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Posted 25 November 2022

6 x 100ml Designer Fragrance for the price of 3 with BOGOF - £49.99 @ The Essence Vault

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"The Essence Vault offers great fragrances inspired by lots of the high street brands.

The Essence Vault are full strength (Eau De Parfum) and NOT Eau De Toilette, meaning that these are long lasting scents."

I have personally used multiple fragrances from this vendor and they're just as good as the real thing.

Fragrances include

Lady Olympea
One Million

And many more!
The Essence Vault More details at The Essence Vault
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    I have looked at the offers on this site for years and find it very useful. This is the first time I have commented. I have had a few orders previously from the essence vault, and am always highly satisfied with their products, delivery and service. How close to the original I feel could be subjective from person to person. I have found the men's (I wear) and women's (wife and daughters) very long lasting. I have just ordered again on the back of this bogof, and think it is excellent value.
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    I was VERY skeptical at first so I ordered 3 bottles of scents that I already had genuine ones of.
    I then tested to see how close they were to the originals and honestly couldn't tell the difference.
    I got friends and families to also do the smell test and nobody could tell genuine from EV ones.

    Since ordered 6 more bottles. Very pleased to have 6 x 100ml for £49.95 delivered.
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    I spend a fortune on aftershaves - real and clones, of all the places I buy from here is my favourite in terms of value for money. As with all things clone companies - some are closer than others. I’ve bought maybe 30 bottles in the past two years from here for friend and family, and just like real scents some batches are better than others . I highly recommend their Tom fords though, bitter peach and lost cherry and noir are very close to the real deal (I own the original), and you can’t go wrong with stuff like sauvage and aventus. Their own scents are not bad either, I get loads of compliments when I wear Goji Berry and orange noir. Try them, for the price you have nothing to lose. 6 x hundred mil bottles for 49.99 works out at something ridiculous like 12 p a ml vs £4 a ml for some real scents
    Thanks, went for the Tom Ford's on your recommendation
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    I've taken a chance & ordered 6 x 100ml bottles: Lost Cherry, Rose & Oud, Bleeker Street ... for £49.99! I can't even buy 2 bottles of my favourite Lush Rose Jam body sprays for that price (£50) . My first dip into 'inspired by' fragrances, so I'm hoping they're convincing. However, even if they're not what I'd wear myself, I'll have some fabulous Secret Santa & gifts to give to some lucky recipients, so nothing at all to loose with this great deal. On the subject of 'inspired by' fragrances, I'm having a wobble moment justifying to myself the cost atm of replenishing: Kilian Black phantom & Nasomatto Nudiflorum, does anyone have any really great alternative recommendations?
    Perfume Parlour do the two your looking to replenish
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    These are rubbish.
    Not sure I agree although I was skeptical...

    I have some of the genuine high end Selfridge style branded fragrances and I'll admit these fragrances are VERY close and last all day and I often get told I smell amazing when using these...

    Perfect for during the working week and saving your best for well... Best.
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    I really liked them to be fair
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    On paper it sounds like an amazing deal but for me, id rather get one good one to last me a year, heat still
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    How do these compare to Perfume Parlour?

    Perfume Parlour put prices up around 40% last week (edited)
    Very much similar, but far better value; some are very accurate (90 percent some of the Tom fords - bitter peach lost cherry and noir which I own original for - they are very close) Savauge is close, and even some of their own ones (the goji Berry and orange noir is a real compliment puller ) . I highly recommend them (edited)
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    I have the Inspired by Tom Ford Ombre Leather from these.
    I also have the actual Tom Ford Ombre Leather.
    The "inspired" smells absolutely nothing like it in any way.
    It was my first and last purchase.
    This is a comment I was looking for. Thanks.
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    Poor quality. Buy a genuine brand
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    I ordered 8 days ago & they arrived yesterday ... from Ireland. Postal strike action may be playing a part in delivery times. Bottles were well packaged though & look attractive enough to gift, so I'm well pleased. With the free bottles, there's some left for me to enjoy too.
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    Ive just gone for some new scents usually i buy the 444 lost cherry scent its great lasts thru the day great dupe
    Is this scent unisex?
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    I've never yet been convinced of dupes yet, everytime I've got one its been crap.

    I prefer proper intentionally made unique perfumes like azzaro rather than dupes that never work.
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    Ordered 2 bottles of the Tom Ford copy's for the price 200ml 30quid worth a shot.
    I bought a 30ml copy of Ombre Leather and it smells nothing like it in the slightest. I have the original Tom Ford Ombre Leather. Trust me... buy the original.
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    Very poor quality and the same goes for customer service.
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    The one inspired by Halfeti is nice. My brother has even received compliments with that one

    Does anyone have any recommendations for women?? (edited)
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    Thanks for posting
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    These are excellent! The boss bottled dupe is my favourite, smells exactly like the real thing and lasts all day
    Anonymous User
    What's the point of a boss bottled dupe? Hardly like the real thing costs much anyway.
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    You need to add 3 more to your basket and it will add them as 'free' and apply the BOGOF offer. 👌
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    i could not see were you can buy 6 100ml bottles for £49.99.on the website it says buy one get one free.
    Add them to basket, discount applies automatically
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    thank you for repling.
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    Sold out
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    Usually recommend sites like 5hese, although this year I just got two Zara clones instead.

    Lil bottles are a good sense for travelling
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    They set of 3 is sold out. It was a bundle. They are gone
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    I bought mine from Match Fragrances and they're fantastic.
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    Anyone get updates about their order? The site says 1-2 days but they are probably busy with the Blackfriday sale & Xmas
    Mine hasn't been dispatched yet either. Purchased on the 25th. Emailed them this morning to chase it up.
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    Took a gamble and Ordered 10 days ago nothing yet not even despatched as per the last email to them 2 days ago, not sure if they actually know of other delivery partners available.
    Mine came beginning of the week , all present and correct, drop them an email