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Posted 17 March 2023

Far Cry 5 60 FPS, 4K update XBox Series X & PS5 Free @ Ubisoft

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Far Cry 5 is getting a 60 FPS patch on Xbox Series X|S and PS5 as part of its fifth anniversary celebrations. Take down Joseph Seed and his Heralds at twice the framerate as you explore the different regions in Hope County and liberate its citizens. The 60 FPS patch applies to all of Far Cry 5’s game modes, as well as its three DLCs, Hours of Darkness, Lost on Mars, and Dead Living Zombies, making now the perfect time to dive into the backstories of Wendell Redler, Nick Rye, and Guy Marvel, respectively.

In addition to a smoother visual experience, Xbox Series X|S players will receive enhanced resolution for Far Cry 5. Xbox Series X will be able to run the game with a 3840x2160 and 4K resolution, while Xbox Series S will run it at a 1920x1080. PS5 players will still be able to take out the Seed family at 2880x1620 resolution.

Far Cry 5 is playable in solo or in co-op with a friend. If your squadmate doesn’t yet own the game, they can give it a test run during the Far Cry 5 free weekend running from March 23-27, which will also run on 60 FPS for current-gen consoles, or take advantage of the 85% discount at the Ubisoft Store from now until April 4.
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  1. Havharo's avatar
    Hmm, I’ve thought this received FPS boost through Microsoft earlier. The only issue was low resolution. I’m probably wrong
    Limmy's avatar
    You're right but now it's been tweaked by the Devs, so a solid 60 and 4K on series X
  2. Ghostrecon's avatar
    Xbox Series X
    3840x2160p = 8,294,400

    2880x1620 = 4,665,600

    49786980-Jvgh0.jpg (edited)
    turbobuddah's avatar
    If I remember right Series X and PS5 aren't massively different in terms of hardware and both are capable of 8k, seems a bit odd that they'd cap the PS5 at 4k?
  3. BootStrapWill's avatar
    FYI, this is on gamepass if anyone wants to try it.
  4. laughingman's avatar
    The only far cry I like is blood dragon.
    Piranha_Plant's avatar
    Piranha_Plant Author
    I heard Blood Dragon likes you too
  5. shawn.levy's avatar
    Still a banger. People criticise the later far cry games for being too much of the same thing but I for one love them cant wait to play them in the next gen modes
  6. Richard_Little's avatar
    Absolute luwsers them people who complain about why things like these are deals. Who’s cares . Absolutely Luwsers* (edited)
    kyeung's avatar
    Richard I have about 5 minimum STEAM patch updates daily, can you please post as deal daily. Thanks
  7. BiscuitBachchan's avatar
    Awesome game, just tried this on Series X and looks much crisper cleaner in 4K ( LG CX OLED ) and the 60fps ( native now not boosted ) is buttery smooth.

    Great timing as a just started a New Game Plus play through.
    Piranha_Plant's avatar
    Piranha_Plant Author
    What’s “New Game Plus Play”?
  8. Piranha_Plant's avatar
    Piranha_Plant Author
    If your console has updated, this will be the new Far Cry 5 icon
  9. craigbob's avatar
    It looks amazing tbf
  10. callum_guy's avatar
    Gave this a go earlier after completing last year on PC, still amazes me how good this looks on Xbox

    Gave this a go earlier after completing last year on PC, still amazes me how good this looks on Xbox (edited)
    oidarwazeh's avatar
    So nice you said it twice.

    So nice you said it twice.
  11. Random_Frugal's avatar
    I don’t understand why an update is being posted as a deal ngl
    score01's avatar
    Yeah scratching my head here.
  12. WatchThisSpac3's avatar
    Fair play for updating a five year old game, the lack of arcade mode in 6 was a huge disappointment.
    odiedodie's avatar
    The lack of any of the new dawn elements was a big surprise. I liked how ND played
  13. lewys's avatar
    Nice. I can finally play my copy. I find it hard to go back to 30fps now I have tasted 60fps.

