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Officially Licensed Tote Bags BOGOF £7.99 for 2 delivered with Red Carpet or £1.99 delivery at Zavvi
Posted 13th AugPosted 13th Aug
Nice offer on a wide selection of totes

Straight out of Hoxton


I'm old enough to remember the original release of Straight Outta Compton and the furore it created. I'm fairly certain a tote bag didn't feature in its development process.


Straight Outta Sainsbury's


nothing more gangsta and fck the police than a nice tote


Eazy-E is spinning in his grave.

BOGOF - Ecovacs N79S Robot Vacuum, Hi-Suction, Self-Charge, Drop Snsr, Alexa+Google, HardFloor, LowPile Carpet,Pet Hair - £131.26 @ Gearbest
130° Expired
Posted 2nd AugPosted 2nd Aug
Buy One Get One Free !!! - in my opinion this is a really excellent deal! :D Currently on offer at Amazon UK for £169.99. Here you can get TWO for £131.26 ! The Ecovacs Deebo… Read more

Yes I expired the original offer a while ago. But only this morning they had some of the DE55 left to order, but no 901 or N79S. ... Just checked and they still have some DE55. 2 x DE55 cost total £197 Inc postage - see below screenshot. There may or may not be a small amount of customs charges UK end if you order together. I ordered mine with a cheaper item so order was about £110 per vacuum, and below customs threshold.


I think the offer has expired. I can't seem to get the prices others have shared here


I already owned an N79S when I posted this deal. But I ended up afterwards going on to buy a DE55 and the 901 as also saw they looked identical spec wise. I paid almost the same for both (approx £110 each inc hefty delivery cost and a cheap cigarette adapter item) - I ordered them separately to try and ensure I avoided any potential extra charges once landed in the UK. Haven't used them yet as they arrived today, one for me, one for a family member, and will leave our existing Deebot (N79s) to do upstairs where there are no major obstacles. You're right, some of the prices are crazy compared to what we'd pay for a decent mapping robovac in the UK, and from what you're saying the price of DE55 may have come down even more! :D


DE55 is actually a better deal shame wasn't there or I didn't see it. You can get two for £150ish. Where can you get a mapping vac for £75 crazy brand new. I paid £200 for the 901s the specs are the same.


Nice one @benjefreys! Did you go for the black or white one? (cheeky) Edit: just saw screenshot so the bkack/grey one Not that there looked to me much difference than that and the white De55 also on offer.

30 Bars Grenade 40g Carb Killa Go Nuts High Protein Vegan Nut Bar Salted Peanut - £17.99 (BOGOF) @ XS Items Ebay
231° Expired
Posted 28th JulPosted 28th Jul
Usually £17.99 for one, add 2 to basket to get 2 boxes (or 30 Bars) for £17.99 Holland and barret had these recently for 2 for £22.50, so this represents a good saving on that now … Read more



So are you vegan? If you are you'll know soy is one of the most land efficient crops and that we would be able to REforest lots of land if people made the switch from meat to soy. If you care about rainforests you're making the wrong argument about soy


All gone


I’m fully aware that the main demand for soy comes from farming livestock, thanks. It’s still a horrendously cultivated crop and certainly not sustainable, regardless if its going to feed livestock or people.


You have completely misunderstood the statistics around soy. Most soycrops are grown to feed farmed animals who then feed humans. Cutting the farmed animals out of the chain makes it much more efficient and LOWERS soy demand. Please do your research about animal agriculture and deforestation.

Irn Brew Limited edition Spiced ginger Crimbo juice 2 litres 50p & BOGOF at Poundstretchers
Posted 23rd JulPosted 23rd JulLocalLocal
Not sure if nationwide, but had a crate load in Darlington Poundstretchers today. Only 50p and when I got to the checkout I was advised it was on BOGOF. Limited edition Spiced gi… Read more

Marvin who let you on the laptop?


i love irn-bru me. nae teeth mine...oooohhh aggghhh


You are missing nowt.


Couldn't say,I don't drink beer,lager,bitter,other such things,,gives me the heaves.Spirits are usually all I will drink.


You are overlooking Carling and John Smith's Smooth.....

