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Spring Sale at PSN Store - Far Cry 5 £9.73 RDR 2 £27.45 God of War £13.89 Detroit £14.74 Marvel's SpiderMan £27.62 + MORE [Indonesia Store]
Found 7 h, 0 m agoFound 7 h, 0 m ago
USE THE ABOVE DISCOUNT CODE TO GET A FURTHER 15% OFF STATED PRICES IF SPENDING RP 990,000 OR MORE Ace Banana PS4 Rp79,200 £4.20 Rp59,400 £3.15 Alien: Isolation Full Game PS4 Rp… Read more

That’s the one!


Fallout 4 GOTY & Dying Light: The Following Enhanced for £10.18. Dont know why people bother with this hassle! :p




Sold! :)


My other half likes the Shrek films, in one of them there's a scene where an evil looking kid is trying to encourage Shrek to do a roar, the kid is stood there licking a lollipop saying 'Do it!'.. That meme would be very fitting here, but can't find one anywhere.

Far Cry New Dawn Xbox One £15.27 from Xbox Store US
Found 8 h, 17 m agoFound 8 h, 17 m ago
Please note this game is NOT part of the current UK Xbox store sale. You will need 1 x $20 US Xbox gift card, these can be purchased from various online key stores, the going rate… Read more
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Good to know. I haven't actually tried to use revolut. Just stuck to gift cards.


If you've not been attempting Revolut purchases multiple times a day for the last two weeks it should work now all being well.


Alright, cheers. Was just asking because Zanza was implying that it stopped working 1-2 weeks ago.


Yeah it's still possible to buy from the Argie store using gift cards.


I would have actually done that. Unfortunately, there is no way I know of to sell on digital games. Maybe once we get the all digitall XBox ... So purchase via gift cards in Argentina as actually not possible anymore?

80% off [Far Cry Primal Apex Edition] for PC/Steam £9.19 @ Humble Bundle
21/03/2019Expires on 21/03/2019Found 19 h, 51 m agoFound 19 h, 51 m ago

Misleading title - this has nothing to do with Steam...


Yeah you can


Sure thing, just send me the key code to my inbox.


Can I gift this If I buy it?


Was £45.99 (lol) I actually quite enjoyed this on the PS4. For better or worse, you’ll feel right at home if you’ve played Far Cry 4 (since they cheekily used the same map).

Far Cry New Dawn Xbox One PS4 £22 from Amazon US Inc Delivery to U.K.
Found 20 h, 29 m agoFound 20 h, 29 m ago
£22 using fee free card eg Clarity, Monzo, Starling or Revolut (paying in USD on checkout) or £22.84 in GBP directly on Amazon. No US Amazon account required, simply log in using … Read more
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I'm slightly surprised that this has come down so quickly! Seems like only yesterday it was still preorder!


FYI digitally you can get this for £15.27 today from the US Xbox Store


True but you couldn’t trade this in. Game etc won’t accept foreign games.


Ah ok I was actually talking about PS4 I have absolutely no knowledge about game sharing on the Xbox


You are wrong as on Xbox the achievements as well as the full game are give to whoever shares the game (y)

Far Cry New Dawn PC Uplay £14.99/£14.54 with FB code @ CD Keys
Found 16th MarFound 16th Mar
Discount code: cdkeys.com/facebook-coupon/ Yes, the code is working again (y) Seventeen years after a global nuclear catastrophe, civilization re-emerges from the chaos to f… Read more
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Not really I mean PC games are cheaper anyway. It was only £39.99 on console on release, its basically stand alone DLC. I wish it was this cheap on xb1 already.


Cant wait till it's this price on PS4


Guessing this game did bad for it to be already at this price? FC5 took time getting to this price!


Good price but I will bite at sub 1p price point

Far Cry New Dawn (uPlay) £14.39 (Using Code) @ wingamestore
Found 15th MarFound 15th Mar
Credit @BuzzDuraband for the deal. Seventeen years after a global nuclear catastrophe, civilization re-emerges from the chaos to find a world dramatically changed. In Hope Coun… Read more

Make sure your signed in first


Can't see where you put the code...anyone spot it?


I felt the same way. I just didnt enjoy this game after playing 5...


Wish I hadn't wasted my time with this title. Literally just played like a copy paste of 5 with different skins and textures and little changed. Couldn't captivate me for more than 2 hours before I initiated the steam refund. Totally underwhelming at full price , but if you really like Far Cry this might be worth at £14.


You'll appreciate it more - it's a direct sequel with plenty of returning characters. That said, if you play it right after FarCry 5, the similarities might seem rather glaring (it's basically a glorified reskin with some gameplay tweaks; think of Gat Out Of Hell compared to Saints Row IV)

Now Live - Far Cry New Dawn Superbloom Edition [Xbox One / PS4] £29.99 @ Game
Refreshed 16th MarRefreshed 16th Mar
From Fri 15th - GAME will reduce the FC New Dawn Superbloom Edition on PS4 and XBox One to £29.99, which is the lowest yet for this particular edition. I've not bought yet, but p… Read more

This isn't just a reskim it has different elements and tactics.


