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4 Pack Monster Mule Ginger Brew 500ml 99p @ Farmfoods

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    There's a reason these are cheap 🤮
    Personal choice. I got a large amount from discount dragon. Gave samples away to mates, they all like it and have bought more themselves. If, however, you don't like ginger beer, then definitely don't buy this. (edited)
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    I'm guessing these are "full fat"?
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    Great for a dark and stormy, just add a double woods rum.
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    £1 for 4 in Herrons. I had one today, quite nice.
    That's handy to know 🏻
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    Dates on my cans 2/2023. They'll be long gone before that 😁
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    Also available at 2 for £1 if you don't want 4
    Am I missing something
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    Hot from me, I love ginger beer and often need energising
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    amazing price, this stuff tastes great.
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    One of the best flavours! Hot.
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    Man I just brought the discount dragon one for 50p per can but these work out better. I'll go get another 24 haha
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    Damn, wish I'd seen this earlier!
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    If they had a full fat version I think these would be great , sweeteners in ginger beer don’t taste right to me 
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    I’ve only had one of these ever but it was delicious! I thought they had loads of sugar in so didn’t buy more, little do I know!
    Well, not that you can technically call ‘sugar’. Still full of crap (edited)
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    Taste not for me gor 2 for £1 in HB last week
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    Had these before there fine especially at the price .
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    These are deadly with the 19 spoons of sugar inside, say goodbye to your immune system and say hello to bad health... Hence the antichrist symbol when upside drinking it, 666...
    Apart from these don't have sugar in...
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    Literally tastes like ginger beer. Can't taste the caffeine at all (which I find to be a good thing) (edited)