    Now if only the Mafia Devs can do the same to those games.
    rahman2050's avatar
    And if only Rockstar do the same for RDR2
  14. jasmith85's avatar
    Well Farcry 3 to 6 is the same game, over and over, its the Ubiscam Way.
    m.ad's avatar
    I beg to differ... 6 has dogs in wheelchairs and a crocodile companion. It's as if they ran out of ideas and are scraping the barrel lol
  15. m.ad's avatar
    Story was dire but this was probably the best fun I had with a Far Cry game since 3. Might look into firing it up again... one day
    jimbo001's avatar
    Same, best one since 3. Awful story and fitting mechanics though (and that boss battle 🤢)
  16. Chooch1998's avatar
    Lol after like 5 years it's only just getting 60fps on consoles meanwhile I'm pushing 200 or so on my PC. Pathetic
    Piranha_Plant's avatar
    Piranha_Plant Author
  17. mikewadkins35's avatar
  18. oidarwazeh's avatar
    Finally! Can continue my save since playing the XB1X version.
  19. dorito's avatar
    I liked the Season Pass DLCs for this game, they were varied and the guns used in the DLCs could then be used in the main game afterwards.
    The Season Pass DLCs for FC6 are just 3 varieties of the same mini-game. repetitive to say the least.
    Seems like UbiSoft lost any creative spark for FC6 DLCs. Cash grab - via copy/paste - at best.
    I'll wait until Lost between Worlds gets a discount before I try that one.
  20. HottUKDealer's avatar
    My fav FC
  21. otonytonton's avatar
    Cheers just found it in my library time to get reacquainted.
  22. kyeung's avatar
    How is a patch update a deal??
    Discussion maybe?
  23. kissmyfurrybutt's avatar
    Best game since 3.
    I loved it
  24. pr10rflanker's avatar
    And, although base game available with game pass, you can actually get the Argentinian Gold edition (base + season pass + extras) on Gamivo for little over £6 + fees. (edited)
  25. tjc2005's avatar
    This is way better than fc6
  26. golfmck1980ltd's avatar
    Bloody typical completed this on the series S a few wks ago
    Byno's avatar
    Same, I've had the game for ages and finally got round to it last month
  27. Elijah_Malachi's avatar
    Ubisoft be lacking
  28. RetroJimmyX's avatar
    My only question is, when? I would have thought this to be quite relavant to include in the press release, lol.
    Piranha_Plant's avatar
    Piranha_Plant Author
    Live now!
  29. menacedude's avatar
    Haven’t played Farcry since 3, also used to love Instincts on the original xbox.
  30. epicjim's avatar
    what about the expansion new dawn? is that gets a boost also?
    Piranha_Plant's avatar
    Piranha_Plant Author
    Try it and let us know
  31. venom2099's avatar
    3 is the purests choice, 4 was more than decent imo, 5 had a great idea but didn't fully deliver, 6 was an uninspired mess.

    Oddly I preferred primal & new dawn over 4 & 5.
  32. leigh_Beef's avatar
    I used to love Farcry 1 on multiplayer. Are any of the sequels a similar format ?
  33. Avicus's avatar
    Do the console versions allow mods? I'm not a fan of bullet sponge enemies and played some of the PC version with realistic guns, which was really fun
  34. Sorceress1988's avatar
    Any ps5 players , can give a quick review? I bought it on impulse of the update only to realise the ps5 version wont be 4k which is slightly disappointing
  35. FestiveCheer's avatar
    Fully completed this with all achievements so can’t be motivated to re-play.
  36. Michael_GQLy's avatar
    I got confused because they turned off FPS boost option before releasing the new update, I was in the middle of playing the game and put it on and it was 30 FPS and I was confused thinking was I always on 30 and didn't realize
  37. Jiminybillybob's avatar
    Can't seem to get this to work. Trying to transfer from external HDD to the PS5 internal storage to see if that makes it work.
  38. red16's avatar
    Does this update and download on your Xbox?
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