FarmFoods discount codes

FarmFoods Discount Codes

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FarmFoods specialises in selling frozen meat, ready meals, sweets, snacks and household essentials like tissues and towels, and always at bargain prices. There are over 300 FarmFoods outlets in the UK, and at HotUKDeals you can find discount vouchers to save money at all of them. How to redeem FarmFoods vouchers

All FarmFoods Voucher & Promo Codes for May 2020

£10 off on £100 spend,£7.5 on £75 £5 on £50, and £ 2 on £25 spend.Print and Use Voucher Straight away
Farm food mostly send local residents voucher list but those who don't get them, now you can download and print and use in farmfood, i always use to buy 72 COCA COLA cans for £20 … Read more

This used to be a good store with a good discount of 10% easily available to all. But now you must enter email addresses and print out personal identifiable vouchers which rapidly expire. So not such a good store now!


Why is this not hotter then this - beats me :( FWIW I have voted hot for this as it deserves it.


How can a free voucher be cold? Surely it all helps! Whether you are stocking up on coke and kitchen rolls, or buying food! Money off is always good :)


Was good before when they gave u £2.50 off £25 spend now it's just £2


Heat added. It's handy for someone who's going to do that much shopping anyway.

FarmFoods Print at Home Vouchers - £2 off a £25 spend, £5 off £50, £7.50 off £75, £10 off £100
£2 off a £25 spend £5 off a £50 spend £7.50 off a £75 spend £10 off a £100 spend Print at home valid till the end of May

1 per transaction but if you ask the Assistant nicely they will normally stop scanning at say £25 let you pay with voucher and carry on .


Anyone know if you can use them all together or is it just one per transaction? Thanks!


If you have the flyer which gave £2.50 off on a £25 and other coupons they are valid until 18th May. Hope that helps.


Ohhh just noticed they changed it from £2.50 to £2 - thanks farmfoods😡


Yes, Used to be £2.50

Farmfoods Money Saving Vouchers £2.50 off £25 spend / £5 off £50 spend / £10 off £100 Spend
Click the Black circle on the top right of the link and download the coupons simple

They offer £2 now on £25 spend NOT £2.50


thanx for posting


Thanks (y)

Coupons for FarmFoods
Just spotted this on the FarmFoods website

Thanks for posting (y)


We some times get these through the post always use them when we do, thank you for letting me know they do them on line ... heat added


Already knew about this but heat given for the reminder. I’m sure it’ll help someone (y)


Coma, surely?


Hot. Not been posted for a couple of months and I didn't realise you can get them online. I miss them since I put the no junk mail sign in my mailbox.

Farmfoods Vouchers e.g £2.50 off £25 spend - see link for others
Up to £10 off at Farmfoods

Haven’t had one of their flyers thru my door in 3 months or more so thanks for the printable vouchers (y)


We go to farmfoods about once a month and take all the vouchers with us. We only use one so we hand the rest out to other shoppers.


About 20 years that I know of


Not a ‘deal’ as such as they’ve been running this promotion for as long as I can remember and get regular flyers with vouchers on them. Good to remind folk of the discounts though!

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Vouchers for farm foods from £2.50 OFF to £10 OFF
1) £2.50 off when you spend £25 2) £5 off when you spend £50 3) £7.50 off when you spend £75 4) £10 off when you spend £100 FOLLOW THE LINK

Hey! I just wonder,who is still shopping there...ha hah a...enormous prices... and years ago I got poisoned by frozen ham... (horror)


I didn't get them in the post


We get these posted through the door on a flyer


I quite like the £10 off £10 offer

£2.50/ £5.00/ £7.50/ £10.00 off vouchers for Farm Foods - get Pepsi/ Pepsi Max for 20p/ can
Basically you get 10% off. Expiry 24th March. Unlimited uses.

Good deal but it is a permanent deal. Posted by many people for instance myself in 2013: And when they had a £12 off £100 spend in early 2016: Still it is good to remind people to get the vouchers.


Heat Added Good Deal, Never shopped there Before but there's some really good Deals there and i will be popping in again.


Good deal, just stocked up on Pepsi Max, we get a farmfoods leaflet every month with the vouchers in, it's one of those leaflets that the postman brings that you usually just chuck in the bin without reading it.


It's true - I did that last year to get a fiver back when I left the voucher at home, they told me at the till to go home & get it


Guy in farm foods told me other day if u forget voucher if you take them in they give you the money back.. don’t know if this is true but he was working at the check out..

£2.50 off when you spend £25 @ Farmfoods
I know it's not everyone's cup of tea but you can print off some money off vouchers from their website which will entitle you to £2.50 off every £25 you spend. Valid till 14/2/17. … Read more

Thanks as this wil help my brother. Only one of each on a sheet tho which is a pain lol


Spot on, I always shop from there.


I just used a voucher on Sunday and was informed by staff at my local store that if you forget your voucher you can return with your receipt at a later day and they will give you the discount in cash. Handy if you are not carrying a voucher or you go in for a couple of things and decide to buy more. I would say that Farmfoods is the cheapest supermarket in Britain if you factor in the 10 per cent vouchers.


Put the heating on then


Or just use 50 :/

Farmfoods Vouchers until 11th Feb 2018. £2.50 off £25, £5 off £50, £10 off £100 spend
It's effectively 10% off a £25, £50 or £100 spend. Cheerful staff who accept the vouchers happily.

Thank you, that's handy to know.


The cashier only took/applied one from me, so I guess if you get someone willing to accept more than one then maybe you could get away with stacked vouchers.