Pers Personally I've loved 5...no radio towers helped! But 3-5 are all great. Those and JC 3 and 4 are the games I can play for 50 hours each easy.


Exactly - and the story wasn't great either (compared to Far Cry 3 & 4)!


I half agree with that. I loved it, but the way they allowed you to tackle the missions in any order meant that you did the Interesting missions first but then you had a pile of rubbish missions to complete before you could earn enough XP to clear the sector. I ended up doing 3 missions back to back where someone said ' my dad's car was taken by the cult, get it back for me' and I did 3 missions back to back where I had to hunt bulls for their 'bits' for the testiefest BBQ thing.


this is far cry 5 with new skins, cant bring myself to play another far cry,far cry 5 was the most repetitive game ive ever played, go to A retrieve item return to B repeat x 200

Far Cry New Dawn (uPlay) £15.19 (Using 20% Ubi Discount) @ Ubi Store
Found 13th MarFound 13th Mar
You'd need to have 100 points in your account in order to be able to redeem it for 20% discount code here . :) Seventeen years after a global nuclear catastrophe, civilizati… Read more

Dig deeper kiddo


Anything above £10.00 for this on the PC is poor value When a games price drops this fast you just no it is going to be crap.



Heads down to the MASTER RACE


The reviews are far from rosey. I'm going to wait a while as the price will go through the floor before long. Don't get me wrong, I've loved and completed FC3, Blood Dragon, FC4, Primal and am still playing through FC5, but this title feels like a lazy rehash. "set in the same location as FC5"? It takes more than a pink hue to the pallette and some of the weakest villans to impress me. At least Blood Dragon was meant to be a cheeky homage to cheesy 80's scifi and video games (at a much cheaper price too). This is a cynical move by Ubisoft and a quick way to make money for another spin around th eblock for FC5, albeit with poorer performance and more bugs. I'll bite at a half this price, but just to complete the collection.

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Far Cry New Dawn (PS4)/XBox One  BRAND NEW AND SEALED for £28.95 @ TGC and Ebay (The Game Collection)
Found 13th MarFound 13th Mar
TGC link PS4 TGC Link Xbox One Xbox One Link Ebay Description Seventeen years after a global nuclear catastrophe, civilization re-emerges from the chaos to find a worl… Read more

It's worth about £12 as an extended DLC.


Gonna hold out as it’s not sold well so price drops incoming.


Is it worth the money? I played farcry 5, but reusing same map design kinda made me hold back on buying.

Far Cry New Dawn (uPlay) £16.99 @ CDKeys
Found 13th MarFound 13th Mar
Seventeen years after a global nuclear catastrophe, civilization re-emerges from the chaos to find a world dramatically changed. In Hope County, Montana, the remaining populace has… Read more

Yep not long now to short for a standalone game should have been an addon expansion.


Does £15.19 make you happy?


Another day another pound off :)


I'll be happy with sub £15 @mixmixi so quick as you can kthx :D


Thanks :D that's the price im waiting for plus all the new games that have been released recently no chance i will play this any time soon

Far Cry 5 Gold Edition PS4 & XB1 £29.99 @ Argos
Found 13th MarFound 13th Mar
As title. XB Link... https://www.argos.co.uk/product/8039334
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It's a good price


Can I interest anyone in the Xbox Gold version for £69.99 on Amazon Prime Now? That is some freaking outrageous price disparity.


You just described any game series.


Thanks. Tough crowd I guess. XD


Nice I did see that posted a while back for a few quid more, unfortunately I'm not "serviced" by Prime Now but great for people that are.

Far Cry 5 (Xbox One) £12.99 / ​Monster Hunter World (PS4)​ £12.99 Delivered (Ex-Rental) @ Boomerang via eBay
Found 11th MarFound 11th Mar
Fallout 76 (Xbox One) £11.99 Middle-earth: Shadow of War (PS4) £7.99 Assassins Creed Origins (PS4) £12.99 HITMAN 2 (Xbox One) £19.99 Monster Hunter World (PS4) … Read more

Farcry 5 no longer available.




Awesome deal as usual Mixmixi. Heat


Damn monster hunter for 12.99 is a steal. But I just got red dead so, need to finish this first.


Thanks OP

Far Cry New Dawn + DLC PC Uplay £17.99 @ CD Keys
Found 11th MarFound 11th Mar
Included is: The Far Cry New Dawn base game for PC. Exclusive pre-order DLC bonus item: Unicorn Trike Far Cry New Dawn takes place in post-apocalyptic “Hope County”, the same loc… Read more
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Anyone have the 3% voucher I’m logged in and it’s not working ..


Join the club pal. I've bought quite a few in the last month and not played any of them. I wonder what I do with all my spare time (flirt) (y)


Like i did with every other game i still havent touched. (highfive)


Just buy it (strong)


Heat added, really tempted to buy it BUT im going to wait until 1hr before i actually play this game to buy it.

