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Learn Mandarin - HSK 4 Hero (Android Language App) Temporarily FREE on Google Play (was £8.99)
Posted 21st JulPosted 21st Jul
Temporarily FREE for a short time, this is the fourth part in the series: The Hero Method allows you to quickly master Chinese characters by enforcing a recall and recognition pr… Read more

Part timer lol


Flied lice?


I've been learning Spanish, French, German, Italian and Chinese since I seen him XD


Mouse would be proud


Last time number 4 was free was 5 months ago

Learn Mandarin - HSK 3 Hero (Android Language App) Temporarily FREE on Google Play was £8.99
Posted 17th JulPosted 17th Jul
The Hero Method allows you to quickly master Chinese characters by enforcing a recall and recognition process, essential for long-term memory. HSK 3 Hero covers 300 basic words i… Read more

Ah I see - thanks.


Different course numbers.... (confused)


I wonder why this has been posted five times in the past month - four of those times by the same person.

Refurbished (grade A) OnePlus 6T A6010 Dual Sim 128GB 16+20 MP Android Smartphone Black Unlocked
Posted 16th JulPosted 16th Jul
Seems grade A as per seller description, reputable one anyway. Only 1 available though 'This is a seller refurbished item in full working order. We have assessed this item and in … Read more

Will try FB next time


Usually gumtree, fb marketplace, but also eBay when 1fvf offer is on :)


Where do you sell them?, if I may ask, I'm not eligible for eBay £1 promotions


I know, I just sold an s10 and couple of iphones :D


It can get worse, trust me...

Philips 65PUS7303/12 65-Inch 4K Ultra HD Android Smart TV £729.99 @ Amazon Prime Day Deal
Posted 16th JulPosted 16th Jul
Ambilight three sided makes your viewing experience more immersive by emitting a wide glow from your TV screen onto the wall; colour and excitement move beyond the screen Ultra HD… Read more
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I bought this on Prime Day, but cancelled. This year's 7404 model, aka "The One" looks significantly better, so i'd rather wait for a good offer on that.


Can't believe I missed this. I have vouchers for Amazon & really need rid. Guess I'll wait till Black Friday.


Thanks OP, heat added, just bought one


OLED doesn't suit every household and sometimes LED really is the better option. The VA panel on this set gets to really impressive black levels and as an all round TV this is just a great set. I've got more top of the range TV's than I dare to mention (mainly OLED) but this particular set is a firm family favourite. The 7303/7383 range was and still is a highly impressive range of models. Philips did a great job on this one (y)


Gone for it (y)

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Motorola moto g6 5.7-Inch Android 8.0 Oreo Sim-Free Smartphone 4GB RAM 64GB Dual Sim Deep Indigo £101.65 @ Amazon Warehouse - Good Condition
Posted 16th JulPosted 16th Jul
Prime Exclusive - 20% off at checkout Dual Sim Amazon Exclusive - Huge 3,000 mAh battery with Turbo Power charger included providing hours of power in just minutes of charging (US… Read more

would it have worked better if it was more expensive ?!


There you go!


They weren't selling it for £69 though !


That's why I always buy from John Lewis


I had the g6 play and after 6 months it wouldn't connect to WiFi anymore. Known problem apparently...got the fun of getting a refund from cpw now

Sony Bravia KD49XF8096 49-Inch Android 4K HDR Ultra HD TV £479 @ Amazon (Prime Deal)
Posted 15th JulPosted 15th Jul
Good price for this 2018 model.
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Never heard of that before


Be warned: I had the 49xe8004 version of this TV. Thunderbugs/thrips got into the TV behind the panel. Thankfully, Sony replaced it under warranty with this more recent model, but I noticed last week that a thrip has also gotten into this one. I was even being careful not to have the windows open whilst using the TV.



