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April 4th, Exclusive screenings of Our Planet - new Netflix documentary series narrated by Sir David Attenborough
Made hot 29th MarMade hot 29th Mar
To book, go to and enter the code PLANET Enjoy the wonder of Our Planet on a big screen near you. Watch a live stream of the Global Premiere from London’s Natu… Read more

they're all released 5th April.


looking forward to this. Love the planet earth series, and having all the episodes drop in one go is brilliant. whens the series dropping for general release for netflix?


I find with these although there is a waiting you can normally get tickets at the last minute. So keep an eye out for your emails saying you got tickets


Just got the email... Clicked on it and already waiting list for Norwich!!! How can so many click so fast


Do you know if this is a special edition or one that will be available to all Netflix users?

Roku Express HD Streaming Stick - £21.24 with code @ Argos eBay
Refreshed 20th MarRefreshed 20th Mar
Use code PLAY15 - Free click & collect, great price. Want to start streaming? Roku Express delivers a smooth HD streaming experience on your big-screen TV. Our next generation… Read more

Was it within warranty at the time it stopped working & where did you buy it from?


Got the previous version of this and it stopped working - Roku were useless in helping!


............................................Did somebody say, ........ok carry on.


How does it compare to alexa fire stick. Alexa listens to me, will roku do the same?


We've got 2 of these. Great little streamers!

Language Learning with Netflix (Chrome add-on) FREE
Made hot 7th MarMade hot 7th Mar
LLN is a chrome extension that gives you superpowers over Netflix. It makes studying languages with films/series more effective and enjoyable.

Thanks for sharing this, didn't know about it and it comes in quite handy


Thanks. (I don't have the time to follow links or videos for every deal to find out what it is. I rely on the description to decide if worth exploring further)


It displays multiple (two languages) or alternate (English audio with say french subtitles or vice versa) subtitles, there's a video link on my first comment.


What does this actually do?


Hmm not sure, it might just be due to the fact that you need Netflix in the first place (to stop people being disappointed who don't realise Netflix is a paid for service?), can't see any other mention of it, will test it out more later and let you know.

Three 24m 20GB MiFi + Go Binge (unlimited Netflix streaming) from £8 INSTORE @ Three
LocalLocalMade hot 9th FebMade hot 9th Feb
Posted this offer up long ago, ITS BACK! Huawei E5573Bs-322 and 20GB with Go Binge unlimited streaming not available online ***INSTORE ONLY… Read more

Old thread I know but not worth it's own post as not guaranteed to work. I signed up for same deal through the app and it was £12, complained via the complaints part off the app and got the same deal as in-store for £7. Tried several times just to do this over the phone and on the chat and it didn't work until I got put through to complaints, had to say the store that I was in that done it for £8.


Yup, any sim can be used in any device - Net Neutrality. I have a Three Unlimited 12m sim in a Huawei B612 (y)


Can this be used to replace home broadband?


Just waiting on the 5G list :D


Your friend either has incompatible hardware or has their phone set to 3G only, Three has had 4G roaming on AT&T since 16-11-2018.

£5 off Netflix, Spotify or NowTV first month, new/existing subscribers with Monzo (Selected accounts)
Made hot 30th JanMade hot 30th Jan
Not sure if this is account specific but I have an alert that I can get £5 off one months subscription if I change my payment method to my Monzo account... Assume this could b… Read more
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Woke up to this bad boy this morning:


What's Monzo. Never heard of it.


My Starling account was opened and verified in just 5 minutes. Absolutely fantastic app and service. So much so that family and friends have all opened a Starling account and all positive reviews since. I'm sure Monzo is good too from what I've heard. Each to their own.


I asked Monzo yesterday about the deal and was told it wasn’t an offer they were running and asked for a screenshot and then a different person replied to me and said this


I've just googled 'Monzo Netflix' and there is indeed no other mention of it... assuming its a mutually beneficial arrangement you'd have thought there'd be some kind of advertising of it.

