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  • Where did my thread go? Request Thread

    If you can't find your thread and it may have been spammed then please ask here and we will get back to you ASAP with a response.. However, please remember that this thread is for requests and not ... 880 Comments

  • JD Sports Self Promotion

    I've noticed a trend over the past month, a new user joins the site posts a deal for JD Sports then never returns, then the cycle begins again. This comes across as suspicious activity to me and ree... 35 Comments

  • RVTL / Equinox cream free trial

    I applied for a free trial for face cream on 14-6-2014 via this site and paid £4.95 postage. . I was inadvertently entered into an ongoing scam and have been charged almost £400 too date 9 Comments

  • Why are my posts being put in a queue for moderation??

    I've noticed this on a few topics ive replied to, my post isn't posted straight away, it's being moderated... Why?? 30 Comments

  • Contact us

    Just wondered how long it takes for a reply when using the contact us link as I really don't wanna have my name as my username any more and I don't even remember getting an option to choose my own. If... 7 Comments

  • Trying to help ..

    Thought I would be helpful and point out posts in Misc that should be in ASK. I noticed that you moved some that I suggested but there are still a number that you've left and ignored me. I'm only tryi... 13 Comments

  • Site etiquette/Site layout

    For those who know how the site works and where to post which threads where, and what is expected of us it is almost instinctive of us to followthe CoC and site etiquette, however for those who are ne... 12 Comments

  • Close of tab with Text entered

    Can we finally get a prompt window for when text is input on a reply box to prevent accidentally closed tabs and losing the text that has been typed. . I know this can easily be achieved with Javascrip... 4 Comments

  • Are you sure that you want to delete this comment?

    Can we have an option to enable a popup dialogue box which asks us if we are sure that we want to delete a comment. Its easy to accidentaly delete things on a smartphone. But you could also leave this... 4 Comments

  • No results to display

    For the last few days my windows 8 app has just shown a blank page with just one box saying no results to display, deals, vouchers, free all show the same. Ive tried searching but nothing seems to wor... 5 Comments

  • Samsung Galaxy S4 i9505 Black (Grade A) Unlocked - £199.99 @ SmartFoneStore

    Why was this expired? The way this company work is that you leave your email address and they notify you when stock comes in - usually a couple of days. I explained this in the description. 3 Comments

  • I will not using this site again

    I just posted a deal the first time. I spent my time to register and posting a deal to the community and the moderator put that in the bin in 1 min. . Good luck in the future, never again HUKD. 4 Comments

  • My deal disappeared without a trace

    I posted a deal that was doing very well but now it's as if it had never happened. cant see it or any of the comments. 7 Comments

  • Hi Does anyone know what the minimum merchant requirements for submitting a deal is?

    Hi Does anyone know what the minimum merchant requirements for submitting a deal is? Add comment

  • Activity not loading on Android app

    My activity won't load and I'm not sure how to see messages and updated threads. Also, pictures can't be zoomed and I have to go to the mobile browser. Please help. . Shared Via The HUKD App For Androi... 8 Comments

  • Just submitted a for sale listing - 2 minutes later, it's gone. why?

    Just finished writing a listing for a console and wanted to edit it (put pictures in) but the post disappeared. Received no messages as to why it was deleted. 4 Comments

  • Deleted comments

    Who is deleting my comments on the Morrisons blueberries deal, and why have you not had the decency to PM me regarding this? 2 Comments

  • reeks of spam

    i typed out a couple of paragraphs on this but my internet was down. . so simple question :- is it so neccesary to send what i consider an offensive remark,taking into account how difficult it is to fi... 10 Comments

    false prophetfalse prophet
  • *BUG* Are titles only being loaded in parts?

    I saw this deal posted that had the title "Samsung E1200 only 50p". I voted cold because I didn't know where it was available from. 1 minute later the heading was "Samsung E1200 only 50p, with free ne... 7 Comments

  • Anyone else lost the Twitter button?

    My Twitter Tweet button seems to have dissapeared from threads (usually next to the FB Like button) my deals still post to Twitter via th option in My Account but I have to now manually share other de... 4 Comments

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