Mine is over 15 years old an goijg strong


Warranty normally year with amazon but independent store get free 5 year warranty with this, but generally Sony tvs quite reliable

iOTA 360 11.6" Convertible Touch HD Windows 10 Laptop - Blue OR Red £99.99 from Amazon for Prime members
Posted 15th JulPosted 15th Jul
iOTA 360 11.6" Convertible Touch HD Laptop (Blue OR Red) - (Intel Quad Core Atom Z8350 (Burst 1.92GHz) Processor, 2 GB RAM, 32 GB eMMC Storage, QWERTY UK Keyboard, Windows 10) Li… Read more
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I bought 2 last year for our kids. One has already gone back and the doesn't hold charge any more. The price should have been the clue!


Friends don't let friends buy windows laptops with this sort of spec...


to add, this is from a review on Amazon 1. Buy an M.2 2242 240Gb (don't get less than 128Gb) SSD to fit into the spare M.2 slot under the laptop [this will become your main drive, so choose carefully and spend wisely]. The SSD is faster and more stable than the removable microSD card, as it runs as an integrated disk rather than an add on card. I have bought the 128gb one with the laptop, got it for £23


Cheers, there's so many different Amazon deals/vouchers etc available that it's quite difficult to keep up.


Also Save £ 10 at checkout. Prime Student members get an extra £10 off this and selected iOTA laptops. Offered by Amazon.co.uk. Here's how (terms and conditions apply)

Philips 55POS9002/05 55-Inch 4K OLED Android Smart TV with Ambilight 3-sided and HDR Perfect - Silver £899.99 @ Amazon (Prime Exclusive)
Posted 15th JulPosted 15th Jul
Ultra HD Premium certified with an OLED display; experience deeper blacks and impressive colours in stunning 4K Ultra HD resolution Philips P5 picture quality engine digitally opt… Read more
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I haven’t tried multiple partitions, but my main hdd is 20TB and I loses it purpose if I do 10x 2TB... I’m thinking in a rasberry pi and making a plex server


Pro tip to anyone who got one... Update the hell out of it. From the box, though the screen is incredible, the software is hot garbage. The updates have thankfully transformed it. Check multiple times to see if you've missed any, even after an update.


exFat isn't a well supported format. Not like FAT32 and NTFS. Can you try multi partitions?


Got mine, astonishing screen quality. I feel like when I changed my old CRT for an FullHD tv. 4k hdr videos are another world.Ambilight is awesome. But is not all happy days, some negative points, I was really surprised considering the price point: - I can not handle HDD over 2TB... really? - I can not read exFat - No option to go to a specific point in time in a movie, in 2019 and we still need to fast forward...


Mine has been dispatched, supposed to srrive tomorrow


Im hoping to get some light gaming mixed in. https://www.ebuyer.com/855754-lenovo-v330-14arr-ryzen-5-laptop-81b1001euk I've gone with this in the end


My understanding is the Ryzen 5 is more powerful version, but the screen quality is comparably poorer. With someone who currently has an i3-7100u (4gb ram) I can say that as long as you want to do basic things like run Microsoft office, surf net, stream things, or use SPSS (which is my life) etc then you won't need the extra power of the Ryzen. My current laptop handles those things fine without issue and this is a better processor and double the RAM


This or the similarly priced Lenovo V330-14ARR Ryzen 5


Previous deals with Lenovo and a 330 type model have differing opionions on the screen, poor viewing angles and brightness.


I've got this laptop. Use it for coding and general work. It's great. This is an absolute steal. I paid £389 for the 256gb ssd version. If you need a general laptop then I can highly recommend it. I build my own pcs too so have seen a lot of screens. Nothing wrong with this one.

ASUS K505ZA 15.6" Full HD Laptop (AMD R3-2200U, 256GB SSD, 8GB RAM, AMD Radeon Vega 3 Graphics, Windows 10) £319.99 Amazon Prime Excl
Posted 15th JulPosted 15th Jul
Powered by AMD's R3-2200U Dual-Core Processor A massive 256GB SSD Storage Drive for all your favourite pictures and videos 8GB of System Memory (RAM) to keep your computer moving… Read more
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In the specs it says it has a GTX 1050? Is this an error?


How does this compare with i3 8th gen?


