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F1 2018 Standard Edition - Xbox One & PS4 - £25.85 Delivered @ eBay (Boss_Deals)
Found 12 h, 19 m agoFound 12 h, 19 m ago
Amazing price for an actually hard copy, cheapest I've seen. Brand New & Sealed . Limited stock Available Trusted & Registered UK Business seller on eBay Xbox One &… Read more

awesome, exactly what i needed for my boy!!! Heat


That's smashing and all but I really couldn't be bothered to spend the time either going to CEX or posting it to them. I realise a lot of people here are after saving every penny they can but I really cba lol


CeX still buy F12017 for £7. So Lets say you take the game back after 1 year and get that for it - You're essentially getting the game for £17.85 :D


Games like this are worth pennies when you want to resell. I prefer the ease of use. I find discs quite annoying nowadays.


I do if I'm game sharing - But if not wouldn't you rather get it for a few quid cheaper & actually have a disc to eventually resell?

Deals with Gold and Spotlight Sale at Xbox Store UK 20/11/18
Found 14 h, 44 m agoFound 14 h, 44 m ago
Surprised to see further discounts today at all given the ongoing Black Friday Sale, however there a few Deals with Gold and Spotlight Sale Items to speak of... https://www.hotuk… Read more
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Apart from Olliolli2 and Not A Hero this is the cheapest the others I mentioned have ever been. Every week you can always guarantee at least 2 or 3 games will be between 70% to 80% off and this is a great way to build up your library without spending too much all at the one go. Black Friday would bankrupt people if all 500 games were on sale between 70% to 80% off. I was delighted at getting 75% off Turok considering it was the first time it had been reduced. Can imagine many were delighted to get 85% off Titanfall 2: Ultimate Edition and 80% off Rise of the Tomb Raider: 20 Year Celebration. Newer games like Assassin's Creed Origins, Elex, South Park, The Crew 2, Thumper and Wolfenstein II were also seeing similar reductions.


Nothing for me but appreciate the effort as always @joeydeacon (y)


Many of which have been on sale before (I got Not a hero ages ago for around £2) pretty crap “deals” following on from a pretty crap “Black Friday” sale (flirt)


Bit poop but if anyone doesn't already have it, OlliOlli2 is so much fun.


@joeydeacon JUJU can be added as it is backwards compatible (y)

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Ark survival evolved xbox one £29.99 @ Currys
Found 20 h, 0 m agoFound 20 h, 0 m ago
Ark survival evolved xbox one is on offer at £29.99 with FREE delivery at curry's. Cheapest I've seen so far!
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P v e is much better imho


Play PvE for a while to get good. Then PvP when you can level up quick and build a decent base. Never accept a clan request with unknowns!


Also, most servers are run by dick-taters. Online has been ruined by it, seen people with weeks and weeks of work wiped out because they said or did something that the basement dwellers king disagreed with.


If you have iPhone or iPad try it from the App Store. Not sure if it’s paid for as I have dev access. Worth a try there or search for Jurassic Survival Island same type of game.


Thanks for the advice xx

Lego The Incredibles (Switch/PS4/Xbox One) £20.95 Delivered @ The Game Collection
Found 20 h, 17 m agoFound 20 h, 17 m ago
( PS4 | Xbox One ) LEGO The Incredibles, a new video game where players take control of their favourite Incredibles characters in unforgettable scenes and action sequences … Read more

Hi - anyone know if you can co op on this with only the joy cons? Thanks!


Pretty short. Kids seemed to complete the story mode for incredibles 2 in 2 sessions. Just in with 1st part now (unsure why it's back to back)


Reviews of the game aren't great. 65% on Metacritic for this game. There are MUCH better games on Switch.


I need a price match on Amazon.. Game collection are cheapest on that at £24 but I have a couple of £6 discounts to use (would like this and DC villains for similar price)


Obviously. (flirt) (highfive) (embarrassed)

Forza Horizon 4 Play Anywhere Xbox One/PC £29.09 with FB code @ CD KEYS
Found 23 h, 21 m agoFound 23 h, 21 m ago
Forza Horizon 4 is latest addition to this iconic game franchise. Experience racing the historic locations scattered throughout Britain in this massive, open world game that you ca… Read more
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Monday 26th November is Cyber Monday, so a good chance Lord Vader


It’s £26.99 on Amazon for physical disc - not the play anywhere version .


