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Posted 10th JunPosted 10th Jun
Problems with Disney Plus on Samsing Boost
I have just tried to redeem this from the previous S21 FE 5G deal, as deadline is tomorrow but it is saying there is problem, and I can't see why - anyone know how to get this honoured?
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Posted 22nd Jul 2021Posted 22nd Jul 2021
Dodgy reflashed Phone from eBay, how to maintain safety?
I bought an "open box 14 day return" phone from a seller on ebay - miandmore - with the current 20% code. On arrival, the Huawei Nova 5T I had bought revealed itself to have Magic OS and s…
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Posted 14th Nov 2020Posted 14th Nov 2020
Discount codes for Symths Toys
Anyone got any idea of what codes might be coming up for Smyths in the next few weeks from previous years? Looking at something for my daughter that seems a little cheaper there than anywher…
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Posted 23rd Aug 2020Posted 23rd Aug 2020
Discount Codes on Ebay
Needing a deal on a phone for my daughter before she starts secondary, anyone heard any rumours on any codes for eBay or any sales coming up?
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Posted 29th Jul 2020Posted 29th Jul 2020
Compact half decent phones under £250
Trying to help someone get their first smartphone, keeping costs down and they want a "shirt pocket"phone? Pretty tricky I know- I've been looking, and want something that will last them. W…
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Posted 15th Mar 2020Posted 15th Mar 2020
An Always On PC for Folding At Home
Having come across this excellent project, I'm looking at buying a tiny/SFF fanless PC that I can leave plugged in somewhere out of the way and just work on their research projects all the t…
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