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Clarke wood burning stove - £322.80 (+£5.99 Delivery) @ Machine Mart

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Wood burning stove. Free collection or home delivery with additional charges

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The Carlton III wood burning stove is a classically designed wood burning stove providing a traditional sense of style to a modern or period home with real flames offering a warm ambience to your room.

The Carlton III is manufactured with a steel body and solid cast iron door, all finished with a black, heat resistant paint. It has air control for altering the burn rate / heat output. The air wash system helps to keep the inside of the glass clean so you can benefit from the full flame effect.

Complies with the BS/EN13240 and latest standards. If you intend to use this appliance on a barge or boat it must be installed in accordance with BS 8511:2010 - consult your qualified installer.

Please use a flexible flue liner with a diameter of 5" (125mm) if required.

It is recommended that a carbon monoxide detector is installed in accordance with BS EN 50292:2002

Carlton III Stove has been exempted under section 21 of the Clean Air Act 1993 for use within UK smoke control areas.


  • Suitable for use in smokeless controlled zones to burn wood/logs
  • Heat output up to 4.2kW
  • Energy Rating A
  • Door Glass Aperture: 208x213mm
  • Built to comply with the latest EN13240 and ECO2022 Standards
  • Dimensions (WDH) 380x310x525mm (not including handle)
  • Weight: 47.5kg

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    Used to love these but 400 times more pollution than gas time to ban them tbh
    Nahhh, not when the government is ripping us off
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    Honestly, unless you want it for the decorative effect, spend more and buy a quality burner. I've had a Machine Mart stove for some years and heat output vs. log consumption is chronic compared to a well designed stove.
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    I always wanted one. What do you need except chimney,wood, flue and burner it self!? :/
    It depends on how much you want to pay and whether you want it done right.

    If you have an external chimney and can knock out the old fireplace plug and filler bricks (usually bricked up with a gas fire placed in the smaller gap) you 'could' just put a wood stove straight in after it has been swept.

    Don't do this though (like my cheap chimney sharing builder neighbour that burns anything toxic he gets on jobs) as it's not too difficult to do it right.

    Most will need a double walled/skinned flue pipe, a chimney pot cowl (to attach the flue pipe too) and at the other end a flue liner adapter that connects into a stove pipe (which then slots into the top of the stove) (in total around £350 - £400)

    Then any wood burner will do, so look on Facebook Marketplace as you could get one that needs a clean up, new glass and rope for £100 or get one that slots straight in for around £300.
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    Log burners are best thing ever. Highly recommend to install 1. I did and never looked back.
    I had mine serviced in September and was told you wouldn't get one installed by a registered engineer this side of the spring. My logs have doubled on price too. Not too mention the stove itself is a small part of the cost. Our conturer stove was £1k, total cost once installed with flu nd Harth was over 4k. That was 8 years ago too. (edited)
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    Does anyone know how much it would cost to sit in a car on the drive with the engine running to use the cars heating,I wonder if it would cost less than running central heating
    Most petrol or diesel cars use 0.5-1 l/h, so a full tank would last for about 2-3 days
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    Don't waste your money it's cheap badly made badly insulated, spend a bit more and getting something better
    Insulated log burners? Also this is a good combination of steel and Iron which is a excellent compormise to a full cast stove.
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    I live next to a wood, I got a burner installed.... If the government wants to keep chasing "green" energy which actually means importing all our energy... Then I'll have to burn wood as I cannot afford a £3000 heating bill. (edited)
    Let them regulate the US, China and India first, as they create most of all the man made pollution.
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    The flue will be a big additional expense.
    I'm glad I got everything before the fuel prices went up and everyone went nuts for them. I did even consider buying up all the used Stoves as there were plenty for between £100 and £200 (but like everything they have doubled or even tripled)
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    oh no - buy something better or do not buy it pls
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    The latest thing people are doing are 8kw van diesel heaters , around 14p a hour and can even run on cooking oil and engine oil , trouble is sold out everywhere, Google is your friend

    Greta is coming for you mate
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    Had one of these got rid of it for one that cost a grand. Cant afford to buy the logs these days prices have more than doubled in places.

