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Upgrade to Microsoft Windows 10 Pro for free*
Updated 22nd MayLast updated 22nd May by MrFizzy
Microsoft free windows programme has ended more than a year ago, but if you download it directly from their website and upgrade you still get genuine digital licence. Here is the… Read more
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After activating a home built PC with a Dell Win 10 pro OEM key I see the Windows product key on the PC is now the generic Win10 pro key i.e. VK7JG-NPHTM-C97JM-9MPGT-3V66T and not the key I used for the activation. Windows says it is permanently activated using a digital key. Is this correct or should it show the OEM key I entered for activation? Am I likely to get a problem later? Thanks


I have a couple of windows 7 discs but no serial numbers on them, they came with my old Dell Laptops which I used on my current PC and then upgraded to windows 10 free when it came out. They would just install without asking for a code. What can I do to get Windows 10 Pro?


Yeah mine was exactly the same. Had to put the key again


It's surprising to me how many people still haven't upgraded. Getting onto Win10 gives enhanced security which everyone should be mindful of.


After putting in a windows 8 pro code and it upgrading and restarting, I'm gettng that windows found no product key on my device. It does say Windows 10 Enterprise but also says it is not activated... Edit: Nevermind. Just had to enter the key again to activate. Odd.

Refurbished Dell 7010SFF Desktop PC i5 240GB SSD Windows 10 £136 @ ITZoo
Updated 17th MayLast updated 17th May by shappinbegs
Grade: A- Grade Refurbished Desktop Minor Scratches to Case Brand & Model: Dell Optiplex 7010 SFF Processor: Intel i5-3470 3.2GHz Screen: N/A Mem… Read more

Sold out


Fixed for a fiver.


Yes, no probs at all


can this support 2x1440p monitors via miniDP?


Why would it have? It's an office desktop...usually connected with an Ethernet cable in an office. if you need Wi-Fi plug a £5 USB adaptor in.....

Lenovo V130 - 15.6" SSD Laptop Intel Core i5, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD, Windows 10  Laptop £414.99 Laptopoutlet at ebay
Updated 16th MayLast updated 16th May by speedy2019
The link I have added will take you to the Lenovo V130 listed for £489.99 at Laptop outlet direct on eBay. The POP20 code brings the price down to £414.99 which is the cheapest I … Read more

It has gone a bit chilly in here :D It's a decent laptop at a decent price. That's all I can say.


Why is this deal cold? (confused)

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Minecraft Anniversary Map (Xbox One /Switch /Windows 10 /iOS /Android) for free
Updated 16th MayLast updated 16th May by HotSprout
As part of the 10th anniversary celebration of Minecraft, the developers have released a free anniversary map for the game Minecraft that provides you with a theme park for free ex… Read more
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Downloaded it. Pretty nice map and it takes me back to when I played minecraft shortly after it was originally released.


Didn't expect my comment to blow with likes, but I guess it's something motivating (lol) . And definitely, I even got donations every month. £200 a month easy. Of course I was young so I did spend some money on little things I really wanted that parents wouldn't get me or said was too expensive. But I did put a lot into advertisement and software developers. Forgot to mention, I even learnt Java from it because I started to make plugins for my own server and release them on the website called Bukkit. They have thousands of downloads.


Load up the game and go into the in game store. Its right there the moment you go in the store, top left, biggest tile.


I'm too old to have had that experience so it's good to hear something positive about it. Based on this I'll be sure to encourage my future kids to play.

Refurbished HP Pavilion 15-Cw0509sa AMD Ryzen 5 2500U 8GB 256GB 15.6 Inch Windows 10 Laptop grade A2 £329.97 @ Laptops Direct
Updated 14th MayLast updated 14th May by simonbrowne
Grade a2 Great price for the laptop
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Thats out of staoc.


Not sure whether to get this one or the Lenovo v330 anyone have any thoughts? How's the display on the hp as the Lenovo disply doesn't seem great.


Try this link


Link goes to 404 page,!

Refurbished Lenovo X240 Laptop i3 1.7Ghz 500GB SSHD Windows 10 £79.99 ITZOO
Updated 14th MayLast updated 14th May by RedXI
I found this via a deal for another refurbished PC on HUKD. Seems ok, Next best price I have found is 100.00+ I'm not sure if is comes with a power supply. I'm also not sure what … Read more

True, I didn't notice that. This image on the page is what got my attention.


and the difference between the upgraded screen is night and day.