To be honest no IWooden Go for a HueyAs a laptop That's just a fashion accessory if you get back as much better PCs out now You might have to Sacrifice on the body but I rather have something more powerful Then somethingAesthetically pleasing


I see you’re being just as helpful as ever... The thing you were just criticising me for (y) Oh yes, of course, they have a kill-switch to disable Windows laptops they’ve made if they can’t come to a trade agreement... Huawei will be fine and their laptops are some of the best made in this price range with a proper metal chassis and engineering. And you’d probably want a Huawei for the same reason people are still buying their phones...


Go for i5 or i7 or tyzen 5 or 7

Logitech MX Anywhere 2 AMZ Wireless Bluetooth Mouse for Windows and Mac, Black £26.99 Amazon Prime Excl
Posted 15th JulPosted 15th Jul
Logitech MX anywhere two Format: Right-handed; motion sensor technology: Laser Device Interface: Wireless RF + Bluetooth Movement resolution: 1000 DPI Type of buttons: Push butt… Read more

I have the AMZ version and indeed the pushbutton is there. Really good mouse, bought it to replace my 1st gen MX Anywhere in order to use via BT and free up a USB port in my laptop. There is one really annoying drawback if you use it via Bluetooth. It has a very aggressive energy saving that drops the wireless connection too quickly, so you find often that you have to wiggle it a bit to wake-up and reconnect before the cursor moves. Sadly, there's no way to increase the timeout in the settings, even if you download Logitech's software.


The pics in the advert for the item point out the 3 connection switch so I would expect it to be there...


Yes....and some people say it has lower DPI and is missing the multi computer switch button. (Amazon questions rarely provides me with actual answers. Whereas HUKD often does; hence why I asked)


Amazon. It’s literally the first question in the q&As on the product page. The MX Master AMZ is an Amazon exclusive rebadge of the original model.


What does the AMZ refer to in the Anywhere 2 AMZ name...and is this any different to the normal (but more pricey) Anywhere 2? (I'm deciding whether to go for this, or for the older version of the Microsoft Arc mouse)

OnePlus 6 (Dual SIM) 128 GB Android 8.1 Oreo/Oxygen UK Version SIM-Free Smartphone - Mirror Black £399 @ Amazon Prime
Posted 15th JulPosted 15th Jul
Features & details Display Type: 15.95 cm (6.28 Inch) full HD display Camera resolution: 20 MP dual main camera and 16 MP front camera Memory capacity: 128 GB of internal … Read more
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+1 I've got the official case too.


If I had to pick between a 6 and a 6t, I would take the 6, it is a nice slender device when used with one of the official slim design cases from Oneplus...6T just feels a bit bulky in comparison.


The differences between the 6 and the 6T are subtle and in fact the performance of the 6T isn't any better than the 6 according to GSMArena . Incidentally I'd love a 7 Pro (it's a proper step up IMO) but I think I'll be sticking with my 6 for a while longer! Daughter has a 3T, wife has a 5 so we're a OnePlus dominated family too.


I've got a 3t, 6, 6t and a 7 Pro, I find the 6 to be a great device, but 399 is not a great deal


I have a OnePlus 6 and it's great. This is a good price for new as far as I can see, anything used would be a different deal.

Nokia 5.1 Plus 5.8-Inch Android 9 Pie UK Sim-Free Smartphone 3GB RAM / 32GB Storage - Black / Blue - £89.99 Amazon Prime Excl
Posted 15th JulPosted 15th Jul
Prime day offer (y) If you don't see the price keep pressing Ctrl-F5 until the deal of the day price shows (angel) Save further £8 by getting the latest Amazon Top Up offer fi… Read more
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It is the price that will sway me to buy Nokia. £82 vs £154 and the software android one vs MIUI. Plus some searches in youtube like this: https://youtu.be/tnOV2C7JyK0 https://youtu.be/ZDYfVaPa0sg but thank you all for sharing this deals.


Ah OK, I just saw the linked comment. Such a specific thing to want. (lol)


Yeah I do agree @Mrswitch only issue with the note is I that it doesn't offer WiFi calling, it might do volte on three though. And that's what they are looking for


Just get the note 7, it's more expensive yes, but it's a much better option than this! In every area.


I’m not really sure I haven’t used the device it does look good though the phone. I think the best person to ask is @Mrswitch .

