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Posted 2 May 2023

Wolf Fortitude CE LAMINATED Waterproof Textile Motorcycle Jacket £199.99 @ SportsBikeShop

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Excellent price for a Laminated Waterproof jacket.
Laminate is the latest material for motorcycle clothing and is waterproof and breathable, without being bulky and heavy.
D3O armour, but note no back protector is included.

I have a laminated 2 piece and it is totally watertight in torrential rain at motorway speeds.

Decent independent reviews bennetts.co.uk/bik…ate

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  1. philphil61's avatar
    Unsure about the brand but I'll add my two penn'orth / advice

    If you're buying a laminated waterproof jacket because it'll keep you dry/feeling dry in normal UK weather then don't buy it.

    You would potentially be better off buying a summer motorcycle jacket + a waterproof over suit (and maybe a gilet to wear in winter to add warm).

    Now if it's gortex.......I've no experience so can't offer advice/knowledge but even a well known branded laminated motorcycle jacket (£300+) will not make/keep you feeling dry in UK everyday weather

    If you've already got a laminated motorcycle jacket and you haven't had to cough up extra for a fully waterproof motorcycle suit (full suit or jacket & trousers) then please post which laminated jacket you own.
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    airbus330 Author
    Hi, each to his own but.... I own a Dainese Laminate, Dane Gore-tex Pro Laminate and I've also had a Richa Laminate recently, but sold it due fit. All three are absolutely water tight. The whole point of laminate is that it is breathable, so there is no reason for a rider to feel sweaty. All have removable quilted liners and the Dainese has ample zip vents. So they are fine for all the weather that your likely to see in the UK. I wear these jackets in all weathers and had no overheating issues in Portugal last week where it was 24c.
    Now, what you wear is personal preference, but I have always found 1 piece rain suits absolute hell to struggle into when the weather changes, but each to their own. £199 for a jacket plus 169 for the trousers isn't cheap kit, but its a great entry level price to kit that works and is easy to live with.

    This jacket has a removable winter layer and venting so should be fine in the UK.

    I can't personally vouch for the Wolf system, but there are ample indy tests on YT plus the feedback on Sportsbikes website to see that the product is good. Wolf has been around for a some years. (edited)
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    What’s the sizing like?
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    airbus330 Author
    Impossible to answer that as everyone is different. Quite a few positive comments on fit in the feedback, but it doesn't mean much.
  3. AlexJames102's avatar
    Is this decent for summer weather?
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    airbus330 Author
    Yes. It has a detachable thermal liner and front/rear zip vents.
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