I disagree having owned the x230 and x220 (for work purposes). My opinion though !


ITZOO do tell you the resolution though and given the price, I usually run with it. Agreed. But it’s £79 so the only other thing you’ll get near this price is usually a refurb netbook which has its own slew of issues mostly - slow, no storage or RAM and no expansion. The screen is poor but it’s fine to get by with. For some reason it’s hard to find 12.5” 1080p panels - I have an Elitebook 820 G3 I could do with upgrading the display on.


There are lots of good value ex corp thinkpads to be had through ebay and gumtree sellers who are either recycling business or people who have some contact with the leasing / disposal companies. Just watch out for the screen resolution though as even t4xx series are being sold with 1366 x 768 screens and they don't necessarily tell you. They can be upgraded though if you are tecnically inclined.

WiFi enabled Windows 10 Dell Optiplex Desktop PC, Dual Core, 4GB Ram, 160GB Hard Drive, DVD (Refurbished) - £64.95 @ The IT Buffs / Amazon
Updated 13th MayLast updated 13th May by ScroopEgerton
This Dell Desktop PC Computer is a Dell best seller, Dell Optiplex Desktop PC Computer Tower comes with Intel Dual Core Processor, which is more than capable of running multiple ap… Read more
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I took a punt on one of these from this seller last time - PC, monitor, keyboard & mouse. Couldn't even run Excel or Word to do kid's homework. Don't wast your money, it's a piece of junk.


I was very happy with the price and machine, very good condition and clean (inside and out), though I just missed out on same machine with larger hard-drive & same memory from same seller for just £50 delivered! My advice to others looking on ebay or other sites would be get same memory 8GB (Win 10 seems to use around 2GB most of the time) plus I would suggest get the Desk Top not SFF as SFF very limited for upgrades (graphics card for example) and look closely at condition, as many have damage, rubber feet missing, no OS and of course check the feedback/reviews of the seller. (y)


May be worth turning it off and taking the CMOS battery out for a while. Then reseat and fire it up. If hardware related then Failed hard drive, ram may have moved (try reseating it) or bad power supply.


I got a significantly more powerful Thinkcentre for £50 (I think) from a recent post here. One of those or a docked ThinkPad would be a better idea imo


The monitor is fine there is something wrong with booting or something.

Microsoft Wireless Adapter for Windows 10 (Xbox One) £21.78 Amazon
Updated 13th MayLast updated 13th May by toonnut
Play PC games with your Xbox Wireless Controller With the new and improved Xbox Wireless Adapter for Windows 10, you can play your favourite PC games using any Xbox Wireless Contro… Read more
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I use a cheap bluetooth adapter and have had no problems at all I've also had official bluetooth adapters in the past (360) and I've seen or felt no difference


Depends on the game for me. Games which started on or became popular with consoles don't feel right with KB&M and visa versa. The likes of Gears of War, Forza and COD just feel build for controllers from the ground up. On the flip side playing Valve/Source games with a controller is just unnatural.


I only use one controller (Xbox one pro white one with Bluetooth). Never had a problem. I’ve never tried pairing two Bluetooth devices to one dongle so I couldn’t comment anymore. I’ve added heat to the post because it probably is a good buy


So when I have 2 or more controllers connected, unless I’m 1-2ft away from my Bluetooth dongle the input lag is unbearable, again your mileage may vary depending on the room you’re in and all but for me this dongle has worked best for my situation.


I use a cheap Bluetooth USB dongle works perfectly. Will link if anyone is interested.

Refurbished Lenovo M82SFF Computer 2.7Ghz Windows 10  -   £39.60 delivered with a 1 year guarantee @ IT Zoo
Updated 12th MayLast updated 12th May by aLV426
Grade: A- Grade Refurbished Desktop Minor Scratches Brand & Model: Lenovo Thinkcentre M82 2929CJ4 Processor: Intel Pentium G630 2.7Ghz Memory: 4GB DDR3 Storage:… Read more

I guess it all depends - personally if I was going to replace an aging machine I would replace it with something a little more modern... I was merely providing a suggestion to a more complete solution for a reasonable price...