Netflix for £2.33 /Month - updated tutorial
Refreshed 15th AprRefreshed 15th Apr
Update 4: when you get the prices shown in USD despite being connected to a VPN, that means this VPN does not work for this method. you have to choose another VPN. Update 3: t… Read more
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Nope, not even close. I'd breaking a companies terms and conditions, Not breaking the law like say going over the speed limit etc. (Amazing how many people have a warped sense of proportion with things like that.) IF you had actually read through this thread then you'd have known that I don't actually DO this, I am a full paying UK subscriber and already stated as much. But we are talking about blooming Netflix, not my Water supply here. Say they actually did actually start using some mythical blacklist on people. You do realise that you can actually pay for Netflix with prepay vouchers much like Now TV? So what would stop me signing up as John Smith and just topping up with those vouchers in that case? Perhaps they ban say my IP address, what even if I switch providers every time that my contract comes up anyway?


You obviously when they cut you off. Are you a teenager? Your response suggests you might be.


And who's exactly bothered if they really do??


Unless your cards happen to be in a different name and address, they have something consistent to ban you with assuming they did ever decide to crack down.


Thanks, signed up for 4k package. used a normal tsb card. cost £5.55 in total.

Netflix & Sky Box Sets for £10 - Sky Q upgrade via Sky Shop
LocalLocalMade hot 23rd JanMade hot 23rd Jan
I have been a Netflix subscriber for a few years now and currently pay 10 pound per month - just been on the Sky shop on the Q box and there is an offer to upgrade to the ultimate … Read more
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That’s exactly what we do. We use our LGs smart app to view Netflix which is part of our sky bundle so we get HDR and Dolby Vision support. Sky are way behind when it co Es to the latest AV specs.


not sure on this one - I don't have Box Sets (but do have NOW TV which I think is the same). Currently have Netflix (purchased via ITunes) for £5.99 a month for 2 screens (had it for quite a while so think this is a legacy price). I also often purchase iTunes vouchers discounted - usually 20% off but just picked up a £50 voucher for £25 on Facebook Groups - so Netflix works out at £5 a month.


There's no HDR via Sky Q at present which is a shame, I love it on films, especially those with lots of night/dark imagery. Also sound isn't delivered via Atmos on Sky Q either. I no longer subscribe to netflix, but if I did I'd be looking to try and hook it into my Sky account but not use the Sky Q 2tb box for streaming, rather using the TVs inbuilt player or more likely something like an Nvidia Shield (which supports Dolby Vision, HDR10 and Atmos).


Heat! 🔥 Good deal if you qualify. Worth remembering that there is an Up Front fee to any upgrade to Q boxes, with or without multiroom "experience". My contract was up a few months ago but not check my Bill for a while. Up to £55 from £41.50. Messaged & dropped Cinema coz deal ended, was £13.50 extra pm. Been offered on "Message" existing package at £36 but want extra £22 for Q Multi with £70 upfront. Sod that! Might give notice & see what deals are offered, then finally buckle after 28 days, before my wife kills me! (y) 🏻 8) 😄 (annoyed)


I can confirm no Netflix in uhd without 2tb sky q box and correct subscription doesn't matter what you already pay for through Netflix so I don't use it as I can get Netflix 4k on Amazon firestick or through my of TV.

2018 Xiaomi Mi Box S 4K HDR Android TV 2GB 8GB UK Plug Netflix Google Assistant Chromecast built in £47.57 @joybuy
Made hot 17th JanMade hot 17th Jan
Pay in $ with fee free card for best price Customs may be a factor
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Has anyone received their order? I'm still waiting for mine. It's been over month.


I just got one of them and Netflix doesn't work on it. If you don't use Netflix I would recommend it though. It's very good at what it does


For the box? Don't think it's worth buying now that a newer model (this deal) is out but here it is Link


Do you have a link or model number?


Fyi, the software for v1 of this box has also been updated to have Google Assistant.

1080p 32 inch LG 32LK6100 Smart TV for £219 at Currys or £190.49 via Currys ebay (using code POWPOW15)
Made hot 25th Dec 2018Made hot 25th Dec 2018
I've got the white version of this from John Lewis which is currently £249 (with 5 year warranty). It's a good TV; no, it's not 4k but it has HDR10, HLG, 3 HDMI, 2 USB, both Freev… Read more



Has this got the Netflix button on the remote?


Code expired


Thank you for taking the time to reply. Really helpful link as well!


