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Posted 5 May 2023

Bosch 50-Pieces X-Line Titanium Drill and Screwdriver Bit Set (for Wood, Masonry and Metal, Accessories Drills) £12.99 @ Amazon

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About this item
  • Areas of use: X-Line drill and screwdriver bit set, suitable for a wide variety of applications in wood, masonry and metal
  • Scope of delivery: 11 x metal drill bits Ø 1.5-6.5 mm (for metal, plexiglass and hard plastics), 6 x masonry drill bits Ø 4-10 mm (for masonry, sand lime bricks, natural stone and cast stone), 5 x wood drill bits Ø 4-10 mm (for hard wood, soft wood and plastic), 2 x spade bits, titanium Ø 16/22 mm
  • Scope of delivery: 18 screwdriver bits L = 25 mm (PH 1/2/2/3, PZ 1/2/2/3, S 4/6/7, HEX 3/4/5/6, T 15/20/25), 3 nutsetters Ø 7/8/10 mm, 1 connector for nutsetters, 1 diameter gauge, 1 cutter, 1 universal holder, 1 countersink
  • Compatibility: Ideal for all handheld and stationary drills. Practical Bosch X-Line box with clear layout of contents
  • Dimensions: 236 x 259 x 64 mm4131020_1.jpg
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  1. backyard's avatar
    The 100 piece was £12.79 few years back, this is double the price per piece. Voted cold.

    CaptainKremmen's avatar
    Sparking up the time machine to pop back and buy a set. Anyone else coming?
  2. crazycritic's avatar
    It may say Bosch on the tool box but the bits are made of cheese. Do not buy
    Bonedome123's avatar
    It’s ok they are made of hard cheese though….
     🍺 (edited)
  3. juangarcia's avatar
    I own these, they're nothing particularly special but will work for light DIY. I've had quite a few of the bits snap on me now which is always fun trying to extract them
  4. karl.jonesJ6s's avatar
    Can’t wait to not put the only 4 I’ll use back In the box so I can’t find them
  5. Lc_Wills's avatar
    Great bit of kit had mine about 6 year, has done me well, wish they did an SDS plus version
  6. The3dge's avatar
    Got this metal are no good and have to but masonry but are okish .. rest of the kit is good
    Kerienn's avatar
    I second that
  7. C0mbat's avatar
    Ive had these a few months. I've used them in timber and concrete and they seem pretty good so far. Good for a spot of home DIY anyway.
  8. Ömerhsn's avatar
    Does they are genuine? Cheers 🔥
    Nesima's avatar
    Amazon are the seller and they are Amazon stock so they should be.
  9. Tommy606's avatar
    These are a solid starter drill bit set.
  10. MightyJayJnr's avatar
    Purchased, cheers
  11. Mordor's avatar
    Thanks, ordered. Heat added.
  12. Bunnster's avatar
    Heat added 🔥
    Thanks to OP.
  13. MichA3l's avatar
    Great price..50121121-SRice.jpg
  14. purplebutterfly's avatar
    According to my husband, this is worth it for the plastic sizer alone I got it last time for £15.99 so will pick up another at this price because the bits have served us well and the case itself is really tough and handy
    Lexeus's avatar
    I had a similar bosch set free with a dewalt drill about 20years ago and the only thing I still have and use regularly is that little piece of plastic!
  15. This.Is.Dog's avatar
    Heat! Added to my list of things I have ordered from HUKD that I bought despite not realising I needed it before seeing the deal
  16. beezneez's avatar
    I have these. Decent bits for home DIY and a good general selection of bits. As someone else said, the sizer is very useful.
    Jairo_Stoco's avatar
    Same here
  17. johnox's avatar
    These are ok for DIY, bought one of these about 6 years ago and it's been useful and didn't break the bank
  18. geolykos's avatar
    I have the same for the past 4 years and I recently broke the thinnest drill bit. Ordered. Thanks.
  19. jacomail's avatar
    All my 2.5mm are gone so ordered as soon as I saw this great price - some of these bits are £6 or £8 each individually.
    Lexeus's avatar
    You can get a pack of 10 small diameter bits for a few pounds
  20. costco's avatar
    I've had this set for about 10 years and it's served me well for my various DIY jobs.
  21. likes_a_deal's avatar
    I've had a slightly older version of this set for about 5 years, solid piece of kit for the average home DIYer.
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