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Posted 16 August 2023

Hisense 32 Inch HD VIDAA Smart TV 32E4KTUK - Natural Enhancer, HDMI, Share to TV, and Youtube, Freeview Play, Netflix (2023 New Model)

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Hisense 32 Inch HD VIDAA Smart TV 32E4KTUK - Natural Enhancer, HDMI, Share to TV, and Youtube, Freeview Play, Netflix and Disney+ (2023 New Model)

Yes, it's only 720p, it's ideal for a Spare Bedroom or for the Kids / Garage / Kitchen etc...

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DTS HD decoding
With DTS Virtual:X, you can experience total audio immersion without relying on external speakers or reflecting sound. DTS Virtual:X almost uses digital sound processing to create immersion in any space and simulates true omnidirectional sound including “rear” and “height” channels with only the integrated TV speakers, to transform your movies, music, and gaming experience to deliver life-like sound above, beside, and behind you.

HD Resolution
Watch your favorite movies, TV shows, games, and more in crisp HD resolution, and relish in the vivid color range and from a wide angle. Practically all of today’s content is available in HD, making it the ideal companion for casually viewing the full array of digital content for an undeniably enjoyable TV experience.

High Contrast
With High Contrast displays, highlights look brighter, blacks are deeper, and the colors are more vibrant. Improved contrast means dark parts of the screen are truly dark, while light areas are accurately lit. Feel the difference with contrast that’s immediately visible on the edge between light and dark for a satisfying TV experience.

Natural Colour Enhancer
The Natural Color Enhancer aims to bridge the gap between digital screen and reality, by optimizing the color reproduction in real time, able to pick up on even the smallest differences. Whether you’re watching your favorite shows, documentaries, or movies, you’re sure to enjoy your time with colors the way they were meant to be seen.

Noise Reduction
The smart Noise Reduction feature is the optimal solution for combating grainy video. The TV is equipped to analyze the input signal and automatically detects, isolates, and reduces noise on screen to leave you with a crisp image. Enjoy your favorite shows and movies regardless of their original quality.

Depth Enhancer
Hisense TVs boosts immersion with Depth Enhancer software to create a greater sense of reality in whatever you’re watching. By analyzing and adjusting the brightness and contrast of specific regions to create a greater sense of depth, you’ll feel the picture truly come to life before your eyes, as if you could reach in and touch it.

AI Sports Mode
AI Sports Mode enables the best picture and audio quality for the smoothest viewing experience. See every crack in the field, the players’ determined stare, and the excitement of everyone in the audience, and hear every note of the commentator's voice. Hisense TVs intuitively sense and clean up and enhance fast-moving objects, for a perfectly fluid viewing experience.

Game Mode
End your losing streak with Hisense’s Game Mode designed to improve your entertainment experience with gamers in mind. The smart feature reduces input lag to as low as 16ms so your skills can outshine the competition without interruption, stuttering, or other inconveniences, and you clutch the round on your road to victory.

One Touch Access
In an effort to make life easier, the One Touch Access remote, lets you access your favorites with just the touch of a button, thanks to the dedicated and customizable buttons for services like Netflix, Prime Video, Rakuten TV and more. Even when switched off, the One Touch Access buttons instantly launch your favorite apps with just one click.

Share to TV
The Share-to-TV function lets you bypass this issue with ease and grace. Share content from your other devices directly to your screen. Use “Screen Sharing” to mirror your device on your TV, or the “Content Sharing” option, which lets you continue to use your device while only sharing specific media on the big screen for everyone to enjoy.


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  1. wlmcdonough's avatar
    I'd probably stretch to an extra £40 and get the 32 inch full HD Samsung (UE32T5300CEXXU) from Argos (2023 model).
    dale7's avatar
    Im looking for a 32" for bedroom, is this about the best around for the price would you say? Cheers
  2. Fusionhunter's avatar
    The Samsung although says fhd is still only a 720p panel. I have the 720p LG in my bedroom does everything inc Bluetooth and supports h265 videos
  3. thomo__'s avatar
    720p though?
    Gav_Shaw's avatar
    I know yeah Still....
  4. hellojoe2's avatar
    720p!? I’m sorry this isn’t the year 2008.
    Gav_Shaw's avatar
    This wasn't posted with the expectation of it replacing an 85" QLED TV in your Living Room. Simply pay the extra £20 for the FHD version through Amazon (edited)
  5. saitama_fan's avatar
    The kids bedroom Tele?
    Gav_Shaw's avatar
    or Mother in Law
  6. mousey's avatar
  7. ViolaGuines's avatar
    Nothing like 37 or 39 these days
    Gav_Shaw's avatar
    Not that long ago, where you could get those Cheap £89 32" Cello badged TV's, don't seem them about anymore either lol (edited)
  8. Rhydal's avatar
    No NOW tv is a deal breaker for me.
    Gav_Shaw's avatar
    Got about 100 Now TV Boxes I can offload on to you for nothing if you want them Anyhow, it's probably available to download via their Smart Store, at least I would imagine. (edited)
  9. igloolad's avatar
    wpuld have got it, if the remote control wasn't as hideous
    Gav_Shaw's avatar
    No pleasing some lol
  10. Fugazy's avatar
    This looks good for my camper, but can i just use a converter from 240v to 12v so i can use off grid?
    mentm's avatar
    As long as the wattage in your converter is higher than the requirement for this tv
  11. BhavDavda's avatar
    What mount size for this tv please?
's avatar