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HP Desktop PC - Windows 10 Intel 4GB 128GB SSD only £229.99 @ Amazon
Posted 26th MayPosted 26th May
Great deal - 30% off. Is usually £329, save £100 and get it for £229. Tiny box too, quite neat. Really decent price for a computer. And on Amazon prime
Avatar londonmax
Get deal*Get deal*

Thanks @londonmax for taking the time to post and share your first deal with us :)


This use's the much newer and far more efficient Intel Pentium Silver J5040 @ 2.00GHz. Whilst it's not as fast as the older i5 (about 25% slower) it's massively more efficient needing 700%+ less power! (10W TDP V 77W TDP) It also has hardware x265/4k support so for a very low power media rig this would be great, however I agree that the price is too high. You can pick up 7th Gen i5 7500 SFF PC's on ebay delivered for £120 (also has hardware x265/4k support) and that really would smoke the J5040 (Albeit less efficient obviously)


I picked up an old SFF i5 3470, 4gb ram and a 240gb ssd boot drive also fitted with 2 x 1TB HDDs for £80.. It would blow this machine out of the water, for a 1/3 of the price! My advice would be to do some research and try to pick up an old thin client form eBay or FB marketplace, a lot of them will have better specs and cost a fraction of this 'deal'.


So you didn't notice the wink emoji then.. Oh dear. 🤷🏻‍♂️🙏🦖💨


Lol, processors don't get slower with age! (lol) You think is wireless because you cannot see a wire from the pc or monitor? You need to learn you some cable management skills! LOLS! (lol) (y)

Lenovo T460 Laptop i5-6300U 8GB RAM 256GB SSD Windows 10 refurb- only £157.50 delivered with code at ITZOO
Posted 26th MayPosted 26th May
another cracking deal from ITZoo Grade: B Brand & Model: Lenovo Thinkpad T460 Processor: Intel i5 6300U 2.4Ghz Screen: 14" 1366 x 780 Memory: 8GB DDR-3 Storage: 256GB SSD Optical D…
Avatar martinelsen

You can easily install Windows 11 on this laptop using open source scripts or command line, there's various ways and none of them are hacks. Personally I would stay with Windows 10, the 11 interface is confused and has some outright stupid user interface/experience decisions made by Microsoft such as right click context menu not showing Copy/Paste unless you click on more options.


Are ITZOO still deleting negative reviews off their website?


Created the windows 11 usb updater with the tweak to ignore TPM. Runs perfectly on the laptop with all updates


Refurbished units are for people who couldnt give a rats behind about benchmark and latests super duper specs on a pc! Not everyone wants to pay big prices, for simple office work and internet usage this laptop fits the bill and at sensible price! I agree if you want performance and the latest bells n whistles then buy new! oh by the way current and new would be 12th gen amigo!


This is 6 generation old. This i5 is a dual core with average benchmark of 3,260 where 11th gen is quad core with average benchmark of 10,097. Pay double amount and get current spec.. and that's not just cpu. The built in gpu will be better, nvme ssd drive, 1080p screen, usb 3.2, usb C.. better wifi and so on.

Refurb Dell XPS 13 9365 Laptop i7-7Y75 256GB 8GB Windows 10 Pro - £280 delivered using code @ ITZOO
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Posted 26th MayPosted 26th May
great price for a 7th Gen i7 13” touchscreen laptop use code at checkout for this price Grade: B *TOUCHSCREEN Brand & Model: Dell XPS 13 9365 Processor: Core i7 i7-7Y75 1.3GHz Screen…
Avatar martinelsen

Mor0nic comments. Let me outline what this computer is good for, and similar spec laptops. Any office based task. Word, excel, PowerPoint, emails. To any degree (heavy light etc) Development to a fairly high level Jet brains suit, visual studio code, C, PHP, full stack on local computer. Indie games will be fine. Basic to medium Photoshop will be fine and work well with touchscreen The whole Adobe suit used from a basic to medium level. And by medium I'm talking anyone who is learning in any fashion and even producing production ready artwork to normal levels outside of main job specialty What it is not suitable for. (By the way it wasn't suitable for this new) - gaming - rendering (3d, cad) - mining Any university student would be ok with this pretty much. (And lower) In buying something like this your getting 'the premium laptop of this type of its age', with great screen, keyboard and trackpad, coupled with premium build quality. Your also saving a small fortune (these were nearly £2k new) and your helping the environment. Yes the ram is lower but things cope. It's called swap space to the SSD. You can easily buy new laptops which will be more than this and slower. Alot slower. Not to mention you could put on it: - windows 10 - Linux (Ubuntu, pop) - Chrome OS - Plex server - game hosting server (Cs go etc) - smart home device using the touch screen nicely (say for Spotify connecting your smart speakers) - a self hosted VPN, and blocker, anything And being low power means cheap bills. Please ig ore the stupid people. Ps I own two tech companies. - Is in stock


