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Posted 3rd Jul 2017Posted 3rd Jul 2017
Android App - Mega thread
Update 14
New version 5.26 available on Android
  • New search history!
  • Up to 50 entries, history management, remove all entries in one click.
  • New side drawer menu!
  • Connected options available directly (saved deals, followed members)
  • Spring cleaning in the drawer.
  • If you removed a banner in a previous version, it will remain hidden when updating the app.
Hello everyone! We want the app to be as close as what the community want, that's why feedback from everyone is important, and that's why this thread is here! (y) The point is … Read more
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Posted 1st Aug 2017Posted 1st Aug 2017
iOS App - Mega thread
Update 9
And now… The Dark Mode! Let’s be honest, this is by far the most called for feature. It took us some time to perfect, but here it is, and we’re so proud to announce that it is already available for our beta users! Enjoy some eye-soothing deal browsing in your iOS app and don’t let those Android peasants mock you because they have had a dark mode for ages. If you’re excited about the dark mode (and many other awesome new features and improvements), just board the beta train and be one of the first to experience it. We’ll be happy to have you and hear your opinion – just give us any feedback here in the discussion, we’ll read every comment carefully!
Update 8
New version 5.22 available on iOS
• Discover Daily Picks: Everyday, publishers find the best deals and share them in this page! Find it in the inbox, and do not hesitate to subscribe to not miss one.
• Fixed the problem where the application was closing in the background (which was actually a problem of iOS 13 but not yet corrected by Apple)
• Coupon codes can be copied with a single click
• Fixed an error displayed when sending a private message to a new contact
Hello everyone! The point of this thread is to gather all the feedback related to iOS hotukdeals app. We will constantly supervise this thread so your voice will be eared in her… Read more
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Posted 16 h, 29 m agoPosted 16 h, 29 m ago
Groupon are banned?
I'm not a fan of there's to be hones but was a little surprised by this. Was surprised too as I have five accounts with them and apparently I'm VIP on one of them, dunno why. They… Read more
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Posted 23rd JanPosted 23rd Jan
Exclude Gaming deals
Hello! I mainly use HUKD on my phone and only really look at the ‘Hottest of the day’ section. Is there a way of just excluding ‘Gaming’ items from my view of the list as this is… Read more