BOGOF on Fragrances Includes CK, DKNY, Guess & others! Mix & Match! Spend £25 for Free Delivery! @ Lloyds Pharmacy
144° Expired
Posted 17th JulPosted 17th Jul
BOGOF on Fragrances @ Lloyds Pharmacy includes CK, DKNY, Guess & others! Eg CK Shock him or her 100ml £30.00 BOGOF! Mix & Match! Guess Seductive her 75ml £19.99 BOGOF! … Read more

The Her version is £30! Don't know why the Him version is £35! Her version a good price as its Sold Out now! 🌞 (y)


Cold. 100ml CK Shock for £35? Even at BOGOF, that's overpriced.


CK one shock is easily the best, long lasting CK aftershave. One of my absolute favourites, finished one 200ml bottle, halfway through another and a third 200ml bottle unopened. Very underrated and uniquely masculine.


My bad, I wasnt look at EDT, but still prime and don't have to buy two I guess


£18.79 on Amazon & NOT sold by Amazon! 😄🌞 (y)

Maximuscle - BOGOF across their snacks and drinks @ Maximuscle
-19° Expired
Posted 12th JulPosted 12th Jul
Just came across this as I needed to top up my stash of bars and thought it worth a post. The BOGOF also applies to some reduced items in this category too e.g. the protein bites … Read more

Pffff all these brands end up in ££ shops. My main look is protein vs carb vs calorie... quid a bar max but i prefer much under this. Try places like star bargains and affordable foods and Yankees bundle rolling stock often close to BBE but cheap


I dont like cold voting so i wont vote but these are £1 a bar or cheaper in quite a few places like B and M and home bargains

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Jimmy's Iced Coffee Original 2x12 pack (BOGOF) - £18 delivered @ Jimmy's
77° Expired
Posted 10th JulPosted 10th Jul
The original flavour 12 packs are currently Buy One Get One Free which includes delivery too. Works out at 75p per carton. Great deal for coffee lovers! Buy one case of Original … Read more

Ordered. Thanks. 48 cartons on the way (y)


Amazing!! Ordered... thank you (cheeky)


Er, make your own iced coffee? Really not hard and minimal packaging (pirate)


BBE 25th August, lot to guzzle by then


Good shout! I had my fill last time though (lol)

BOGOF on Kids T-Shirts £12.99 + £1.99 Delivery @ Zavvi
-80° Expired
Posted 9th JulPosted 9th Jul
All sorts of sizes and franchises available, Harry Potter, Mandalorian, Avengers and more! £1.99 unless Red Carpet Member in which Del is free
Get deal*Get deal*

Customer Service beyond crap... I will never ever buy from these clowns again!


I no longer use them either. Can't understand how a company that used to have good prices and decent customer service went down the pan so quickly. Ordered loads from them in the past but nowadays they don't reply to emails and really don't give a toss.


I bought two of these for my kids about 6 months ago from Zavvi, and they were about a fiver or just under.


Gave up ordering from Zavvi, total disgrace and just don’t dispatch without you having to argue with them.


Ordered from them twice one stained T-shirt and the other order was jumpers. One was totally the wrong size

2 x LSA Una Classic Glass Tumbler / Highball - £4.25 using BOGOF @ Ocado
209° Expired
Posted 26th JunPosted 26th Jun
Spotted these when doing weekly shop - LSA is great quality usually and these are going for £4.50 each on Amazon. You'll pay delivery as normal when doing your Ocado grocery shop (… Read more

Sign up through Waitrose x


Glasses like these can be had for free in posh pubs if your wife takes a large handbag.


Yes, existing customers only for the last couple of months


Nope, cold from me.


Can anyone even get on Ocado?

BOGOF on Almost Everything + £5 off £25 & Free Delivery using code At Shoezone Including Skechers, Hush Puppies, Clarks, Lotus & More Brands
255° Expired
Posted 23rd JunPosted 23rd Jun
Shoezone online have a BOGOF (buy one get one free) on most items on their website, mainly footwear. The offer includes branded footwear too. Spend £25 or more and save £5 in addit… Read more

Two pairs actually (lol)


some nice offers , only problem they use Hermes for delivery. In our area doubt if I'll receive them.


So a pair?


Thanks for posting, bought a couple of shoes :)


I feel the same After buying my last pair of Clarke's shoes which I thought looked good and being called clippo the clown by my family I will not be buying from them again.

