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There’s a game for everyone on the Xbox One. From epic role playing adventures and quirky low-budget puzzlers to breakneck rally racers and ultra-realistic football titles, the options are limitless. All of them can be found for less at the hotukdeals Xbox One games listings. Read more
Homefront: The Revolution Goliath Edition for PS4 / Xbox One £4.97 (+£4.99 Delivery) @ Game
416° Expired
Posted 4 h, 49 m agoPosted 4 h, 49 m ago
PS4 OOS but Xbox One seems to be in/out of stock at the minute Link for Xbox version Homefront: The Revolution is an open-world first person shooter where you must lead the Re… Read more

Not on GP anymore.


Is this game on Game Pass Ultimate? Probably should’ve checked before ordering


Same here, dispatched 10 mins ago.


Just had dispatch notification. So will be interesting to see what turns up.


Yes the exact one (lol) As soon as I mentioned this special edition one he stuttered and said it went (lol)

Hades (PS5 / PS4 / Xbox) £22.85 (Preorder) Delivered @ Base
Posted 11 h, 34 m agoPosted 11 h, 34 m ago
Pre-order , Due for release on 13 August 2021. Base takes money on dispatch. Hades (Xbox Series X / One) Hades (PS4) Hades is a god-like rogue-like dungeon crawler th… Read more

Best part of the netflix comparison is that they have yet to make a profit, and they have had 9 years on the market and hundreds of millions of subscribers yet somehow microsoft is somehow going to make a profit doing the exact same model but with much more expensive to make videos games lol It's not the bill gates who cares about profits, its the shareholders and they will only be willing to throw a few billion of that widows cash to keep xbox somewhat competitive before they start to question when to stop. That's why you see alot of people gushing over it, the current iteration of gamepasses value is undeniable because they need as many subs as possible and the people saying it at every chance know times ticking on wether it can be successful and more subs = more likely it will happen, so theres a selfish element of their promoting of a billion dollar companies product but that's the point.


I fundamentally disagree the best thing for the gaming industry is to make everything a Netflix style subscription service because I want to carry on actually playing good games. The subscription model, as we have seen in entertainment, results in a deterioration of quality by an absolutely enormous amount. It’s all about getting as much content on there as possible to keep everyone subscribed for another month. Sony needs to hold firm. We would not get a The Last of Us Part 1 back in 2013 if Sony had to turn around and give it away “free” on PS+ instead of selling 25m copies in a shop. It would have been 1/20th the budget and ended up rubbish or simply not made at all. Microsoft can afford to throw their money away because they have an unlimited budget. The entire thing is a vanity project but I still suspect they’ll finally concede defeat to some extent if Starfield doesn’t perform to expectations. Even billionaires hate losing money indefinitely.


Reported this one too (highfive) Also told the mods you only comment on other people deals to personally attack those who don't share the same opinion as you, whilst contributing 0 deals or discussions in your 2 years since joining. You add less to this site than you think.


I don't even like Xbox or Microsoft all that much, I just think GamePass is a good deal. I don't even plan on buying a next gen console, they are absolute rip-offs. You my friend, are a pair of clown shoes with a major chip on his shoulder. You sound like a Sony fanboy circa 2006 who is pretending to be an industry analyst. Again, this has nothing to do with how good a deal Gamepass is at this current time. It's all hypothetical nonsense from someone who is either too immature or too ignorant to concede any ground in a debate.


Heard it here first folks planning / looking to the future when buying a console at the start of its generation is a mental illness..... (you actually make me sick by implying this) Ps5 makes and is selling more double the amount (during a pandemic) of xbox = playstation 5 artificial hype and sales?????? Wait until there is stock and xbox will get even more pumped. My hypothetical future assumes microsoft wants to eventually make money from gamepass while yours assumes they are happy to take a loss forever..... Keep fanboying xbox and you too can take a loss forever!

Xbox Game Pass Additions - Hades (August 13), Psychonauts 2 (August 25) & MS Flight Simulator (July 27), The Ascent (July 29)
Posted 13th JunPosted 13th Jun
Just announced during the show, these games will available on Xbox Game Pass in July and August. Microsoft Flight Simulator (July 27) The Ascent (July 29) Psychonauts 2 (… Read more

And to think some people wanted to pay £29 for the nintendo deal....


Strange one as there isn’t a huge spec difference between the One X and Series S. It’s probably all to do with the SSD as you really need one of these to run Flight Sim.


So hyped for hades finally coming to console, been waiting aaaaaages for this!


Exactly. Lots too look forward to. My last console was an xbox 360 which lasted for ages. The series s was too good to say no too. With gamepass and lots of favourites from old gen, including first day release etc, it's stupid crazy mad value. Those who can't see it a so so missing out. No moving parts so hopefully last for ages.


With their recent announcements they already have. Starfield alone will hopefully be worth the acquisition of Bethesda and the fact they're throwing it straight on GP it's just going to get better between now and the new Xbox Series One XL 360 X™©®

Xbox Game Pass Addition - Yakuza: Like a Dragon @ Xbox Store (Available Today)
Posted 13th JunPosted 13th Jun
Yakuza: Like a Dragon roars with Xbox Game Pass today! Now, you can play all eight mainline Yakuza series from Yakuza 0 to the latest installment, Yakuza: Like a Dragon . Thi… Read more

Did Netflix spend more or less on tentpole content in order to drive subscriber numbers and growth? Yes, that is a rhetorical question.


Its good for mid level developers who push out 6/10 games, but not for the big ones who get the real top games out there. It depends what gamers want.




The only game I'd buy gamepass for... This is a seriously nice addition!


It is completely different. Yakuza 0 is a beat-em-up, this is a turn based RPG. I'm serious, look at gameplay videos.

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Cold War Standard Edition Xbox One £29.99 @ CDKeys
Posted 13th JunPosted 13th Jun
£29.99 for the standard edition at cdkeys, compared to £35.99 on the Xbox store sale. Get TopCashback and cdkoins too!

Thanks for posting and a belaatedwelcome to hotukdeals @Champix81


This game in itself is OK, plenty of fun to be had from it. But if you're coming from MW it's a big downgrade from that IMO. Movement, gunplay, maps etc are all not as much fun as MW and I'm back playing that now rather than CW. And when BF2042 launches they will all die!! :D


I'm playing on One X. first one i've enjoyed playing for years, really fluid, guns seem level. looks really nice.


How so? I've got it on Ps5 and it runs fine


Trash on console do not get this game worst one since call of duty advanced warfare.