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Nicky Elite (Coconut - 3 ply / 168 sheet per roll) 45 Rolls Toilet Tissue £16.45 (£15.63 Subscribe & Save 34.7p / roll) @ Amazon

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EDIT: Subscribe & Save option gone now, so 37p per roll 'buy now' (with dispatch at 1-4 weeks).

So it looks like Amazon is now in the business of directly selling Nicky Elite.

45 rolls for £15.63 S&S = 34.7p per roll for reputable 3-ply.

Would I have been a buyer at that price 2 years ago? No (more like 23 - 27p / roll). Is Nicky Elite still cheaper if you have a Home Bargains nearby (29.7p / roll for 32 pack; 30.5p / roll for 18 pack)? Yes.

However, if you're an "internet toilet roll bulk buyer" that doesn't have a Home Bargains nearby and wants bog roll conveniently delivered to your doorstep then this is a good price atm, seeing as even 2-ply Andrex Gentle Clean is >40p / roll bulk buy, and Amazon are trying to sell 2-ply Presto at >40p / roll bulk buy.

Note this is 'coconut' scented, whereas regular Nicky Elite in the past has been 'talc' scented.

For those looking at the new product Cusheen Splesh 3-ply on Amazon which is 35p / roll, it is only 150 sheets, and sheets of reduced dimensions (115x105mm vs a more standard 125x105mm here), which puts it at 42.6p / roll equivalent.

Also note Amazon is selling Nicky Soft Touch 2-ply (190 sheets per roll) for 29p / roll, which is much cheaper than Andrex / Presto 2-ply atm (though obviously it used to be a 20p / roll product before the price rises). Never used Nicky 2-ply so can't vouch for it.


Nicky Elite Coconut Fresh Toilet Tissue Nicky Elite Coconut Fresh is a high-quality toilet tissue with a fresh and exotic coconut scent. Strong, absorbent, yet soft: three layers for softness and comfort, day after day.

  • Ideal for the whole family: Nicky Elite Coconut Fresh consists of 3 plies and provides softness, comfort and a gentle touch on the skin.
  • The delicate coconut scent adds a fresh touch to all bathrooms.
  • 100% natural cellulose, sourced from responsibly managed forests and controlled sources, ensured by FSC product certification.
  • By choosing Nicky Elite Coconut Fresh you are supporting the Woodland Trust Charity, thus creating, protecting and restoring beautiful woodland across the UK.
Amazon More details at Amazon
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  1. Avatar
    Heat for the detailed OP

    Great to see somebody really putting some effort into a deal. Much better than those who just copy and paste text from the product page with no personal input at all.
    Splesh have just cranked their prices up on the 72 pack.
    So your post is very timely and welcome. 🔥 (edited)
  2. Avatar
    Great to see Amazon are now stocking this - I did used to wonder out loud (on HUKD) why they didn't as it's so good and so popular. It's the only loo roll I'd choose (on offer, that is).

    Hopefully there will be some better Deals on it soon (I've just stocked up on this one).
  3. Avatar
    36 rolls for £9.79 at HB
    Yes bought yesterday 27.2p a roll
  4. Avatar
    Gone are the days of 18 rolls for £3.99
    Yep, used to be 20p a roll from Farmfoods using the vouchers
  5. Avatar
    How do you get bogged down with all the Maths, op?
    He started with a clean sheet.
  6. Avatar
    Your bum smells like coconut…….aye, it’s bounty! (edited)
  7. Avatar
    Cheaper at Aldi
  8. Avatar
    Is it cheaper at home bargains
    Yes! I think this price is for people who don't have one nearby / don't want to carry dozens of toilet rolls around while out, and prefer toilet rolls delivered to their home.
  9. Avatar
    Heat for such a detailed analysis every little helps!
  10. Avatar
    Wow heat for the bog roll calculus (edited)
  11. Avatar
    Good information
  12. Avatar
  13. Avatar
    S&S £13.80. Cheers OP
    Still 2p a roll cheaper at Home Bargains than S&S price
  14. Avatar
    Thanks OP. Anyone know how powerful the coconut smell is? (edited)
    Very poowerful!
  15. Avatar
    Great post and info ! , Nicky Toilet roll are also sold at Farmfoods similar or slightly less than home bargains per toilet roll.
  16. Avatar
    Heat for description alone!
  17. Avatar
    No longer on S&S?
    Yup. Looks like it's gone and 'buy now' only at 1-4 weeks dispatch.
  18. Avatar
    Is this decent quality bog roll? I buy Saxon from Aldi, anyone know how this compares? Thanks
    Yeh it’s decent, I’ve never had turd nail from using it
  19. Avatar
    120 rolls of 3ply on groupon for £32 much better deal been buying them for years
    Phoenix at £34?
  20. Avatar
    Remember, one slip & you're in the
  21. Avatar
    24 rolls at Aldi around
    £7 (edited)
  22. Avatar
    How does this compare to who gives a crap premium?
  23. Avatar
    Just remember to avoid scented if there’s women in your household!