I meant a satellite box lol not a sky box so my bad on that but thank you

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4 part DreamWorks Christmas specials just added on Netflix. featuring Kung Fu Panda, Shrek and Merry Madagascar.
Made hot 17th Dec 2018Made hot 17th Dec 2018
4 part DreamWorks Christmas specials just added on Netflix. featuring Kung Fu Panda, Shrek and Merry Madagascar.
Over an hour of DreamWorks Christmas fun. Perfect if you've exhausted all the Christmas films with the kids. Similar DVD costs around £10
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Why no Home alone and Grinch on Netflix??


Kids have been watching these they love Madagascar

Merry NetflixmasO2 and Netflix
Made hot 11th Dec 2018Made hot 11th Dec 2018
Merry NetflixmasO2 and Netflix
Merry NetflixmasO2 and Netflix. Now together. Whether you’ve got it or not, we’ll pay your Netflix subscription for six months. On selected tariffs. Enjoy award-winning TV sh… Read more
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Is this for new customers only?


Really haven't got a good impression of o2, definitely would say go elsewhere.


They add the full £47.94 to your netflix account and then it's just taken out of that balance until it's empty. So if you're on the £9.99/month you'll only get 4 months free, still a great deal though. I upgraded all the family and now we have the next year and a half free :)


Can’t quite find the details if how this works if you already have the full Netflix sub at £9.99. Presumably they will just credit your Netflix account by £7.99 each month and you pay the £2 balance? Anyone got an idea on this? I recently claimed the PS Plus three months Netflix for free, which just added £24 credit to my account.


Ok thanks for info, I guess I wouldn’t be asking if I didn’t have o2 contract but oh well. So do you know or you just trolling? 😜

Minecraft Story Mode is now available on Netflix (Interactive)
Made hot 4th Dec 2018Made hot 4th Dec 2018
Minecraft Story Mode is now available on Netflix (Interactive)
Minecraft: Story Mode Take control of an adventure set in the Minecraft universe. The future of the world is at stake, and your decisions shape the story -- so choose wisely! Star… Read more
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Yeah this was their last project (bar TWD)


Telltale games went under a few months back.


R.I.P. Telltale


I've only tried it on TV. Use TV remote to choose options as you go through the story


Not heard of this before, how does it work?

6 months Netflix Free on selected O2 tariff
Refreshed 20th Nov 2018Refreshed 20th Nov 2018
6 months Netflix Free on selected O2 tariff
From 8th Nov, 6 months Netflix Free on selected O2 tariff
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alan3 according to this you can get 12 months free for certain subscriptions


Shame it's O2. But good deal for those that want it.


For a moment I thought it was an O2 priority deal (annoyed)


Cheers to that! I'm next with broadband in May and Sim in August. Sayonara BT!!


My BT contract finishes end of month and I can't wait to be rid of them. Their upgrade options are outrageously bad.

O2 sim-only 6months Netflix 15gb data and unlimited £20 (£240 total). Also £22 for 20gb same deal 12m
Made hot 15th Nov 2018Made hot 15th Nov 2018
O2 sim-only 6months Netflix 15gb data and unlimited £20 (£240 total). Also £22 for 20gb same deal 12m
This works for me as it also includes 35 other countries including USA and I’m on a 6gb for £15 at present with just euro coverage. So I save on daily rate of 4.99 in USA and on 7.… Read more
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That is so true. I’m with them now and get one bar in signal at home. Very frustrating


My Netflix voucher arrived this morning only 18 hours after sign up! Very pleased. Three and others just don’t offer the speeds and signal O2 does.


Yea but Three are crap.


Yes it was, so 02 have increased prices for black Friday, incredible.


Just over a year ago i went back to O2, couldn't wait. Three offered me more data and less money, i laughed and said i wouldn't be able to use the data as the speeds were so poor. Canary wharf is well known for terrible three service. One of my friends still on three and my connection and speeds are always better than his

Now TV Smart Box with 4K, Voice Search, Netflix app and 4 Now TV passes £24.99 @ Currys
Refreshed 14th Nov 2018Refreshed 14th Nov 2018
Now TV Smart Box with 4K, Voice Search, Netflix app and 4 Now TV passes £24.99 @ Currys
£24.99£49.9950%Currys PC World Deals
The new Now TV Smart Box with 4K, Voice Search and Netflix app is now available for £24.99. Includes 1 month Sky Cinema / Entertainment / Kids Pass & 1 day Sports Pass. Previo… Read more
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The codes were pre-loaded on mine - bought from Currys.