It's already cheaper from Amazon US; $35 which works about to about £27.


Does anyone think it will go cheaper on digital before Xmas?

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Kingdom Come Deliverance Xbox One £14.99 C+C @ Smyths
Found 20th NovFound 20th Nov
The King is dead and his eldest son Wenceslas IV becomes the new King of Bohemia. Wenceslas’ enraged half-brother Sigismund imprisons Wenceslas and invades the country with his mig… Read more
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Finally bitten. Cheers OP. (y)


Forgive my ignorance but can anyone tell me what the big deal with Gamergate was?


supported GG? im sold! <3 I do wish it would budge in price on steam though, hopefully the Christmas Steam Sale will take care of that otherwise I will get it on the Xbox.


This looks extremely my sort of game, but sadly the lead developer is a bigoted moron who supported gamergate, so no thanks.


Fantastic game, a proper rpg. Living the life of Henry is so immersive. A steal at this price.

Quantum Break (Xbox One) £7.99 / £8.98 delivered @ Zavvi
Found 19th NovFound 19th Nov
Great Xbox exclusive game!
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Fair enough if you gave it a chance and it wasn't for you. We will just have to agree to disagree ;)


Sorry, I just don’t believe that, I could easily find the same kind of video’s/articles/twitter accounts with the same negativity but against Sony. I’ve also read a lot of negative press because of E3. Negative press is everywhere, if you’re looking for it.


You can't deny the prejudice shown towards anything Microsoft and Xbox, if fans of said platform are screaming media bias it is only because they have had to put up with it for years. If Sony shuts down a studio, cancels a game, announces they won't be at E3 - all is forgiven. If Microsoft does any of this, they are demonized and never allowed to live it down. The hatred and negativity you encounter towards Microsoft and Xbox is absolutely toxic everyday on the internet. Two recent examples of this in the videos below... Xbox and The Culture of Hate Surrounding It Some People Just Want to See Xbox Burn | Condemning Microsoft for Acquiring Studios


So, if someone doesn’t like an Xbox exclusive, they’re prejudiced? You sound like one of those Xbox fanboys screaming media bias 8) Digital Spy gave it 10/10 and Giant Bomb gave it 4/10. Sorry, I just don’t buy that media bias complaint, an average game is an average game, no matter what platform it’s on.


I have an Xbox One. I even double dipped and got an X too. I thought the game was terrible. Typical Remedy title. Nice presentation but painfully dull gameplay.

Crash Bandicoot NSane Trilogy Xbox One/ps4 £20.99 Delivered @ Amazon
Found 19th NovFound 19th Nov
Your favorite marsupial, Crash Bandicoot, is back and he's enhanced, entranced & ready-to-dance! now you can experience crash bandicoot like never before in fully-remastered HD… Read more
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I bought it for £6 on psn Indonesia...


Voted hot! I was hoping Spyro would be the same price too though. ;(


Been watching both these games too, had no idea they was a potential bundle on the horizon - thanks for pointing out :)


Wish the Switch version would get a deal. Feels like it's been stuck at £30 for ages


Beware if you are of the irritable disposition. Fiddling of jump mechanic by developer may induce stroke.

Forza Horizon 4 Microsoft Xbox One £26.99 @ Argos ebay C + C
Found 19th NovFound 19th Nov
This game is Xbox One X Enhanced. SEASONS CHANGE EVERYTHING: Britain Like You've Never Seen it. Discover lakes, valleys, castles, and breathtaking scenery all in spectacular nativ… Read more
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Ordered and they've cancelled it after taking my money with no details for contacting and with the eBay listing still saying being processed...


No, this is the disc version.


is there a digial copy with this so I can play on Windows?


Its also £27.99 on Amazon


Yes they do offer paypal on their site....just checked the logo shows at the bottom on the website via desktop.... I guess this deal has already been posted.