It all depends on what your benchmark is (and what your requirements are!) - keyboards & mice can be found in the poundshop, obviously for people on a budget they aren't going to spend £300 on a mechanical keyboard... I think I gave the best solution for the money. The OPs deal would need another £70~£80 spent on it to make it usable - unless you can share a link to cheaper screens.


Looks like it's sold out


I bought one for £40.50, using the famous "twitter10" discount code, about 6 weeks ago and it's been really good.


I prefer a full size keyboard and mouse. That laptop has an awful screen resolution, and a slow processor. I agree that the headline price on this PC is misleading if you need to buy the screen Kbd and mouse, though.

Refurbished HP Pavilion 15-Cw0509sa AMD Ryzen 5 2500U 8GB 256GB 15.6 Inch Windows 10 Laptop grade A1 - £379.97 @ Laptops Direct
Updated 11th MayLast updated 11th May by avgejoe
Grade a1 condition like new Cracking price
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Is the spec good? Can you play Minecraft on this or should I be looking at dedicated graphics?


There is a tab that says "why buy refurbished" on the Web page and this shows it is a1 and gives a brief description on what that means


Yep, he posted it as A2 and edited after I checked / commented


You sure it's not A1? Doesn't it say A1 in the description? :/ Don't know whether or not to buy it now.


Whoops my bad (y)

Refurbished Dell Optiplex 3020SFF PC i5 4590 3.3Ghz Windows 10 £117 @ ITZoo
Updated 10th MayLast updated 10th May by HappyShopper
Grade: A Grade Refurbished Brand & Model: Dell Optiplex 3020SFF Processor: Intel i5 4th Generation 4590 3.3Ghz Screen: N/A Memory: 4GB DDR3 Storage: 50… Read more



Yeah that's a sff (y)


Hey, thanks for the reply. It's only got 2 slots - it's like in the picture on the itzoo site or like this, so pretty sure it is SFF not USFF (was going on comments earlier in thread): From what I've read it should take 2 x 8gb max. Which is fine by me. Not had a chance to power it on yet. looks like I was a little lucky though, spotless, and double the quoted ram. :)


Does it have a pci express slot, will be a black slot, approx 4" long running parallel to the PSU ?? Not even sure dell did a usff in the 3020 range, can u post a picture ?? the motherboard of a 3020 SFF only as 2 memory slots -


Looks like I received the USFF as there are only 2 banks and there is 8gb in it already. Glad I held off ordering any ram!

DisplayFusion: Multiple Monitors Made Easy  - £13.46 @ Humble Bundle
Updated 10th MayLast updated 10th May by ldx00
DisplayFusion will make your multi-monitor life much easier! With powerful features like Multi-Monitor Taskbars, TitleBar Buttons and fully customizable HotKeys, Disp… Read more
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Thanks! Been wanting this for a while and this price is great!


For that price its a steal, been using it for years. You are also supporting a charity and software developer. Heat from me !


I've used the free version of this for years and it's great.

Refurbished Acer Aspire 3 AMD Ryzen 5 8GB 1TB 15.6 Inch Windows 10 Laptop £289.97 @ Laptops Direct
Updated 10th MayLast updated 10th May by shr3dd3r
Acer Aspire 3 ryzen 5 2500u cracking price even if it is a refurb
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For £60 more can get new 14inch with SSD (256GB rather than HDD 1TB). EDIT: However, Acer Aspire 3 A315 range has service hatches for disk and memory and so is easy to upgrade.


This is their Grade 2, the warranty is 3 months. Products are in good conditionMinor cosmetic markings & minimal use


Cheers op, great find!

Sea Of Thieves Anniversary Edition Cross Buy Download Xbox One/Windows 10 - Amazon UK Deal Of The Day.
Updated 5th MayLast updated 5th May by cicobuff
Worth a look now this RARE produced title has had time to mature with its updates, best price I have seen. This anniversary edition includes the Sea Dog Bundle. Digital downloa… Read more

I bought it shortly after posting the deal and didn't have any problem. I may even have had my VPN activated at time of purchase even. Perhaps try a different browser and/or deleting cookies and cache etc.


anyone else having problems trying to buy this, it says "Not available in your geographical location", but my details are set to UK and the pricing is in GBP?


lol. like it. bad jokes on a Friday morning. keep them coming....


No, it's 'P', cos it's like an "Arrrgghh" but it's only got one leg.


