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Iran Involvement In Iraq Unacceptable

Iraq's vice president Iyad Allawi has told Sky News that Iran's involvement in his country is unacceptable and is failing to push Islamic State fighters back. Speaking from his office in Baghdad, Mr … 16 Comments
Lyrrad AvatarLyrrad2d, 14h agoPosted 2 days, 14 hours ago

Bloodborne (PS4) Review Round Up (Looks like PS4 now has its killer exclusive)

Scored Reviews Attack of the Fanboy: 4.5/5 It’s safe to assume that not everybody is going to enjoy Bloodborne. It’s such a harsh and unforgiving game that newcomers might be turned off by some of t… 44 Comments
jaystan Avatarjaystan2d, 16h agoPosted 2 days, 16 hours ago

Who believes in astrology?

All is not as it seems. Almost nobody was born under the sign they think they are, as the astrological calendar has failed to be updated since our position in relation to the stars has changed. htt… 102 Comments
Aiden1512 AvatarAiden15122d, 21h agoPosted 2 days, 21 hours ago

Who will you be voting for?

Despite all the political talk I've seen on here I can't seem to find a recent thread on who people are voting for (comment a link if I've missed it please!) So, who will you be voting for at the Gen… 110 Comments
M2014 AvatarM20142d, 21h agoPosted 2 days, 21 hours ago

Whats your fav simply red song?

Wonderland for me. 57 Comments
ELVIS_THE_PELVIS AvatarELVIS_THE_PELVIS2d, 22h agoPosted 2 days, 22 hours ago

Cyclist threatened with assault charge after he picks up driver's litter and rides after him to throw it back through car window

Fury: The driver rushed out of his car to asked if he wants to go to a local park for a 'square go' - slang for a fight He then turned around and wound down his window to hurl more abuse at the cycli… 80 Comments
ewwaxo Avatarewwaxo2d, 22h agoPosted 2 days, 22 hours ago

Does this look like a good choice for Spiderman to you ?

They have been auditioning for 16/17 year olds for Spiderman. This guy is apparently in the running now. That puts to bed any rumours that it was going to be a miles morales spiderman, thank god. In… 23 Comments
jaystan Avatarjaystan2d, 22h agoPosted 2 days, 22 hours ago

For cat lovers everywhere

Yeah I know its old and fake, but I have to chuckle every time I see it! Linky on first comment. 7 Comments
rap451 Avatarrap4512d, 22h agoPosted 2 days, 22 hours ago

quidco easter hunt answers thread

anybody playing this and know the answers to the clues? its like the flamedeer game http://www.quidco.com/easter 22 Comments
johnjohn44 Avatarjohnjohn442d, 23h agoPosted 2 days, 23 hours ago

Talktalk mobile £63 cashback on monthly Sim only via Topcashback. £5.00

TT mobile still has £5 monthly SIM only deal. (albeit giving only 100 mins, 250 text and 250mb data). Combine it with £63 from Topcashback, there is a staggering £3 of profit over the year, OR if you 2 Comments
Onlydongles AvatarOnlydongles3d, 25m agoPosted 3 days, 25 minutes ago

Cat hug, video

This is how Sirga the lion greets her owner. Amazing. 15 Comments
airfix Avatarairfix3d, 1h agoPosted 3 days, 1 hour ago

How far would you go to get a free meal or money off your bill?

I saw this article and I got me thinking how far would people go to get out of paying a meal bill? http://money.aol.co.uk/2015/03/23/man-releases-pet-rat-in-restaurant-to-dodge-the-bill/ 7 Comments
r_b_ Avatarr_b_3d, 1h agoPosted 3 days, 1 hour ago

New BBC News website design

So BBC News seemed to have copied HUKD with a new blinding white, crap website, anyone had a look? People moaning about it being to bright just like HUKD. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-319666… 10 Comments
kneale81 Avatarkneale813d, 1h agoPosted 3 days, 1 hour ago

Noisy Kids

Not sure if it's just me but I live on an old farm and the nearest garden is about a third of an acre away in one direction. Anyhow I used to have a Cockerell with my chucks and he wasn't that noisy p… 46 Comments
onthelook Avataronthelook3d, 2h agoPosted 3 days, 2 hours ago

another one bites the dust

British DJ Neil Fox has been charged with nine sex offences involving six people, of whom three were children. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-32022625 134 Comments
larrylightweight Avatarlarrylightweight3d, 2h agoPosted 3 days, 2 hours ago

Afzal Amin to leave Tory party

Tory candidate Afzal Amin resigns from party after being accused of attempting plot with English Defence League This breaking news story is being updated and more details will be published shortly. 36 Comments
Musician AvatarMusician3d, 2h agoPosted 3 days, 2 hours ago

Gulfstream G550 £20,000,000.00

Due to the current financial difficulties, Tesco are selling their Gulfstreem F550 private aircraft. Recently they have knocked £3.5million off the asking price ($5million), taking it down to £20milli… 15 Comments
mark1282 Avatarmark12823d, 5h agoPosted 3 days, 5 hours ago

Field Gun Competition

If you are reading this, then the title caught your eye! The days of field gun have changed but it still runs as a competition every year down in Portsmouth (just without the obstacles). It is a fan… 3 Comments
chalky242 Avatarchalky2423d, 6h agoPosted 3 days, 6 hours ago

Batman Arkham Asylum/City Remastered for PS4/Xbox One?

According to IGN Italy this is happening. 31 Comments
Bure11 AvatarBure113d, 6h agoPosted 3 days, 6 hours ago

Wrestler Rey Mysterio kills wrestler

for all those who say wrestling isnt real heartbreaking to watch and what the heck was the dude outside doing to his body 45 Comments
Havince AvatarHavince3d, 6h agoPosted 3 days, 6 hours ago