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7 Budget Meals To Feed a Family of 4 for Under £20 with Asda Essentials Range @ Asda

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Asda have launched a meal plan that will feed a family of 4 for 7 days for under £20
The seven meals are tuna and tomato pasta, chicken stew with rice, bangers and mash, fish pie, fish biryani, frittata and chicken pasta.

You can buy online & in-store and all the recipes are online

Asda More details at Asda

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    What’s for pudding??!
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    The reviews for the chicken thighs were enough to put me off.
    Quite sad really that you've singled out the only one of the products with a poor review to on a perfectly good deal.
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    Those who need to make ends meet need to think of also not having to eat meat every day. You don't need to have it all the time and you'll still thrive. The Indians know a thing or two about it:

    Yeah honestly thinking you need to eat meat all the time is just pure ignorance. Best thing for the public would be some genuine education in cooking and nutrition. That's what the government should be doing, or should have done a long time ago
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    What a terrible state our nation has been plunged into that a retailer would produce this type of campaign.

    Heat from me, as it could be invaluable to some families.
    Yes we did have a lot of money as a nation but some how it wasted and people allowed it.
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    As if January wasn’t depressing enough
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    I applaud the attempt but I have to question the volume of food.
    520g of fish for 2 meals for a family of four, would equate to 65g per person per portion.
    fishgloriousfish.co.uk/por…de/ suggests 200g per adult and 150g per child portion size.

    That said it could assist with budgeting and plan meals for a week, and regardless of reviews of the individual ingredients, if you're not a confident person in the kitchen and struggling to plan and budget, this might be a good guide to help someone start planning, and increase their confidence to try different meals and vary their nutrition.
    Yep you might need to add extra veggies/ sides, they have soup for 25p as part of this range or alternatively lentil Soup is filling, cheap and easy to make.

    Possibly looking through the yellow sticker section you might find meat / fish bargains to freeze.
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    What a helpful post, really interesting. Thanks 🔥
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    This looks dire, there’s a horrible theme of beige food with hardly any veg going on, how hard would it be to use relatively healthy recipes for this?
    I think perhaps a thread in discussions where everyone could contribute some cheap healthy meals idea's could be helpful.

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    30kg of chicken nuggets and chips and the average Brit is set for the month.
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    If we eat all the animals food then they're gonna starve anyway.
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    Beans on toast (spaghetti, cheese etc) soup, stew, jacket potato, bubble and squeek, toad in the hole.
    These are the classics I'd like to see, and very cheap to make.
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    1x 2.5kg bag of spuds and that's to do meals for a family of 4 for a week? Lol they having a laugh? I can use a 2.5kg bag for one meal if I'm making mash, Shepherds pie, fish pie etc to feed 3 adults in 1 sitting ,possibly some leftover for another time. These meal plans are only suitable for those who have small portions.
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    I’ll bite at 30p
    Calm down Lee