Far Cry New Dawn + DLC PC Uplay £18.99/£18.42 with FB code @ CDKeys
Found 8th MarFound 8th Mar
A nice £1 drop (y) Discount code: https://www.cdkeys.com/facebook-coupon The Far Cry New Dawn base game for PC. Exclusive pre-order DLC bonus item: Unicorn Trike Seventeen yea… Read more
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Just done this and it's now 17.99


Maybe your potato pc cant handle them, ive had no problems with ac games and far cry 5 i dont remember having any issues with. And thats 1440p ultrawide btw.


Such a poor game. The series for me gets worse and worse.


I had zero issues with fc5 on a 4690k and R9 390....... Or it was not really noticeable and I wasn't particularly looking out for it


Division 2 Open Beta worked like charm (i7, GF1080, 16GB of RAM) but FC ND was abysmal considering it's 2 year old FC5 engine. I had fps ranging from 100 down to 40 and not a single feature would change that, including playing on low to Ultra.

Far Cry New Dawn Xbox One for £29.94 Delivered @ Go2games
Found 7th MarFound 7th Mar
Not much difference than the previous deals but I think every retailers deserve some turnover. Description .In this new world order, the vicious Highwaymen, led by twin sisters M… Read more

Heat added, OP - I think this is a decent price. I finished the main story last night and enjoyed every minute of it, and I'll still go back to some of the side missions etc to 100% it. I loved 5 so this was a day 1 purchase for me. For me, 5 was the most immersive out of 3/4/5, and I was pleased to get a chance to pick up its story. I can see why some think this should have been a DLC, but I personally think it's a bit too big/substantial for that, hence why it's priced somewhere between a DLC and a AAA game.


Expensive what should of been dlc!


I have the same thoughts, I prefered 3 over 4 but prefered 5 over both BUT its all based on what you want and expect? I would play 5 if you are going to play New Dawn as the storyline more or less continues, this is why people say it should have been a DLC, so would you realy play a DLC without playing the main game? HTH


I loved Far Cry 3, but couldn't get into Far Cry 4. Am I likely to run into the same issue here as I did with 4?


IMO yes! Play 5 first as its a good game, I cant comment on this as I haven't yet played it buts its basically the follow on from FC5 so you need to play that to fully understand where FCND's viewpoint comes from. Waiting on someone to say "You haven't played it yet so ...blah...blah...!" Its just my opinion and as mentioned FC5 is good.

Far Cry New Dawn (PS4) £28.85 Delivered @ Base
Found 5th MarFound 5th Mar
Seventeen years after a global nuclear catastrophe, civilization re-emerges from the chaos to find a world dramatically changed. In Hope County, Montana, the remaining populace has… Read more

Standalone expansion type of game.


I’m a bit out of the loop, is this a brand new full game or an expansion of FC5?


I've heard good things about it. Some say it's better than FC5 that it's based off. I haven't played either. I didn't fancy FC4 as the story looked quite boring. FC5 looks good though, and this too. Meant to be decent on base Ps4, very good on the Pro, and excellent on the One X.


Is it any good?


Amen to that brother. I've more games in my backlog than I can shake a stick at XD

Metro Exodus £11.38 The Division 2 £22.78 Far Cry 5 £4.28 Assassins Creed Odyssey £9.13 + More at Xbox Store Argentina Via Revolut - No VPN!
Found 3rd MarFound 3rd Mar
All the above titles and more may currently be purchased from the Xbox Argentina Store at face value ie the current XE rate using a Revolut Virtual MasterCard, no VPN required. Ple… Read more
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I'm totally enjoying the Division 2 and the more I plat Fallout 76, the more convinced I am that it is a great game. I loved the DIvision too, so maybe I'm enjoying this one becuase it has such a similar feel to me.


I know I’m probably in the minority here, but I’m just not enjoying The Division 2 at all, glad I only paid the £22 but not going to lose sleep over it. Maybe it’s age thing, but I’m honestly enjoying Fallout 76 far more.


Its safe to say MS are now aware of this loophole....


I used gift cards from SEAGM, i was able to redeem them onto my MS account no problem. I have an Argentinian address on my account with a revolut card attached as a payment option. So redeeming the cards was a doddle. However, when trying to use the balance i kept getting payment errors.


I tried gift card purchase on the 12th March and worked for me.

Far Cry 5 DLC 2 | Xbox One - Download Code - £9.59 @ Amazon
Found 2nd MarFound 2nd Mar
Xbox dlc
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Full game the gold edition with season pass is around £17 on the turkey store.


Gah, I thought this was the full shebang.


Hot I got season pass and this was only dlc that’s any good in fact Better than main game


Yes, get the season pass that has all 3 farcry 5 DLC for £14.99 instead. Then you get Farcry 3 classic included too. A bargain I also took advantage of.


This isnt worth £9.59. The pass is worth 14.99 though because you get far Cry 3 Classic

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