Should be able to downgrade to Windows 11 OK. Might need a registry edit, but I had no issues with that on a 2014 laptop, so I'm sure this would be fine.


All gone.


Great price. Great laptop. I have an older 9343 (i7 5500u) and it is still a great snappy laptop. Not sure what people do with their laptops (I used it for work and I am not a light user) but I think this should be sufficient for most uses.


Why do you assume students need less power than the average office Joe?

HP 245 G8 14 Inch Laptop Ryzen 5 5500U/8GB/256GB SSD/Windows 10 - £343.96 delivered (UK Mainland only, with code) eBay/buyitdirectdiscounts
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Posted 23rd MayPosted 23rd May
Last time when I found this was around £380. Well, it's close to £300 and you get lots of processing power ;) The max ram is 16GB according to this site . CROWN20 is the code now! :) …
Avatar sisqoboy
Zek I did a calibration of the screen, two icm files, Warm is 6500k (default) and Cool is 7500k white, I use the cool one as prefer it. Happy with it so far, screen is the weak point but I think it's good enough just.


Does anyone know if you need to update BIOS and BIOS-System Firmware or just one of those? I'm on F11 so looks like I need to update the BIOS one to F17, not sure about the BIOS-System Firmware though?


I have 3 HPs (1 for work) and the best one's keyboard started fading within the first year (and it's used the least). Any idea if this is an issue with this laptop please? EDIT: Very good deal in my view but then I've seen who the seller is. If they share the same ethos as Aircondirect (who I believe may be part of the same company?) then good luck if it breaks or you have problems with it. My experience with their customer services a couple of years ago was a complete mare.


Specs are great at this price point. 6 core processor, upgradeable RAM and storage. I previously owned a 250 G7 which has a similar build, the plastic build is crap but sturdy enough


Bought, thanks. Just hoping the screen is OK, bought a Dell one not that long ago that had to go back as the colours were really bad and it even had ghosting, which I haven't seen for a long time!

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Refurbished Grade A Dell Latitude 5490 14" Laptop i5 5-8250U/8GB/256GB SSD/Windows 10 Pro from £361.78 delivered @ Dell Refurbished
17/06/2022Expires on 17/06/2022Posted 19th MayPosted 19th May
Worth looking around, there are many configurations available but limited stock I am afraid. If you buy one, make sure you pick the one with FHD screen because that's the same price as the …
Avatar sisqoboy

You can get 11th Gen i5 for around this price.


Dell Leasing (not regular Dell UK) overpriced 5 year old ex-leasing gear. What's inside the Grade A looking exterior is a worn out motherboard with 6 months warranty.


I5 8th gen is still OK. But this is series 5, so not best model in terms of build quality and given the current prices, I think it should be much cheaper.


In the current market this seems overpriced to me


You can find 5490 on ebay for much, much less...

HUAWEI MateBook 14 2021 Windows 10 Home i5 8GB/512GB/Space Grey £499.99 With Coupon Delivered (Add Mouse For £1.99) @ Huawei
Posted 19th MayPosted 19th May
Nice price drop, note that you need to be logged in, and scroll down after clicking get deal, to claim the £150 off this laptop, final price is £499.99 About this item 【Professional …
Avatar MrSwitch
Get deal*Get deal*

Hello @MrSwitch , as of now am seeing the price is £649 and can not apply further any coupon.. am I missing something.pleaee help.thank you


Can normally tell at the price what it'll be but I agree with you. U series are most common.


I was literally just about to head out to buy a Surface 4 when I saw this...this is a great deal isn't it? Or am I missing something


Cold.. OP description just isn’t cutting it for me.. maybe try adding a little pep in your step? :)


Ive got warranty till dec 2022,but i was told by huawei they migh charge me becuase its wear and tear,said they would inspect and then tell me if i have to pay or not.