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Updated 26th JulLast updated 26th Jul by johnleverton
long story short my insta ink account is no longer available because support said I can only re enroll 7 times and I need to buy another printer if I want to use the online service… Read more

That was the point I was making ,it’s a no brainer but what do I know!!


Better to just downgrade to that plan for the sake of 99p a month than keep cancelling and re-enrolling constantly.


Sorry I stand corrected lol


Cheapest sub is actually 99p a month for 15 pages


Just buy ink instead of trying to game HP.......

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Updated 30th Oct 2020Last updated 30th Oct 2020 by Nanageddon2000
Compatible Printer ink cartridges
Hi I was thinking of trying out compatible printer ink cartridges instead of buying genuine make ink cartridges. Can anyone please recommend any websites that sell good quality in… Read more

Thanks all........Kodak.ESP


we get ours from printing pleasure on amazon. seems pretty decent.


Supermarket own brands are pretty good and much cheaper and 100% money refund if a problem.


Make and model of printer ?


Which brand?

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Updated 8th Jul 2020Last updated 8th Jul 2020 by bigpappa
HP Envy Printer Ink - best compatible ink cartridges
Who makes the best compatible HP Ink cartridges? Or is it better to get a refill kit?

Yes I have.


Have you factory rest printer or looked to see if there is an update for it


I have HP instant Ink plan which was bought with the printer. I got £72 worth of plan free with the printer so I choose £1.99 plan which gives you 50 pages per month and roll over for one month. I have not paid anything to HP so far for printing and they sent me replacement Ink once already so If you are not heavy printing person the Ink Plan is best


I have - but the printer has one annoying problem - whenever it goes into sleep mode it never comes back online, have to restart it. I have instant ink account but was thinking of just using it as and when as a backup printer because of its annoying fault.


Likely most beneficial to consider the Instant Ink option.

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Updated 26th Apr 2020Last updated 26th Apr 2020 by fearona
Ink cartridge from same seller on Amazon and Ebay
I am looking at a HP compatible ink cartridge that is sold by an Amazon seller. I had bought the cartridge before from them and it is fine. Reasonable value for money at just ove… Read more

More chance of a reliable delivery time on ebay imo in this moment in time.


Thank you :)


it's a company called printing pleasure


I have a HP printer, would you mind sharing the seller?


thanks for your comments guys. i will order from ebay and hopefully it will be fine. at just over £6, the risk is small.

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Updated 28th Dec 2019Last updated 28th Dec 2019 by madmax666
Best very low budget printer and ink cartridge replacements?
Looking for a very basic low cost printer which can copy and print but has very low cost ink cartridges. Will have no WiFi connectivity as it is for parents who do not have intern… Read more

Also good tip don’t buy reams of A4 paper Just put one blank page in the printer and set to print 500 times. This can be done with other sizes as well


Well, you never know. You might not purchase from Ebay but worth a head's up. You'd more than likely have seen it yourself. Time's getting away... All the best.


Legend! Thank you for thinking of me (y) Still to sort so this is very useful!


@adamwilko007 Just in case you haven't purchased yet, this is on at the minute: 5% discount on orders over £50 - code "PICKME5" I saw it and thought of you. Not much but, hey - discount is discount eh? Am I right? ;) Regards, Phsy.


HP is terrible. Anything but HP. Do NOT sign up for Instant Ink, it's a ripoff and not as cheap as it sounds and has various restrictions, my printer keeps disconnecting and the CS is useless.

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Updated 12th Jul 2018Last updated 12th Jul 2018 by atomick
does anyonr get paid to recycle ink cartridges?
i have a load of used cartridges in the garage and was wondering if anyone uses any sites to get paid to recycle them? cheers

I've used Printer Cartridge Recycling for a couple of years without problem


Original cartridges can be , but I only use compatible ones for both home and work , and they aren't worth anything.


I take to tip and put in ink cartridge bin. Are they worth anything?


Hi Tesco will give you clubcard points for suitable catridges.