Shenmue 1 & 2 Xbox One £18.99 at Amazon
Found 18th NovFound 18th Nov
Box Contains: Game, manual, poster Features & details: Pioneering Dreamcast classic available for the first time on PS4 and Xbox One. Updated user interface. Choice of mode… Read more
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You know full well i meant immediate resale value and not in 10 years. :D Which means you have no real counter argument at all, except... 'i'm wrong' , well give me some numbers then, or a counter argument. then watch it get torn apart. I don't 'worry' about anything, just want the decision of when and where i can play my purchases in my own hands. I've already lost digital purchases that i couldn't retrieve due to licensing. It's all a big con. Enjoy paying £60 for a new game. DRM riddled digital purchases are a con. Fact.


What resale price do you think you'll be getting for 5his in 10 years time? A quid at cex. You're very wrong, digital is always cheaper when gamesharing You worry too much.


Why? Zero resale value at this point in time, and what are you saving? even when a deal is on for something digital it's usually been cheaper physically. I need some incentive to convert to digital and much cheaper pricing would be a start! I keep seeing silly prices for new releases, after all the publisher is saving millions on manufacturing so i expect to see some of that passed on to me, and the ability to transfer the license. If even for a very small fee. And what happens 20 years time you want to play some of those old games you own and the company pull out of gaming or something and shut down the servers? or the internet goes down and it needs to connect to the internet to verify you own the game (which happened to me recently). Not for me, sorry


How well have these aged?


Cheapest way with gamesharing bub, even cheaper from other regions, grabbed Sehnmue for £6 each (cheeky)

Yooka Laylee Xbox One / PS4 £5 at Sainsburys
Found 18th NovFound 18th Nov
Xbox One PS4
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It's not being checked. It's OOS when you try and select delivery


So this has been on this site 3/4 times but continues to be Oos for store collection each time. Am I doing something wrong or is this not being checked?


Is this an in-store price or only an online offer?


Hm. How can I cancel my order if I chose home delivery and I didn't pay already for that and there is nothing in my orders in my account?


This had been previously posted, but for me shows 'Product not available' for Xbox One edit: has been added to my basket - BUT says not available when selecting delivery slot. Looks OOS

Seagate 4TB Xbox Game Pass Special Edition USB 3.0 Portable External Hard Drive with 2 months gamepass £84.99 @ Amazon
Found 18th NovFound 18th Nov
Game Drive for Xbox means always having an amazing amount of storage for your games in hand. Super compact and designed for Xbox, you can take your favourite go-to games and the ho… Read more
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USB drives can be used for an extra copy at your main workstation and/or as a copy you back up to, then disconnect and keep at another location.


Just Tipp-Ex out the Xbox logo and whack a PlayStation one on there with a biro instead (highfive)


Yeah you can. Just gotta change the format which can be done through the "Devices" option in settings. Its easy enough to do, it more or less walks you through it :D




Could i use this with ps4? genuinely asking, not trying to be funny.

Far Cry 5 Gold Edition Xbox One
(New) £32.99 delivered @ 365games
Found 17th NovFound 17th Nov
Far Cry 5 Gold Edition Includes: Far Cry 5 Game Digital Deluxe Pack Season Pass Far Cry 3 Access additional content, as well as an exclusive Signature HTI .50 Sniper Rifle The D… Read more
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If people read my comment they’ll realise it’s been £24.99, otherwise it would’ve said, “It’s £24.99 at Smyths.” I never mentioned the store. You did. And as you’ve helpfully pointed out, it’s also been £25.99 at Very. I think both of these are a good indicator that the price is tumbling, and personally I’d be willing to wait. It’s been out for eight months, so I’m in no rush. I’ll also add that if you’re willing to do a little digital region hopping, you can get it for less than £25, but not everyone is, which is fine. All I did was voice my opinion, which I’m perfectly entitled to do. It wasn’t an attack on the OP or anyone else.


right, so nothing substantial? I remember the FC4 dlc being OK, but apart from the yeti one it was really just modes. so you are effectively paying £18 (or £10) for FC3. I think I'll wait then and pick up a copy of vanilla for £15. thanks for the info


And 3 DLC modes. It's not on disc it's just a code for anyone planning to sell it on after.


what is in the season pass, is it really just for far cry 3?


