Posted 10th Jun 2022 (Posted 17 h, 15 m ago)
I have just tried to redeem this from the previous S21 FE 5G deal, as deadline is tomorrow but it is saying there is problem, and I can't see why - anyone know how to get this honoured?
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    Howmany months for the Disney+ please.. received my Fe yesterday would like to try that
    6mth if it works.

    Trying through the samsung boost app which shows it
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    I think you need to register a samsung account on your device.
    Once you have done that, open Samsung browser, go to boost website and select sign in using samsung device option. Then claim disney+. It should work automatically without asking for anything else.

    I have only had luck making it work that way. Tried signing in and using IMEI and it always gave me error. Signed in via samsung account and it didn't even ask for IMEI.
    Thanks, I realised I've actually got the code , but can't use until my existing 6mth tesco clubcard deal finishes, then hopefully can use this code after 🤞
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    Probably been 'used' already with all the deals we've seen on here. I'd talk to Samsung though as they've the one who's issued the code and it's not disneys fault it doesn't work/had been used.
    It's redeemed through the imei though
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    I'm having a real hard time claiming a code from a genuine purchase of a Tabs S8 Ultra after the site glitched when I registered. It's been almost ten weeks and Samsung are still 'chasing up' the issue. Don't expect much help from Samsung on anything.
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