Yeah meant as in a WoW type sub, but sounds like there isn't, thanks (y)

Refreshed 29th AprRefreshed 29th AprUpdated 5th MayLast updated 5th May by Steve.Mac
Product Details: WINDOWS 10 PROFESSIONAL 32 64 BIT OEM Platform: Windows PC Region: Worldwide Delivery: Digital Download via Email Important Please Read• Before you buy, plea… Read more
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I've just paid for the Home version via PayPal. The key was delivered as a PDF on email and worked fine, no request for any details.


Seriously now, Windows is an absolute joke of an operating system compared to Mojave.


Apple (lol) 20-10 years ago perhaps.



Windows is a POS. MacOS for the win.

Samsung Galaxy Book 12 Inch Tablet-  Silver Intel Core i5-7200U, 4 GB RAM, 128 GB SSD, Windows 10 Home-£799.99 @ Amazon
Updated 4th MayLast updated 4th May by stkrup
Your improved laptop has arrived. Samsung’s Galaxy Book is a distinct device that goes beyond the capabilities of what you expect from a laptop. Sleek and striking, the Galaxy Book… Read more

Screen is perfect i tried all laptops' oled screen available, hp, lenovo and dell and this one is real deal, screen is simply perfect oled phone equivalent, hp has just oled backlight, lenovo yoga oled screen has known issue with brightness and dell has like first gen oled tv screen, shame it has only 4gb of ram...


it has a much nicer display ,but yes other than that Surface will be better. 4GB RAM is simply crippling,


Surface is a much better deal and product


Surface pro 6 still a better deal, with an exception of usb c type missing

HP Z420 Workstation Quad Xeon 3.7Ghz 64GB 500GB Windows 10 £229.99 @ Itzoo
Updated 29th AprLast updated 29th Apr by jameshothothot
Recommended. A new batch (minor scuffs) headphone jack not working. Lots of slots. Lots of space. 600watt power supply. 4 usb3 ports (two front facing) DVD drive Windows 10 pro (64… Read more

Hmm prices have indeed gone up. Maybe my youtube video has pushed up prices! You want the e5 1620 cpu as better than the 1603 or 1607. This only has 8gb ram and finding the right ram for best price can be a hassle for workstations. This is around 230. For 245 one with an ok 650 graphics card if your gaming is more fortnite level! Also has a hdd so a better deal Cex has 500gb hdd for 6 quid. That plus a 240gb ssd for 25 quid does you fine. Though 480gb ssds for 41 quid now!


Great video


It was listed for 200 I think but I got 15pc off ebay post christmas deal. 16gb ram. It was a good seller. I will look again when at home but I have the advert in my video and you can see the great condition it came in!




Thanks I will, how much did you pay from eBay, as had a look and seemed a lot more expensive?

Windows 10 Professional Microsoft CD Key (CLEAN INSTALL) £8.63 @ Gamivo
Updated 29th AprLast updated 29th Apr by psychoid
Click on Start icon and select Settings / Update & security / Activation. Select Activate by phone. Select your country in the drop-down menu and follow the on-screen instruc… Read more
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microsoft should either give it away free or charge a nominal fee. the more people they tie into their ecosystem the better it is financially for them; user base. perhaps microsoft is just another greedy giant?

mikegrove,5717.html Alternatively install but don't activate, or pay more for a real licence


Where can I buy Windows legally for cheap? I had a version of Windows 10 bought on ebay 3 years get cancelled recently.


Watch out for these snakes when it comes to Windows software, I had no luck or help with office software I purchased from them, I have purchased games from them in the past that worked fine, they just got a unreliable software supplier.


Not illegal. You need to read up on the laws before making such claims and spreading falsehood

Lenovo Thinkcentre M73z 20" All in One Core i5 Windows 10 PC Desktop 129.99 @ ITZoo
Updated 27th AprLast updated 27th Apr by Rickardo
Was browsing and came across this. Not bad imo Grade: Used Laptop Brand & Model: Lenovo Thinkcentre M73z Processor: Intel i5 4th Generation 4570S 2.90GHz Screen… Read more

Do these have VESA mount?


New ddr4 ram and nvme ssd is much faster. But this will not nvme ssd or ddr4 ram.


Check youtube, I remember somebody put a link on HUKD on one of the previous deal for this product and looked quite easy.


How easy are these to upgrade regarding Ram and adding an ssd please


No touchscreen or 4k. Old junk

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