Thanks OP (y)


No you can get £17.50off if you spend £175.00 or over £12.50 off if spend £125.00 or over so on it’s only a 10% discount offer


Printing now. Cheers op

Farmfoods money off vouchers £2.50, £5, £10 for £25, £50 £100 spend
The printable vouchers are back, this set valid till end of year, 31st Dec 2017. Cheaper for already cheap items. Supermarket format is like the old Iceland, mostly frozen. £2.50 … Read more

It's hot because people vote for it to be hot. What's not fair about that?




Farmfoods stopped doing the online vouchers in 2016 and first part of 2017. This is my second post this year of this since the online vouchers returned after the summer. There are always many who are unaware as I never ever see another shopper at the till in store use them whenever I went to a store once a month or bimonthly.


Good for you, I don't get these through the post so heat added and thanks for the effort OP


Sounds lovely 😩

Farmfoods money off voucher for £25, £50 £100 spend
The printable vouchers are back, this set valid till 31st Oct 2017. Cheaper for already cheap items. £2.50 for £25, £5 off for £50 ] £10 off for £100 spend

Always get mine with junk mail, then always forget to take


Nicky elite toilet roll is on offer too 3 packs for £10 which will help get to the voucher threshold.




They come through mine too. I, however, appreciate that they don't get posted through EVERYBODY'S door hence this deal helps EVERYBODY out. Voted hot. Thanks OP


Posted through my door every few weeks,no gaps cold

Farmfoods leaflets and vouchers coming back January 2017
INSTRUCTIONS: Spend £25 GET £2.50 OFF Spend £50 get £5 off MINIMUM SPEND: £25
alan_duff always been available online pdf...


Good, good

farmfoods vouchers (printable on link)
INSTRUCTIONS: farmfoods vouchers entitles you to £2.50 off your shop when spend £25 or £5 when spend £50 or £10 when spend £100

unfortunately you need to print, there isn't a code just have to present voucher and they take and sign there initial.


Hi I don't have printer how do I get code please

Farmfoods Vouchers Money off £100 increased from £10 to £12, Now £12.50 off
INSTRUCTIONS: Print off, buy the voucher amount and hand over at till. APPLIES TO: Things bought in store MINIMUM SPEND: £100

hi am happy to shopin very nice


hi can you print the vouchers in black & white or do they need to be in colour to use them.


What did you set this up on A3 ?, Printing out the coupons they come out huge and no matter what size you tell it to print in it never fits the A4 paper.


Hot ;)


The other lower money off amounts have stayed the same.

Farmfoods £10 off £100 spend increased to £12 off
INSTRUCTIONS: Hand over voucher when buying. Click the link to access the vouchers, then print off and use in store. APPLIES TO: Things bought. MINIMUM SPEND: £1… Read more

I posted this over a week ago!


Thanks. will try tomorrow.


I think that should be fine as the vouchers are all the same anyway, they just put them in the till, no barcodes are scanned or anything


never got it but manage to print. will it be OK?


Hi, it's normally on a promotional flyer that's posted through the door

Farmfoods 10% discount until Feb 2016. Save £2.50 - £10
Farmfoods are already cheaper for most stuff. Frankie Boyle once said that Jeremy Kyle gets his guests by firing tranquillizer darts into Farmfoods. I don't mind as I'm saving anot… Read more

now till 31st january 2016 from brocher, that comes in door.

10% Discount OFF £25, £50, £75, £100 Spend Amounts using printable vouchers @ FarmFoods
Farmfoods have a selection of Printable Vouchers, which essentially give a 10% discount off 4 different spend amounts.The vouchers available are as follows... £2.50 off a £25 spend… Read more

Great thankyou


If you click on 'redeem voucher', it opens another page on to your computer transfers into printable pdf document and you can print as many as you like from your home printer. I have just printed mine off and going shopping!


Just an idea, but why don't you L-ALT + Print Screen when viewing the coupon to grab the screen image, open in MS Paint or image editor, select the coupon you want, then crop, copy and then paste as many as you need into Wordpad.:-) No need for a PDF editor then ;-) Hope that helps!


Thanks ;) Now I need a PDF Editor to make 4 x £2.50 off voucher per page. :|


Looks like you were right, thanks to whoever moved it.

Up to £25 off for November 2014 using printable vouchers @ FarmFoods

Wouldn't shop there after working there, food was thawing for 8 hours in the warm warehouse.


Used to use this to buy bacon in bulk. Sadly my local one closed down to become a Sainsburys local store.

£5 off a £50 spend / £10 off a £100 spend using printable vouchers @ FarmFoods

well that was uselful --not --it tells youm that you can get £2.50 off a £25 spend then when you click onm it you have to spend £50 --misleading !!


you cannot ask for the £2.50 anymore they have stopped it now only £5 and up and also this months leaflet will be the last of the £2.50 vouchers


You actually don't need a physical voucher in farmfoods. Just get to checkout and ask for £2.50 off your £25 shop or £5 off etc and they will scan their master coupon at till. They recognise people don't all get the leaflets in free papers. Someone told me instore and I've done it ever since. If unsure just ask staff member before you start shopping and they will confirm.

Newest FarmFoods Discount Codes:

DiscountFarmFoods Discount DetailsExpires
£10£10 off on £100 spend,£7.5 on £75 £5 on £50, and £ 2 on £25 spend.Print and Use Voucher Straight away13/10/2019
£2FarmFoods Print at Home Vouchers - £2 off a £25 spend, £5 off £50, £7.50 off £75, £10 off £1008/05/2019
£2.50Farmfoods Money Saving Vouchers £2.50 off £25 spend / £5 off £50 spend / £10 off £100 Spend27/04/2019
% offCoupons for FarmFoods18/01/2019
£2.50Farmfoods Vouchers e.g £2.50 off £25 spend - see link for others20/11/2018