Logitech K400 Plus Wireless Touch Keyboard for Windows, Android and Chrome, Qwerty UK Layout, Black for £13.99 Prime Exclusive @ Amazon UK
Posted 15th JulPosted 15th Jul
Deal of the day All-in-one: With the K400 plus wireless USB keyboard with touchpad, enjoy total control of your PC to TV entertainment without the hassle and clutter of multiple d… Read more

Works well on Linux Mint


I've got one with my shield, works a dream


can you use this to type on Samsung's built in app in their TVs?


Different product quality and focus wise. I use the K380 and MX anywhere. Don't need a dongle as they are Bluetooth and both support 3 devices.


I just looked at this deal for a Logitech mouse https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/logitech-mx-master-amz-wireless-bluetooth-mouse-graphite-for-3699-delivered-at-amazon-3263049 and it looks like this doesn't use this unifying dongle (???), what a mess :(

Lenovo Tab M10 Tablet Bundle, Android, 10.1" HD, Slate Black and Smart Dock £130 at Currys
Posted 14th JulPosted 14th Jul
Top features: - Large display is perfect for photos or films - Built-in Alexa lets you control your smart home - Thin and light enough to be taken anywhere - Enjoy cinema … Read more
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Back to £149 now. But still available for £129 at lenovo (with 10% off to £116 if you follow my post) if anyone missed out on this one like I did.


Would this perform better than the Echo Show 2 (10inch)? Thinking of upgrading the old 1st gen Show.


Just bought the P10 from eBay for £140, it's a bit laggy but perfectly acceptable, echo show is a big plus though and the main selling point being a 2 in 1 imo. I'd prefer to use Google assistant in the Dock, hopefully someone hacks it but I doubt it.


I got this last week. The speaker is decent on the dock. Tablet is a bit slow and unfortunately the tablet and Dock pairing is very buggy. I've had to reinstall alexa show mode 3 times in the past week. (embarrassed) Also the Bluetooth randomly disconnects about 3 times an hour on average. It's a known bug by lenovo.


That sucks

Sony KD-43X8307C 43 inch Smart 4K UltraHD TV (Android TV, 4K Processor X1, 4K X-Reality Pro) - Silver now £420.20 delivered at Amazon
Posted 13th JulPosted 13th Jul
4K Processor X1: Whatever you watch is boosted to near 4K Ultra HD clarity with higher colour and contrast Android TV: All the personalisation, intelligence and entertainment of y… Read more

Price has increased, now £583.63


That would be a punt but I guess you could return it!


How would they have such old tvs, remote chance they are shipping out a newer model instead?


2015 model. Pretty old now.

Microsoft Windows 1.11 Free (Requires Windows 10)
Posted 11th JulPosted 11th Jul
A quirky little giveaway here to coincide with the launch of Season 3 of Stranger Things on Netflix, one thats sure to take a fair few here on a nostalgia trip. Description Ex… Read more
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I know its only a game but at 750mb its quite amazing how big it is compared with what the actual size of windows 1.x was (probably about 10-30mb). I guess thats 30+ years of progress (or middle age spread)


They did alright. You know the A in ARM originally stood for Acorn, right? (nerd)


Standards like "V.32bis" were the dogs bullocks as I remember, back then you paid call charges to BBS's to download your, erm, public domain, games so faster was better. (flirt) en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Modem (y)


I’m thinking of selling my Mac as I miss those blue screens


Yes blue screens included! (lol)

Email only!!!!  Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 4G Phablet 6.3 inch MIUI 10 ( Android 9.0 )  £112.70 app Gearbest
Posted 11th JulPosted 11th Jul
Unlocked for Worldwide use. Please ensure local area network is compatible. click here for Network Frequency of your country. Please check with your carrier/provider before purch… Read more

Had the 4X originally after leaving the iPhone behind. Then the Note 5 and now the Note 7 in the snappy blue (lol) . Excellent for the price and happy with the performance (y) love these phones.


Yes you do. If you want to receive offers. 🖒


I got the app and signed in to my account, no email? Do I have to subscribe to the marketing emails?


If you get an app you'll need to register, so that way you will get an email as well. Simple. 🖒


Why does the title say "Email only"?

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