Do the older now tv boxes have Netflix or would you need to buy this new version?


SNAP - wanted the stick to replace an old black now TV box in one room and a 2nd stick for another TV. It should be fine for you, I had a month left on my deal and it let me stack, I think you will be fine. I also found it did add my sky sports pass, at the top of the passes screen there is a link "You have 1 voucher waiting for you" and when I click on that I see my extra sky sports voucher, it doesn't let me activate it yet as I've not activated the other one from a couple of months ago, so its queued up ready for when I'm ready. good luck


hmm. I actually wanted to keep the stick (to replace an old black box) and sell the passes. Looks like I probably won't be able to do that. I may just buy one anyway and see what happens when I register it to my existing account. I have about 10 months left on my deal so hopefully it'll stack on top of that thanks again


It depends how long the passes last for when stacking it to the end of whatever deal you are on, and of course we don't know how old currys stock is. I've been using deals with passes for over 2 years and only once did I end up with an expired pass - I didn't know it was expired until I tried it - I then contacted sky now on line chat and they sorted it within 10 minutes and gave me a new code. Yep you won't be able to sell a stick to recoup some of the money, or not until at least a pass has been used on that stick and at that point it becomes a second hand stick. I had a similar plan to you, bought some sticks and some now tv 4k boxes as per this deal - didn't know what to keep - so this has made it easier - I will sell the 4K boxes and keep the passes from those myself. I don't have a 4K TV so it would have been a bit of a waste until I upgrade one day. And I prefer the stick as it goes out of sight behind my TV plugged straight into the HDMI port and no seperate power cable to a mains socket (the now stick powers off a USB on your TV if you have one spare).

Sky Q Netflix Standard (HD) £5 a month instead of £7.99 @
Made hot 1st Nov 2018Made hot 1st Nov 2018
Just add it to your current box sets package!
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So, I've been paying £41pm for last 2 years for full sky hd package Inc sports, cinema, box sets etc. Been with sky for 30 years. If I want netflix and uhd, I have to pay an extra £22pm, that's 10 for netflix and 12 for uhd box. My 30 year loyalty gets no reduction on that.


Have you checked box sets regularly? I would say most of the box sets are very recent, it has recent seasons of tv shows which are still airing, that's what is great about it. You don't really get that on netflix unless its a netflix show (although netflix is also decent imo). I like watching a season all in one go, so quite often wait until it's on sky box sets to watch the latest season. Like yourself I only watch from planner (but also box sets) unless it is live sport.


Each to there own but box sets is not worth anything to me personally as I've watched any series I need to watch and have no interest in watching anything old again unless it's Only Fools & Horses :) I certainty wouldn't pay £5 for it but have it as it's only a £1. Dont think I've ever used box sets since it arrived. Netflix for £5 on other hand is worth it and I would be all over it, Sky want £9 from me for Netflix as my box sets are only £1 so much much a of deal apart from £0.99 saving so I'd rather deal direct with Netflix as Sky is a pain in the back side most days to deal with. Like the sound of Netflix integrated in with Sky Q though. If honest I dont have time time to watch most things on Sky when it's on and watch everything from the planner when I'm in.


Out of interest, why do you think box sets isn't even worth £1? I find it hard to believe anyone thinks it's poor value for £5 or less. I mean what does £1 get you these days? Watch one box set a year and you have had value out of it at that price... Personally would add netflix for £5 but it puts my package up £44 a month to upgrade (due to lost discounts) haha


Shame really as box sets isnt even worth a £1, they should do netflix without box sets

VPNSecure Lifetime at Stacksocial for £13.79
Made hot 28th Oct 2018Made hot 28th Oct 2018
VPNSecure Lifetime at Stacksocial for £13.79
£13.79£19.9931%StackSocial Deals
On my hols in Florida and trying to play Doctor Who. Noticed that Social Stack are doing VPN Secure for $19.99. Apply the boo15 code for 15% off. My Monzo card says it's £13.79. I… Read more

I didn’t realise this and contacted support, who gave me the details. All good now and thanks so much!


