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Posted 29 April 2023

Amazon Subscribe & Save (Toiletries Edition) - 4 items for £3.27 then up to 15% off all other items added to your subscription @ Amazon

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Most of you will know that Amazon's Subscribe and Save offers a 5% discount on thousands of items without commitment. That can increase to 15% or more if you buy five products each month.

I have put together four good value toiletries that can be had for £3.27 or less, You can then add your more expensive items for a decent discount.

NIVEA Care Shower Creme Soft (250 ml)
Colgate Extra Clean Medium Toothbrush Pack Of 3
Aquafresh Toothpaste Triple Protection Fresh & Minty, 75 ml (Pack of 1)
Johnson's Baby Cotton Buds, Pack of 200

Johnson's Baby Cotton Buds, Pack of 200

Aquafresh Toothpaste Triple Protection Fresh & Minty, 75 ml (Pack of 1)

Colgate Extra Clean Medium Toothbrush (Assorted) with a Cleaning Tip that Reaches and Cleans Back Teeth, (Pack of 3)

NIVEA Care Shower Creme Soft (250 ml) Caring Shower Body Cream Enriched with Almond Oil, Moisturising Shower Gel Body Wash, Skin Moisturiser with Mild Scent

you can also subscribe to the same item multiple times. Just make sure to set them up as individual separate S&S.

Below are some alternatives you could mix and match with.

John Frieda Go Blonder Lightening Shampoo, Travel Shampoo, Mini Shampoo for Blonde Hair 50 ml

7th Heaven Cucumber Easy Peel-Off Face Mask to Remove Dirt and Grime

BIC Twin Lady Sensitive Razor - Pack of 5

Creightons Argan Silk Intense Hydration Moisture Rich Shampoo, 50ml - Professionally formulated with Argan Oil from Morocco, Replenishes Moisture for Strength & Shine. For all hair types.

Feel free to add your cheapest subscribe and saves in the comments. This could help everybody out.
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  1. ellie27's avatar
    Yes, you just order one item at a time, you'll see the s&s option below the prices, it's not available on all products.

    Worth adding that if you don't want a particular item again, cancel that off the s&s when it arrives.

    Also, keep 5 on your order always as then prices for products you look at will already show the discounted price!!

    Set a delivery date ahead of about 2 weeks, then 7 days before delivery due is when Amazon will ask you to finalise your order and that's the point where you make sure to cancel off any unwanted items.

    As soon as you have 5 items that qualify for the max savings you can bring your delivery date forward if you want.

    Works well if you are buying more expensive items eg alcohol, toilet roll etc as that's where you can really save!

    Good post as loads folk don't know about this. I have a s&s delivery every few weeks, been doing for years (edited)
  2. pfpf's avatar
    took me an age many years ago to get my head around S&S. what you really need to know (or i did as it was what got me stumped) the max 15% will only come off your 1st S&S full order, not the individual items you add one by one to initially get to 5.

    so today you add 3 items, tomorrow one and next week one. those will all come with the lower S&S saving then next months 5 items (eg 30th May will all come with the 15% discount).

    add anything along the way to that 30th May order and its all max discount. add/remove at will, its just getting 5 items to start you off that can be confusing. (edited)
  3. Benjano85's avatar
    Below all come in at 85p with the max 15% duscount. Some also include a 5% off Voucher.

    NIVEA Care Shower Creme Soft (250 ml)

    Simple Kind to Skin Refreshing body wash with natural cucumber extract Shower Gel for dry skin 250 ml

    VO5 Nourish My Shine Shampoo Infused with 5 Vital Oils
  4. Namic's avatar
    In case anyone doesn't know, you can also subscribe to the same item multiple times.
    LEB123's avatar
    LEB123 Author
    Added this info to the description, cheers
  5. DubDriver's avatar
    Tip: on, or near to your finalisation date (the date which is when you can no longer change your delivery). Check the price of each item.

    Sometimes they have reduced in price but your price will not reflect that, also a voucher may have become available. Simply add item at cheaper price then delete the old one.
  6. lushlady's avatar
    You're going to have to teach us how to do this Leb. I can only buy one at a time on s&s.
    LEB123's avatar
    LEB123 Author
    If you go through subscribe and save on the item and get through to the payment page it will add the item to your basket.
  7. psb017's avatar
    Can somebody tell me if postage is free on a s&s order if under £25 for a non prime account?
    c_1st's avatar
    Yes, free delivery for all individual FIRST set-ups of S+S orders. And, for all S+S continuations.

    Free delivery for non S+S/non-Prime orders is only if buying books over £10 or everything else over £25. (edited)
  8. newbie68's avatar
    I would have thought almost everyone on HUKD would know how S&S works, although no harm in reminding. Useful point - on any search you can narrow the search to S&S items with the selection boxes down the left side of the returned search items
  9. exexpat's avatar
    Sorry if this has been asked or I'm a little slow (!)...

    So I S&S to 5 cheap items with the "delivery every:" set to 6 months". After delivery (?) I then get a 10/15% discount (where available) of any other S&S items I order seperately during that 6 months? (edited)
    Benjano85's avatar
    It works monthly, so you need 5 items each month to qualify for the 15%
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