Say what you want but at least be able to back it up. £24.99 is available in 2 Smyths stores with 3 copies in those stores which doesn't really help 99.9% of the HUKD community. People will read your comment and think they can walk out and get it at that price anywhere. I think this is the cheapest it has been that is available for everyone?

Assassin's Creed: Rogue Remastered £15.50 Xbox One/ £16.50 Ps4 delivered @ Coolshop
Found 17th NovFound 17th Nov
Ps4: The darkest chapter of the Assassin’s Creed® franchise, Assassin’s Creed Rogue has been remastered for the X… Read more
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Didn't even realise it had been remastered! Probably worth noting the 360 version which is BC is only sale currently. Not sure on whats actually different though.


Guess us GWG people won't have too long to wait for this to be free, probably twice as well

SOUTH PARK: THE FRACTURED BUT WHOLE Xbox One £9.95 delivered @ TheGamecollection
Found 17th NovFound 17th Nov
From the creators of South Park, Trey Parker and Matt Stone, comes South Park: The Fractured but Whole, a sequel to 2014’s award-winning South Park: The Stick of Truth. Players wi… Read more
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I bought it on switch from Amazon. Have a Xbox, but an extra £7 for portable LoLs swung it....just...


Same here, bought the ps4 version though, slightly more expensive but, still cheaper than anywhere else atm.


Thanks! I just bought it. (y)

Titanfall (Xbox One) £1.95 TGC
Found 17th NovFound 17th Nov
Cheapest Price i've ever seen it (lol) Crafted by one of the co-creators of Call of Duty and other key developers behind the Call of Duty franchise, Titanfall is an all-new … Read more
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Personally I enjoyed the MP of TF moreso than that of TF2. But there you go!


Not sure this can be a deal unless people are playing it! Wasn't even the "campaign" just fixed maps of PvP and regardless of the win or loss the next mission carried on. (lol) Can't imagine many if any people still play this


I got this for £1.50 at CEX last week. Thanks for the TF2 tip @McTabish


Good price for new sealed. Also £1.39 @ GAME w/code PREOWNED30. Good if you have some GAME credit or don't mind preowned.


Good, but you can get TF2 for £2.95 and that has newer multiplayer so more people and a campaign so that might be a better choice.

LEGO® Star Wars™: The Force Awakens Deluxe Edition Xbox One Inc Game + Season Pass £11.25 with gold @ Microsoft Store
Found 16th NovFound 16th Nov
The Force is strong with this one… Get the Deluxe Edition now and gain access to the main game and season pass content! The No. 1 LEGO® videogame franchise triumphantly returns wit… Read more
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I still love em mid 30's mate (highfive)


Almost bought a gift card to get this via US store and thought “Hmm, I’ll just double check my account balance...” What a blessed feeling to see bang on $7.50 left that I’d forgotten about! 😁 Snapped that right up. Heat added OP. I must say I do love these LEGO games, even at my mid-20’s...


If you already have the full game but no DLC, the season pass is £2. Picked it up myself (y)


No problem :D


Nice one cheers mate

Xbox Store UK Black Friday Sale -  14/11/18 - Early access for Gold members
Refreshed 17th NovRefreshed 17th Nov
1979 Revolution: Black Friday 5.75 GBP A Hat in Time 14.39 GBP ABZU 8.00 GBP ARCADE GAME SERIES: Ms. PAC-MAN 0.80 GBP ARK: Survival Evolved 18.00 GBP ARK: Survival Evolved Exp… Read more
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6 months of Xbox Game pass for existing members is currently available for £23.97 via the store.


Glad you got it sorted!


Yeah that's what I've done. Luckily he doesn't have a clue how to access his email account so have managed to do it through there and forward on to me to print the code out! Thank you


Buy it as a gift and send the code to an email address that it not linked to his Xbox account.


Does that include £ gift cards?

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