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Updated 27th JunLast updated 27th Jun by Samluk
anyone applied for 26-30railcard recently? does it take 5 working day for new application? thanks *As it mentioned 5 days on the page, but also said available instantly

Cool thanks.


I was able to get it straight away after making a railcard application.


Do you need to wait for a few day? Or available immediately? Thanks


I just got a 26-30 two days ago and seemed like it was digital only you have to download the trainline app and the railcard is present on there.


Pretty sure I read that the 26-30 railcard is digital only, there is no option to have a physical card.

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Hi all, I have an open return ticket for Avanti West Coast train and I wish to use my return journey today. However, given the COVID times, I imagine seats need to be booked, so h… Read more

I just asked through twitter and it's all sorted now


Who did you talk to at Avanti before you asked here?

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Hi Ive just had a look at the site to see prices of fares. London to Manchester used to be available for as little as £25 when booking in advance but it seems the price of advance… Read more

Do you have any of the discount cards, as you could save another 30%. Most are off peak, but the disabled one is available for any time


Split ticketing i.e. buying separate tickets for each stage of a journey is fine, its actually mentioned in the National Rail Conditions Of Travel as permitted. If the ticket inspector comes along you just show the ticket for whichever part of the journey you're on so the train companies are non the wiser, not that it makes any difference. As ArcadeAssassin says, often you can stay on the same train, the golden rule is that the train must be scheduled to stop at the station where you split the ticket, if it doesn't then your ticket isn't valid. Make the most of split ticketing while you can because I don't think its going to last. The government has said they want to simplify train fares and reduce the number of different tickets. Well that only means one thing.... the cheapest tickets wiil disappear and we'll all end up paying more.


Yes. Instead of buying one ticket to go from say London to Southampton, you would buy London to Basingstoke and then Basingstoke to Southampton. And just stay on the train as it would be direct service anyway. Or, as in the original case for the Op, just change at a nearby cheaper station and finish your journey on another train. All perfectly legit.


So split ticketing is individual tickets?


They frown upon (and i believe it might be a bylaw breach now) if you travel long or travel short. For example, buy a ticket to Southampton as its cheaper but get off at Eastleigh which is where you want to go or vice versa etc. Used to happen all the time in stations without gate lines as you can just walk out without checks. Buying individual tickets to split journey though is fine. You can always move seats if needed.

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Updated 5th FebLast updated 5th Feb by Ollyvica
Operation Veterans Railcard is a go. Get yours today! Save £9 on the annual fee for Railcards purchased before 31st March 2021
Service personnel often live and work all over the UK, moving regularly from posting to posting, so when they leave the armed forces, they may well find themselves hundreds of mile… Read more

And it looks like you get 60% off the kids' fare anyway.


If kids get 60% off the adult fare, that would be 20% off the kids' fare.


Why isnt this on Deals? instead shoved in discussions? Love the "must have served for 1 day" good for those who cant stand basic training and want to go home!


Thanks for pointing that out, I'd wrongly assumed they meant 60% off the normal kids fare but if its 60% off the adult fare then you're quite right, it's not much of a deal for kids so I've amended my original comment.


It's actually only 10 percent for kids when you think about it as they get 50 percent off anyway. Quite cunning really.

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Updated 18th Aug 2020Last updated 18th Aug 2020 by gari189
Any friends and family rail card codes going?
hey everyone was hoping if i could be abit cheeky and ask if anyone has a friends and family rail card CODE they wont be using if i could possibly have it? I AM REQUESTING A CO… Read more

Yep - my son got his a few weeks ago with my clubcard points...


My pleasure


Thanks for this. Just saved me a bundle on a new card!


Clearly but I needed card ..........😜😜😜😜😜 Just joke.....


I'm sure someone has reported you to the authorities for this offence. Expect a knock on the door from the serious fraud office... soon......

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Updated 14th Aug 2020Last updated 14th Aug 2020 by FuriousD
Getting a refund from Eurostar
Booked a once in a lifetime trip to Eurodisney ( who have given a full refund) but booked Eurostar seperately ( 700 quid!) to celebrate my wifes birthday . But Eurostar are only do… Read more

I know my experience is with Eurotunnel and not Eurostar but we got a voucher to the value we paid. We were due to drive to Spain this evening, but I cancelled the accommodation back in April and got my money back. We have to wait 2 weeks before the trip to contact Eurotunnel. Their T&C's states that the day of the ticket can be changed up to 1 year after the time you booked it. We booked in January so that doesn't help for trying to replan holiday for next summer. Anyway, my wife called at 8am on the dot (within the 2 weeks before travel), got through to a helpful person and because we had part paid with Tesco vouchers they did a voucher for the full amount which we we have to redeem by this time next year. Came through on email within 48hrs. Hope you get it sorted.


Disneyland Paris is closer to Paris than London Stansted airport is to London.


You are in the same position as thousands of families. We booked pre COVID for March. Postpone to October. You can not do anything until it’s your travel time if you are looking to not lose out on cash. Travel restrictions keep changing and the outcome from the various companies change inline with the circumstances. I suspect Disney/Eurostar won’t be as generous as they were when we first rebooked as the financial crisis for these companies is having major consequences now. It’s disappointing but not much you can do if you choose not to go.


Thats funny - I'm old skool and refuse to call it Disneyland Paris when its nowhere near Paris .


Context of previous comments is S75 that has no inclusive insurance provision.