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Posted 26 January 2023

Extra 20% Off (Selected Items) DE/ES/IT/FR/UK @ Amazon Warehouse

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Extra 20% Off (Selected Items) @ Amazon Warehouse
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Promotion terms
Terms and Conditions:
  • -20% on selected used products
  • Amazon Warehouse Promotion (hereinafter "the Offer") is valid from January 25, 2023, from 12:00 am to February 12, 2023, at 11:59 pm (hereinafter "the Offer Period"), unless stated otherwise.
  • The Offer only applies to eligible items displaying the offer message on their product information pages (hereinafter the “Qualifying Items”).
  • Items that do not display the offer message are not eligible, regardless of the nature of the item.
  • The discount will be deducted automatically during the finalization of the order.
  • The Offer only applies to items sold by Amazon Warehouse and is limited to one claim per check-out.
  • The Offer does not apply to items sold by other sellers on the "http://amazon.co.uk" website.
  • The order must be placed before the end of the Offer Period.
  • The Offer only applies if the same delivery speed is selected for all Qualifying Items. Please check the “Delivery Details” section during checkout to confirm that all Qualifying Items have the same delivery speed.
  • Unless otherwise specified on the landing page of the relevant promotion, the Offer may not be used on pre-existing orders or in conjunction with any other offer.
  • The Offer is subject to availability and may be withdrawn or amended at any time without notice.
  • The Offer has no cash alternative.
  • Shipping and preparation charges apply to each product under Amazon's standard terms and delivery rates.
  • This offer cannot be combined with other promotional offers, including promotional gift certificates.
  • This offer does not apply in regions prohibiting it.
  • The "Add to Cart" option must be used when placing your order.
  • Amazon’s Conditions of Use and Sale apply.
Amazon More details at Amazon
Community Updates
The Amazon Warehouse Events main page is amazon.co.uk/s?i…sar

Having "Amazon Warehouse Events" on the left of your searchbar will bring up more specific items (just an example, eg, slippers).62956-MRtkX.jpg
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  1. Avatar
    Selection is dreadful
    total garbage lmao
  2. Avatar
    49405000-Pt0fe.jpgThere are some items on that UK list that I wouldn’t ever consider buying ‘used’. Can you spot one? (edited)
    Agreed - used eyelashes would be awful
  3. Avatar
    Uk offering is looking poor so far..
  4. Avatar
    probably the worst selection of warehouse junk I've seen. Awful crap in there at crazy prices.
    Seconded. Cant believe they dont have stock. Perhaps they are selling to 3rd party vendors. Last few Warehouse sales have been awful.
  5. Avatar
    A load of rubbish to start a warehouse event as usual.
  6. Avatar
    Returns from Christmas as their returns windows closes 31th Jan. People sending loads of stuff back this week.
    Ye, we get 2 milion items back and nothing in this peomo so you're wrong
  7. Avatar
    No Mac stuff like the last one.... I got lucky with that though as I bought 5 MacBooks and just managed to sell them all before they announced the new ones that came out of the blue.
  8. Avatar
    Can get to the UK version here. Not sure why it doesn't show up when you search warehouse though
  9. Avatar
    Total crap Just waisted 15 Min of my life looking at crap Third time Amazon releasing warehouse sale with old stuff and price nearly as it was new
    These days gone where they price to sell
  10. Avatar
    I got a Yale Connexis Smarthings module from the warehouse recently and it was faulty - tarnished my thoughts of warehouse bargains
    I got "like new" headphones and the box was totally ripped to pieces and held together by tape and a plastic bag
  11. Avatar
    Poynting 4G antenna is £51 after discount
    Just bought it - thanks.
  12. Avatar
    Used to be my favourite offer, now it's just crap, no wonder they seem to do it more regularly now, it's just a way for them to get rid of all there trash.

    Anything decent is not on this offer and barely discounted.

    I'm also getting more rubbish from the warehouse when i order, like wrong item in the box etc. (edited)
  13. Avatar
    Did anybody realise that Prime Student accounts bought through Totum are now converted to a standard Prime account of £95
    Really? So TOTUM is useless for prime now?
  14. Avatar
    Anyone have experience of buying phones on the German Amazon? The particular one I'm considering is sold and dispatched by Amazon, not the warehouse. Says it's new and delivery is 4.41 euros.

    Will the phone be fine to use in the UK?
    I bought two from amazon.de.
    No different from buying here.
  15. Avatar
    Extremely bad selection of products
  16. Avatar
    Not much of a deal when they have increased there price
  17. Avatar
    It's pretty much the same stock from all the sites so if you've checked one you've checked them all
  18. Avatar
    People will spend hours trawling this to save a few quid on something they would never have bought, and that will likely be cheaper any given week on the regular warehouse price. its crazy, great marketing though.
  19. Avatar
    Soooo tempted by this one!
    They really are scraping the bottom...
  20. Avatar
    I wish they would stop inserting 'sponsored' items in the search results on this which aren't in the offer. It's a blatant bait and switch tactic. (edited)
  21. Avatar
    UK can't be far behind. Usually a few hours to days

    edit: link just above my post. Looked at my usual searches and ZERO deals to be had. Voted cold (edited)
    after an extensive search this is probably the ONLY useful thing for someone
  22. Avatar
  23. Avatar
    Not even a bird feeder, which is the usually tat I usually buy on a Warehouse event
  24. Avatar
    Doesn't seems to be UK?
  25. Avatar
    Worst selection I've ever seen
  26. Avatar
    So the UK one is terrible. Anyone have any more luck with the other countries?
    No, completely nothing there
  27. Avatar
    Pure garbage
    Everything I checked looked to be double the price it would be normally. It stinks
  28. Avatar
    Barely anything good
  29. Avatar
    Bumped up prices.
  30. Avatar
    Poor selection of products
  31. Avatar
    Selection of items is utter
  32. Avatar
    I didnt know about their pallet sales which explains a lot. With most everything heading in that direction I guess what we have in this sale is leftover dross. Argos used to do pallet sales so I guess why not Amazon. I think I will give up looking at these "events" and just wait for the occasional decent discounted deal.
  33. Avatar
    previously bought many things from amazon warehouse but they obviously don't check anything works, last 6 or 7 items ive bought have either been fake or dont work, last being a ryobi cordless pressure washer that was "as new" £30 cheaper than rrp or something put my battery in and the thing went up in smoke
  34. Avatar
    Why can’t I see it ?
  35. Avatar
    Cheers OP. Picked up a few bit.
  36. Avatar
    Terrible selection and also search is finding lots of stuff not in the offer.

    Typical Amazon Warehouse shambles so cold from me.
    Technique -- great pick for a profile pic
  37. Avatar
    Search the event bar specifically and 3 items of 4 arnt discounted so arnt in the warehouse event, why do they appear then? Madness
  38. Avatar
    Will they keep adding more items until 12/2 when the promotion ends, or is the current selection all there is?