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Posted 26 April 2023

Aliens: Dark Descent (PS5/PS4) (Xbox Series X/One) £29.85 @ Hit

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Face off in a gripping original Alien story against iconic Xenomorph creatures ranging from Facehuggers to Praetorians, Alien Queens and many more, including rogue human commandos and a brand-new threat unique to this Alien storyline
Lead strategically and change squad tactics from mission to mission, carefully managing your soldiers’ health, resources, and sanity, to avoid permanent team losses and mental breakdowns
Forge unique paths for survival in a persistent world, uncovering shortcuts, creating safe zones and setting up motion trackers to stay one step ahead of these creatures
Assemble and level up squads composed of 5 starting Marines classes, with dozens of specializations, unique abilities and weapons
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  1. Ian_Beniot's avatar
    Wish one decent I.p. would make a decent alien game one the franchise deserves not this or that fireteam crap😔
    neomax1986's avatar
    Fireteam is a solid game. No it’s not a story driven game, but it throws you into the Aliens universe. All the environments look great too and the game runs smoothly. The real fun is beating the campaign on insane.
    My only criticism is that there’s not enough maps in my opinion. (edited)
  2. kokoroko's avatar
    tjc2005's avatar
    How does it? Fireteam elite is a 3rd person shooter. This is an rts game. (edited)
  3. trojanasante's avatar
    Patiently waiting for unreal engine 5 first person Aliens game 😔
    gunjin's avatar
    Currently in development by Survios. Got coverage on game sites last year IIRC, nothing since. Not announced as FPS but it's being made for VR as well as 2D screens so third person seems unlikely:
    survios.com/Ali…ns/ (edited)
  4. neomax1986's avatar
    The command and conquer style games bore me senseless. They really need to give the fans what they want…Alien Isolation 2!
    odiedodie's avatar
    This isn’t CnC is it (I’d love that).
    In fact they did a Aliens RTS years ago.

    In fact where even have you played any cnc games lately. I’d love to try them (console).
  5. cannibalwombat's avatar
    Couldn't they come up with an original subtitle?

    Lestat69's avatar
    Come on, the Dark Descent is apt for Aliens movie/game:) (edited)
  6. casperuk1980's avatar
    High hopes for this but selling at a reduced price on launch is worrying. Great find though...heat added.
    odiedodie's avatar
    Not every game launches at 60 bucks. Call it AA
  7. LeePaulBaxter's avatar
    Think this will plummet in price quickly tbh like the last game. I'll pick it up for £15
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