Unfortunately, this deal has expired 2 minutes ago.
Posted 28 February 2023

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate 1 Month - (Non - Stackable) - 52p (via USA VPN) @ KINGUIN / Buy_n_Play

£0.52£10.9995% off
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About this deal

This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

These codes expires on 31st March 2023

you will need a vpn to redeem this product, below i will provide the best method to do this.

1. if you own a computer / laptop download “UrbanVPN” and open it, select UNITED STATES and connect to it, if your on a mobile, download “windscribe” from the App Store / Play Store and search UNITED STATES and connect to it. these two vpn’s are free.

2. once connected visit microsoft.com/redeem, and sign in if prompted, if not enter your code. (you also may be asked to add a payment method if not added already)

3. once your done, 1 month of xbox game pass ultimate will be added to your microsoft account,

The code can only be activated in regions where the Live service is supported.

These codes can only be redeemed on accounts without an active Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription.

They are not stackable.

Adding a payment method to the Xbox account is required to activate this code.
Kinguin More details at Kinguin

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  1. GROARO's avatar
    Kinguin keeps adding on a payment fee of 47p. How do you get rid of this?
  2. DancingMatt's avatar
    I wouldn't buy any codes from Kinguin. I bought 5x 1month XGPU subs in November, all of them are duplicates that have been redeemed by someone else. You have to screengrab loads of your MS account to prove you didn't use them and send screengrabs back, separately for each code. Kinguin don't take responsibility, they forward this to "the retailer".
  3. mjj4's avatar
    Can this be used to convert a couple of years worth of Xbox live (VPN purchased) into a couple of years of ultimate? That's what I did a few years ago and I think it runs out this month so this could be ideal!
    777jrg_'s avatar
    That sounds amazing. How does that work?
  4. tonydee19811's avatar
    Connected to VPN USA, Changed account location to US. But still get error 'Check the instructions that came with your code. You might need to redeem it on a different web page or device, or you may be ineligible to redeem this code.' only a quid loss i guess

    OK, I get it. It is because I have current Sub. I will check back in on the 24th (edited)
  5. HS77's avatar
    Just worked for me, heat added, thanks
    MdNadim_Sharif's avatar
    The link not working for me. Could you please send me the link
  6. stedoc1's avatar
    Do I need to be connected to a USA vpn server whilst playing xbox games as well or not?
    SteddyJ's avatar
  7. jaafa10's avatar
    I know its not stackable but can you just buy 12 or 24 at time and use one a month or do they expire technically? (edited)
    Eldi's avatar
    Read the info section 'About this deal'.

    Another clue, it's the first line...
  8. oscarozze's avatar
    These are useless if you don’t have a computer. I don’t use one for ages, all my things are on iPhone and iPad.
    R4YYYJ's avatar
    You can use a VPN on your phone. It's just as easy
  9. tsd1984's avatar
    Worked for me, thanks.
  10. Bish_BashBosh's avatar
    I'm only getting 10% discount off of 1.50
  11. Heroic_Goo's avatar
    So crazy these prices nowadays. Id not been around to check , nor needed to for myself at least, for over 6 months or so. But im sure the 12 month deals we used to get weren't anywhere near as ridiculous as this! Only hassle tho is having to purchase 1 each month......
  12. Hunterx878's avatar
    Has anyone had any luck with this? is this the best one-month option at the moment?
    DancingMatt's avatar
    No luck at all and didn't even get a refund
  13. tsd1984's avatar
    Incidentally I was told by a senior Microsoft employee that these primarily come from unused cheap introductory offers and they’re going to put a stop to it soon. Might be time to look for a longer deal before that happens.
  14. MdNadim_Sharif's avatar
    Need to buy a code. Can someone please suggest a cheap option?
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