2018
20000 available free hive smart plug for existing hive users worth £39.99 For no hive users hive hub and plug worth £119!
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Has this expired?


Mine arrived


Can confirm this did arrive


exactly my point, I'll try give them a call otherwise I'll just buy one, I was looking at getting the heating system next year so might do that sooner just to get the hub haha

Free Google Home Mini for SSE customers who book smart meter installation
Posted 25th Nov 2018Posted 25th Nov 2018
Just got a flyer through the door, SSE are giving away free Google Home Mini's to everyone who books their smart meter installation before 21st December.

They'll concoct a cunning plan to get you to pay for it through your bills.


There's no info about this freebie on the website linked - is it just the flier?


No way they will ever force you. If they did I will just keep breaking it.


Some reasonably objective views here: As always, The Registers article comments are usually worth a read too.


They are still allowed to install 1st gen smart meters until April 2019, they are just trying to install poo in to your house. 1st gen will only work with SSE,so if you move provided its useless, and they keep all the data they have collected about you.

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