Can I use this on my firetv box for kodi?


For things like Showbox, what would I need to check with regards compatibility with this or other vpns?


Just bought it for 12.25£ using the promo code STACKVIP20. Really good price! (y)


Can confirm it works fine on a firestick, just sideload with the apk.

3 Months Free Netflix for New and EXISTING customers of PS Plus 12 month subscription - Check emails
Refreshed 18th Oct 2018Refreshed 18th Oct 2018
It seems this deal is active again until 31st October as email invite just sent. Worth a check by popping your email address in to see if eligible:… Read more

It’s basically a credit of £23.97 to your account - that value comes of whatever package you have, so you may not get a full three months free if your on anything other than their £7.99 package.


With it being free is it just the basic package you get?


Thanks for your e-mail. Sorry to hear you are unhappy that you have not been included in a recent promotional offer. I can only apologise that you missed out on this promotion but unfortunately you did not meet the criteria you did not receive this. I hope this helps, but if you have any other questions please contact PlayStation Support using the contact details below or by replying to this e-mail. Thank you, Player Support Specialist PlayStation Support This is what being a Member for 8 years and considerable amount of purchases direct from ps store gets you! (:I


Love how my mate new to ps plus and gets it while I been a ps plus member for years and get sweet fa


I had the same issue as the others, wasn't eligible and stuff but manage to get it to work happened by accident though..... Basically the were some issue on my Netflix so I had to update my cards, after updated the card got the mail that I can redeem the code, pressed launched Netflix and boom! got the credit. So in short, try put the mail on the link, go to netflix and change your billing details or removed them, wait a bit a mail from sony should come in, and should work. Hope its helps someone.

Three Sim only 4GB with UNLIMITED Go Binge Netflix streaming, AYCE mins & texts 9 p/m 12 months £108
Made hot 5th Oct 2018Made hot 5th Oct 2018
Three's "Go Binge" is supposed to be reserved for plans with at least 12GB data allowance. Go Binge allows unlimited Snapchat, Netflix & Apple Music. However, there is a tr… Read more

I’m a month in and not sure it’s worked - Apple Music usage seems to be dropping allowance - how have others got on ?


I asked them to add the go binge as Netflix didn't count towards my 30gb of tethering allowance (when there was a tethering cap) I just haven't bothered removing it. I asked for go binge because when I went on holiday we could watch Netflix screen casted to the tv but still use the data 30gb of tethering for everything else.


Why do you need go binge if you have unlimited data? :/


Here you go: HTH


I did all this the last time and ended up with 12gb/200 mins/unlimited text for 8 quid a month.

ROKU express + Select a movie to rent for £23.99 - Including Home Alone 1 or 2, X-Men origins, Snoopy & more  @ Rakuten TV
Refreshed 3rd Oct 2018Refreshed 3rd Oct 2018
ROKU express + Select a movie to rent for £23.99 - Including Home Alone 1 or 2, X-Men origins, Snoopy & more @ Rakuten TV
now dropped to £23.99, you can now choose from various move rentals Full List Here Good offer, good for streaming Movies, Netflix, Now TV, Amazon, Catch up and more Top fe… Read more
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It was the wuntu promotion that you used?


Mine arrived out of the blue today, about an hour after they finally replied to emails and offered a refund. I cancelled that, and they did then give me a new code for a movie rental


Same, they just grab your email and payment details in their database, and then kick you in the @&&...

FRANKtheTANK was the address I emailed a d they drag their heels a bit to be honest but a couple of days later they replied.heres the reply.... Note the name at the bottom ;) ........ Thank you very much for your patience.  We are very sorry you have not yet received the Roku Devise.  The warehouse got in contact with us and informed that your delivery go delayed because of lack of inventory.  If you would like us to issue a refund for you please let us know. Otherwise, we appreciate your patience while the delivery company sorts our the situation with the inventory.  Thank you very much for your understanding.  Kind regards, Bruce Wayne, Rakuten TV team


Ok, thanks for letting me know. Out of interest how did you get hold of them in the end? Was it a reply from an email sent to How long did that take?

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