    Its just a cosy blanket and warm slippers.now.
    Some of us have excess logs and no gas supply - with heating oil near £1 a litre it makes me wish i had a gas contract.
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    Regards a flue liner, it depends on your existing flue. If it is a class 1 chimney flue with no leaks then you may not need a liner, but a leak test will probably need to be carried out by your installer to determine this. You now also need to get a Defra approved SE (smoke exempt) stove and it wouldn't hurt to check that your local authority is cool with the installation, although your installer may already have this info if they are any good..
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    I'm intrigued with the statement: "Carlton III Stove has been exempted under section 21 of the Clean Air Act 1993 for use within UK smoke control areas". Surely it's only exempt if suitable wood is used? I see so many people where I live with wood burners pumping grey smoke out and yet i'm in a smoke free zone. Very annoying when you wake up to find your house stinking of smoke!
    Seems they're saying if poor fuel is used the exempt burner works in a way it's not polluting excessively.

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    Please be aware there’s a lot of these stoves on back order at the moment , so you may not get one right away and delivery is around 25£ plus
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    I have come up with a way to heat a single room for 8p/hour using a stainless steel catering table and tealight candles. It's quite effective.
    I can heat myself for free and others, but there is an initial upfront cost
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    Get a multi fuel stove so you can switch between fuels depending on price and availabity. (edited)
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    I'd spend the extra 30 quid odd and get the multi one, wood doesn't give great heat per £, most wood sold still has moisture in it and gums the flue up, coal is a much better heat source per £, you can get seasoned wood but it's expensive.
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    Would this be any good for the mother-in-law?
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    Not sure you would fit her in
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    All the moaners now buying fuel burners. Stop moaning you hippos. On a serious note these burners (any of them to a standard, don't know if this is) give out a "different" type of heat. Great for aches and pains, etc. You can also cook on the top of them to a limit of course and buy cast iron ovens that sit on top for jacket potatoes, etc. Do the math. My pain in bum neighbour never moans anymore as she is freezing her nuts off and has had a quote to get one (edited)
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    Those wanting them banned I am flat out everybody wants them , not taking any more work I am so busy waiting lists , if you can get wood a no brainer , I have a oven on mine and hot plates , my gas hasn't gone in yet and it was -8 this morning , well insulated attic 2ft thick and
    49066968-f1OIc.jpgnew windows (edited)
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    If you pull out the rear seats from a car, and fit this stove with a chimney through the roof, it would be a great and effective heater for the winter
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    There's nothing wrong with stoves that are a combination of steel and cast.

    In fact 'cast iron' is susceptible to cracking when over heated - or heated from very cold - so a steel body and cast doors is a good compromise.

    Most will need a double walled/skinned flue liner, a chimney cowl (to attach the flue) a flue adapter (to attach to the other end of the flue), stove pipe (for attaching to the stove) and a debris and register plate.

    Oh and you'll also need to sweep your old chimney so you get a certificate that it's been done.

    Obviously you'll have to knock out your old gas fireplace and it will cost you a lot more if you don't have an external chimney.
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    And yet - probably a cheaper way to keep warm this winter if you already have a flue liner in your chimney - doesn’t look very big though - won’t get much log in that… (edited)
    You need a double walled/skinned flue liner as a gas fire liner will not be able to stand the tempertures of a log burner.
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    does anyone have any recommendations for where to buy properly seasoned wood in the Midlands?
    I've just spent £240 and it's all 25-30% moisture so can't burn it!
    Hi The problem in the UK is that wood is not seasoned for 3 years minimum like in France and if it has been dried properly the price is crazy. I pay 50 euros for a metre cubed in the Limousin. The same in the UK would be 150 pounds, just not worth the expense.
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    How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?
    Five logs
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    Actually dual fuel surely makes more sense - more choices and eco fuels around too.
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    Or jusy buy a Chinese diesel heater c.£100, using red diesel or kero and heat your lounge for a pound a night.
    Trouble is they are sold out everywhere
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    If global warminh exists why has ot been -8 all week its absolute rubbish