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SANODESK QS+110 * 60 Electric Standing Desk Height Adjustable Standing Desk Sit Stand Desk Adjustable Desk - Any color

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  • STREAMLINED DESIGN-The sleek and minimalist design of the desk adds a touch of elegance to any workspace. The spacious whole-piece desktop provides ample room for your work essentials, while the clean lines and smooth surface create a modern and professional atmosphere.
  • ADJUSTABLE HEIGHT FOR VERSATILITY-Customize your working or sitting positions with the adjustable height feature, ranging from 71CM to 116CM. Whether you prefer standing or sitting, this desk adapts to your needs, promoting comfort and productivity throughout the day.
  • STURDY AND RELIABLE-Built with a solid construction and a weight capacity of 60KG, this desk offers stability and durability for all your work essentials. You can trust it to support your equipment and provide a reliable workspace for years to come.
  • SEAMLESS MEMORY CONTROL-The user-friendly control panel with memory function allows you to easily adjust and save your preferred desk height settings. With just a touch of a button, you can effortlessly switch between different heights, ensuring a seamless transition between sitting and standing positions.
  • SILENT OPERATION-Enjoy a peaceful and distraction-free working environment with the ultra-quiet motor that operates below 50dB. Say goodbye to noisy distractions and focus on your tasks without any disturbance.
  • EXTREMELY LOW POWER CONSUMPTION: Our height-adjustable desks consume 30% less power in standby mode compared to other desks on the market, specifically less than 0.5 watts. This means that our height-adjustable desks consume minimal energy in standby mode, helping to reduce your electricity bill and environmental impact.

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  1. garyfl90's avatar
    I see this desk more than I see my mum
  2. BenjaminDover99's avatar
    A few quid cheaper than the white version.

    I'm waiting for a deal I can't ignore on a wider one but if one of these gets cheap enough I may bite.
    feckoffcup's avatar
    Yeah I am the same - I have 2 27" monitors, I want a desk that they would fit compfortably on - 160 ideal but 140 at the right price.
  3. ERGY's avatar
    maybe one day they will have the dark wood version for this price
  4. matlock's avatar
    why do all the less wide ones only come with 60cm depth. I need 120cm x 70cm ideally but rare these ones are or way more expensive.
  5. Sherloq's avatar
    I have this model and can't fault it. Fantastic value and just great desk overall.
  6. Andysan's avatar
    Would buy but it appears to be two separate pieces of wood on top. How does that look in real life to anyone who has one please?
    ummomar's avatar
    Hi I bought the 110x60cm version and it's one piece of wood on top not two
  7. ummomar's avatar
    Bought this desk after seeing this deal and very happy with it. Highly recommend.
  8. stakeholder's avatar
    Ordered. Thanks.
    mrspydey's avatar
    How is it?
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