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Posted 13 April 2023

Demon’s Souls - PlayStation 5 £24.99 @ Amazon

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From PlayStation Studios and Bluepoint Games comes a remake of the PlayStation classic, Demon’s Souls. Entirely rebuilt from the ground up and masterfully enhanced, this remake introduces the horrors of a fog-laden, dark fantasy land to a whole new generation of gamers. Those who have faced its trials and tribulations before, can once again challenge the darkness in stunning visual quality and incredible performance.
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  1. John_Shortland's avatar
    On the fence still, how hard is it? I play a range of games and I'm afraid I'll get frustrated with this
    Renegade211's avatar
    Not worth it, I’ve played a ton of games and this takes the micky. Had to sell it within days. Such a shame because it looks stunning
  2. andy.mccall's avatar
    I've just started this after getting all achievements on Elden Ring on Steam and the PS5 - I was playing since mid November 2022 until Monday this week.

    I wish I'd played Demon Souls before Elden Ring. The game mechanics are vastly improved on Elden Ring and going back to play Demon Souls has been hard because a lot of the quality of life additions in Elden Ring are missing.

    I'll continue to play through and I'm sure I'll enjoy it, but just a word of warning for anyone doing this - you'll probably have a similar experience as I did.
    rectangularcuboid's avatar
    The thing is, if you did play Demon Souls first, would you have enjoyed Elden Ring as much as you did?, because playing your first Souls game is an experience itself, they all share the same progression and feel. My first Souls was Sekiro and i absolutely loved it, but if i hadn't played that or Dark Souls 3, i think i may have enjoyed Elden Ring even more.
  3. Renegade211's avatar
    Too difficult not worth it did my head in
    dj_lloyde's avatar
    That's quitting talk
  4. HottUKDealer's avatar
    On PS Extra in case you have it and didn’t realise 
  5. Nico_Cowan's avatar
    Warning, it's quite hard. You need to get used to dying a lot, and I would recommend watching some tips beforehand. THe bosses are not bad though, mostly based around a puzzle to find its weakness.
  6. Flapjackuk's avatar
    The most infuriating game I have ever played besides all the other demon souls games but excellent gameplay & graphics.
  7. SuperJonty's avatar
    Bought this not long after it came out for £13 as Amazon must've mispriced it or something, still totally worth it for £25.

    It's definitely hard though, especially compared to Elden Ring - Magic is really OP generally, but otherwise a Strength build with a spear and shield is the way to go though, you can tank your way through almost everything with that
    Citizenkane345's avatar
    Any proof that you purchased it for £13? :/
  8. carddealer's avatar
    A definite snapper upper!
    RockstarRobbo's avatar
    RockstarRobbo Author
    Certainly is 😃
  9. MentalFloss's avatar
    Just starting playing this after finishing Dark Souls 1-3. seems like good fun. (edited)
  10. AndyKazama's avatar
    That's a steal
  11. B1naryC0de's avatar
    Some day I will get around to completing this
    SnoopZ's avatar
    I hope I don't leave it too late to play if it ever gets taken off PS+ Extra, I'm concerned seeing they're removing Spiderman as I didn't think they would!
  12. Citizenkane345's avatar
    I think this could go to £19.99, so I might hold up for now.
    Nadeem_Rashid's avatar
    Im with you
  13. Andrew_Summers's avatar
    Cheers Op purchased.
  14. MrAkagi's avatar
    About what it's worth I'd say, good game, was never worth 70 quid.
    matt_vans's avatar
    I still can't believe they charged £70 for this. My son is a massive Souls fan and bought it on release too.
  15. Shaunh256's avatar
    First game I played on my ps5 incredible experience
  16. xoisthemotive's avatar
    Played bloodborne and LOVED it but couldnt get into this, dont know why

    Will try and give it another go though, think I need a beginners guide for the stats and builds

    thanks OP (edited)
    elbs's avatar
    try elden ring, more accesible
  17. ManCreateDino's avatar
    A bargain for the price. Definitely felt like a next gen "wow" moment when i first fired this one up.
  18. robbiewin's avatar
    Great deal heat
  19. Rum_Ham's avatar
    One of the rare games that is worth it at full price. At this price it’s a no brainer!
  20. aaronseuk's avatar
    If you have PS+ this is still available to download free on that.
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