Unfortunately, this deal has expired 7 May 2023.
Posted 5 May 2023

How to Stop Overthinking by Phil Gibson - free Kindle eBook @ Amazon

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Looking forward to the comments on this one Or am I thinking too hard?
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  1. Gooner1011's avatar
    Can't decide whether to get this or not...
    Gazzie's avatar
    Don’t rush into the decision. Have a think about it. Usually works for me.
  2. JungleBug's avatar
    I have been wondering about this deal for just over 3 hours now.
    Finally decided not to bother with it. (edited)
  3. mode_101's avatar
    using a scissors is a bit extreme...
  4. StevenMather's avatar
    Imagine buying this and then getting a paper cut and then bleeding to death and leaving your family behind but then they see the cover and assume it was suicide and they struggle to forgive you and they grieve and grieve and there’s a whole inquest and police investigation because they found your search history when you’d looked for scissors because you’d moved house and misplaced the old ones but they stop search and search and then

    I’m ok I’ve decided not to get this book today.
  5. rawshark99's avatar
    showing full price now
  6. DangerMouse_'s avatar
    Does my phone listen into what I'm saying and that's why hot deals posted this, bit of a coincidence :/
    BiGfactHunt's avatar
    Not just your phone. Leave your phone at home.
  7. Proveright's avatar
    Thanks OP. I am not sure about this either? (edited)
  8. xxbluedragonxx's avatar
  9. painty's avatar
    Bought this without thinking
  10. j0nY90's avatar
    Thanks OP
    "I found 'How to Stop Overthinking' to be an incredibly helpful guide in overcoming my tendency to overanalyze and overthink situations. The book offers practical tips and exercises that I was able to immediately apply to my daily life. What I appreciated most about this book is that it didn't just tell me to stop overthinking, but it explained why we overthink and offered insights into how to change our thought patterns. I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to live more mindfully and reduce the stress and anxiety that can come with overthinking."
  11. Suede's avatar
    Stop watching the BBC, your life will improve!
  12. daydreamer01's avatar
    Aka - How To Make Hasty Decisions...
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