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  • Snapfish 7x5 soft cover photobook

    I have a spare code valid for 1x 7x5 soft cover photobook. . Not looking to sell it, but possibly to trade for something of roughly equivalent value. . I put this in miscellaneous as I cannot sell it ... 2 Comments

  • NBC are planning another attempt at an IT Crowd remake for US

    Here's hoping it's going to be a decent script and not a carbon copy like their last attempt. Can't see either O'Dowd or Ayoade signing up for it though. 6 Comments

  • Tesco Fail

    A blind student (Maya Makri) went into a Tesco store with her guide dog, and was told to leave by staff as 'no pets are allowed', despite the owner's friend and other customers telling them they were ... 31 Comments

  • Oneplus one invite

    Have an invite which will expire in a few hours if anyone wants it. You will need to order immediately. Just saw someone selling a Oneplus one on here trying to claim invites are selling for £30.00 on... 2 Comments

  • 2014 : The Year of the Streaming Box/Micro- Console

    I don't even know which category this falls into but it in the coming months we are going to be bombarded with this new range of mini-tv-console things. . 1. Amazon Fire TV. 2. Google Nexus Player. 3. So... 22 Comments

  • Weekly Game Codes Giveaway 43

    The competition is simple. Each week, there'll be about 15 games up for grabs. For FREE. All you need to do is choose a game. That's it. The competition will run for a week, with entries closing at mi... 34 Comments

  • Reduce your Pure Gym membership by 'upgrading' £15.99

    I've been paying £18.99 at Pure Gym Bristol. After logging into my account it gives me the option to 'upgrade' my membership to single club access only for £15.99. This is no different to what I have ... 6 Comments

  • British Gas couldn't care less [Homecare] £25.00

    So I was told by British Gas after a year of ripping our house to pieces that the central heating system needs a power flush £400 or they would no longer cover us. . Called an independent gas safe plum... 13 Comments

  • New use for the now redundant tax disc holder

    Police have released a template on their twitter for you to print off and keep any useful medical information in your tax disc holder to assist emergency services in an accident. What do you think, go... 32 Comments

  • OnePlus One 64GB Invite

    1x Invite to Give away for 64 Gb version , Expires in 24 Hours. All i ask is that you have been a member for at least a year and have posted a deal. First to post will get it 6 Comments

  • Video Games: To buy or to rent?

    I have recently signed up for Boomerang Rentals and I think it's a good service. I have only rented 1 title so far (Watch Dogs) and completed it within a week. I have just returned it and now waiting ... 6 Comments

  • Blinkbox now works with Ultraviolet

    Hi all, not sure if this is the right place, but thought some of you might like to know you can now link your Ultraviolet movie collection to Tesco's blinkbox, and then stream to TV via Chomecast, Gam... 1 Comment

  • World Health Organization blames Ebola rise partly on cuts to their budget

    WHO has a lot to answer for but casts the blame elsewhere...the WHO’s 2014/15 budget is 4 BILLION dollars. It employs 8,500 people. WHO is to blame?. . Médecins Sans Frontières has an annual budget of ... 1 Comment

  • Farmers 4 action, pull the udder one !

    Farmers protesting because Iceland has devalued the price of milk by lowering prices. . Iceland have taken the hit, they are still paying the same price to suppliers. . 89p for Four pints, cracking deal... 10 Comments

  • Anyone had a deal denied to them by dodgy staff?

    I went in store to sainsburys for a ps3 and fifa deal which was scanning for less than advertised. . With the entire thread full of successful hukd'rs I attempted to get this deal only to be faced with... 63 Comments

  • The ultimate dinner party

    Name your top 5 guests past and present that you would invite to ultimate dinner party mine would be ........ Sammy davis jnr. Dean martin. Clint eastwood. katherine jenkins. Al capone 31 Comments

  • delicious mead - made by gosnells in peckham

    mead looks lovely - but a bit expensive!. . i live in peckham. ---. ...Gosnells' innovative take on the old school honey and water concoction is brewed with a lager yeast to create a crisp and fresh dri... 2 Comments

  • What's the worst item

    you've ever bought online? Saw this, don't think I ever had such a bad run...https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-lXCQPzOKSI. Did order a Hulk mask once and got sent a hulk DVD, there was no arguing with ... 15 Comments

  • nour festival of arts - london

    Nour Festival of Arts celebrates contemporary Middle Eastern and North African arts and culture each October and November in venues across Kensington and Chelsea. . The six week festival, featuring mu... 1 Comment

  • nominate a hackney hero - he or she wins free food

    a bit hyperlocal but may be of intererst to some. ---. The next deadline for Hero nominations is Wednesday 22nd October at midday. Exciting. . Do you know a Hackney Hero? A champion in the community, a ... 1 Comment

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