Ativa AA Alkaline Longlife Batteries 1.5V 16 Pack BOGOF - £2.63 + £3.48 Delivery @ Viking Direct
171° Expired
Posted 8th JunPosted 8th Jun
Ativa AA Alkaline Longlife Batteries 1.5V 16 Pack BOGOF - £2.63 + £3.48 Delivery @ Viking Direct
Ativa AA Alkaline batteries 16 Pack Currently on offer @ BOGOF So 2 packs of 16 for £2.63 All orders are subject to £3.48 delivery charge under £30

These were part of their daily deals. Whilst earlier today they were still £2.63 it looks like now the deal has expired. EDIT: Equally could've been a pricing error since they are still offering BOGOF.


They are coming up at 5.99. what am I doing different?


Thanks m8.


Yep, they're eneloops - we have a few round the house... and don't worry, that jokes been going on since physics in high school ;)


just read on a forum that the Rechargeable LADDA 2450MaH are eneloops in disguise. Great spot by yourself, thanks. Brilliant name for a battery discussion, Watts. lol.

Clean & Protect Teflon Pillow - £6.09 / 2 Pack Clusterdown Pillow on BOGOF = 4 Pillows for £24.99 In the Sleep Seeker Sale (Free Delivery)
238° Expired
Refreshed 15th JunRefreshed 15th Jun
Clean & Protect Teflon Pillow - £6.09 / 2 Pack Clusterdown Pillow on BOGOF = 4 Pillows for £24.99 In the Sleep Seeker Sale (Free Delivery)
£6.09£29.9980% Free P&P FreeSleepseeker Deals
Update 1
Unexpired as Sale still live - 2 Pack Clusterdown Pillow on BOGOF = 4 Pillows dropped a little more to £24.99 too
Some cheap deals here. The cot bed set is pretty decent and outside of sleepseekers own stores, I can only see it at just under £30. There are some Buy One Get One Free deals at th… Read more

4 berry bliss pillows ordered (strong)


Ordered thanks ;)


Oos kids cot set


Ordered thanks! Really like the upside ee's in the logo 😴😴

High5 Zero Hydration Tablets BOGOF - £2.10 (+£3.99 Postage) @ Halfords
292° Expired
Posted 3rd JunPosted 3rd Jun
Low price of £4.19 and also buy one get one free. Effectively making the £2.10! Next cheapest is £4.19 @ Wiggle and Amazon selling for £6.69. These are great for hydration when a… Read more

Cheers, have expired


Showing as £6.99 a tube BOGOF


Just collected mine. It wasn't worth the effort 4 people in front of me, 30 minute wait to get in When I finally get to the till, 10 minutes to get the item (*) I'm the only person in the store! Loads of people behind me but I think if 2 consecutive people need the same thing they stop the line I think much more people are using click and collect, but they've just got a big locker so unless you're lucky enough to be collecting something easily visible it's a pig to find, and it's only one person serving there I don't blame the staff, who are obviously under stress, this is just mismanagement. b.t.w This wasn't the weekend, it was Friday


How is this £6.09? It’s £8.18


Weekend Ques are average 30min wait!

Slumberdown Super Support Pillows [Firm] Pack of 2 on BOGOF - 4 Pillows Total for £16.99 Delivered @ Sleepseeker
1050° Expired
Refreshed 1st JunRefreshed 1st Jun
Slumberdown Super Support Pillows [Firm] Pack of 2 on BOGOF - 4 Pillows Total for £16.99 Delivered @ Sleepseeker
£16.99£2429% Free P&P FreeSleepseeker Deals
Good price on these while they're on buy one get one free. £12 for a pack of 2 on Amazon, but here they're £16.99 for two lots. That's about £4.25 per pillow. Not too shabby at all… Read more

did anyone receive these after ordering them?


I was looking a while back for pillows and purchased 4


Never recommended the solid memory foam pillows once they are too expensive and far too hard for your neck/head but the mattress is excellent for your spine, I'm just suggesting a pair of pillows in this price range that will not go flat and are still like normal pillows, pair these with an Emma and you sleep LIKE a log.


Out of interest why are you recommending some random shredded memory foam pillows on eBay when only last week you were recommending Emma pillows here or is it the Emma mattress you are recommending?


Just ordered a few of these. Thanks! (y)

Papa John's - BOGOF & One Free 500ml Ben & Jerry's
199° Expired
Posted 8th MayPosted 8th May
Papa John's - BOGOF & One Free 500ml Ben & Jerry's
FBJGet code & visit site*Get code & visit site*Get code & visit site*
Buy One Get One Free Pizza & One Free 500ml Ben & Jerry's Pretty good deal to me. Great to balance out all the exercise while on lockdown! Location specific. Worked for me… Read more
Read More

thanks a lot worked for me !


doesn't work


Still working for me.


That code says it all for how women are feeling this lockdown?


Arent we all (highfive)

Krispy kreme BOGOF original glazed doughnuts through Justeat only
88° Expired
Posted 7th MayPosted 7th May
Krispy kreme BOGOF original glazed doughnuts through Justeat only
Justeat has linked up with krispy kreme and are having a promotion on the original glazed doughnuts till May 10th . You can have them delivered for 2.50 Or some locations are lett… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

Enjoying life, that’s what.


The crack cocaine of the donut world


Haven't tasted these then? I tried ordering but my local KK is still closed down ;( ;(


Lol the one you linked to doesn't even have them in stock. Cold


They never stay around long enough to freeze them

BOGOF - Clarks Womens Shoes & Sandals - From £39.99 For 2 Pairs (£34.99 With News Letter Sign up) Shoezone
202° Expired
Posted 6th MayPosted 6th May
BOGOF - Clarks Womens Shoes & Sandals - From £39.99 For 2 Pairs (£34.99 With News Letter Sign up) Shoezone
£39.99 Free P&P FreeShoe Zone Deals
BOGOF available on Clarks women's footwear at shoezone. I have listed the footwear below because there is stock available in nearly all sizes from 3 to 8. Sign up to the newslett… Read more

Like them in pic would have purchased 2 pair for £39.99


Link shows £64.99 for ones used in main photo.


I didn’t know Shoezone sold Clarks.Good deal thank-you for posting.

BOGOF - Einhell Power X-Change 18V 3.0Ah Battery And Fast Charge Starter Kit - £38 + £7.95 del @ Wickes
21° Expired
Posted 6th MayPosted 6th May
BOGOF - Einhell Power X-Change 18V 3.0Ah Battery And Fast Charge Starter Kit - £38 + £7.95 del @ Wickes
£45.95 Free P&P FreeWickes Deals
Battery Type: Li-Ion Charge Time: 60 min Voltage: 18 V Type: Batteries & Chargers Years Guaranteed: 2 Manufacturer Model No: 4512041 Brand Name: Einhell Features & benefits… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

Thanks. I'm aware of that, it's a good deal. But would prefer it was £50 though (lol)


2x 4ah batteries for £60 at Toolstation, wasn't approved by mods as it's click and collect only and only delivery orders are approved during Covid-19 (which is fair enough)


Thanks. What is it please? Can't find it.


Yeah it works on the tools as I've ordered the jigsaw with this the free battery, just thought as it was same wording on the battery item, that was a better deal. I got the multitool with the same deal a while ago.


It does make the mower with two batteries for £100 a really good buy if it works on tools. The same at Homebase I got lost week with one battery was £110

dare2b ladies Short Sleeve Casual T Shirts £2.99 + Buy One Get One Free + Free Delivery @ eBay / bigdealoutdoors (More BOGOF in post)
312° Expired
Posted 5th MayPosted 5th May
dare2b ladies Short Sleeve Casual T Shirts £2.99 + Buy One Get One Free + Free Delivery @ eBay / bigdealoutdoors (More BOGOF in post)
£2.99 Free P&P FreeeBay Deals
These ladies Dare2B Tees are just £2.99, and on buy one get one free offer with Free delivery - good for lounging around the house! Sizes vary depending which colours you choose. … Read more

These are still available though


It's out of stock!


thanks. bought six shirts/ blouses for mom at the average price of 1.78 per piece. shes gonna be happy- mom, like moms hate me spending too much on her.


Ordered. Thanks


A quick search with the same seller and you’ll find a similar style for £2.95 BOGOF (y)

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