This deal expires on 31 January at 23:59
Posted 9 January 2023

Buy Any Dozen & Get An Original Glazed Dozen for £2 (e.g. Original Glazed Dozen for £14.95) via Krispy Kreme Rewards @ Krispy Kreme

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About this deal

Here's your chance to double up and get an Original Glazed Dozen for just £2, when you purchase any Dozen in a Krispy Kreme shop.

As you can tell prices have increased like everything else but a good deal if you’re planning on buying a dozen this month to get an addition glazed dozen for £2.

Also 10% cashback if you use Amex offers


(Sorry not sorry if I’ve broken you’re New Years resolution)


Offer only valid in Krispy Kreme Shops. Not
available in Selfridges, Tesco, Morrisons,
Sainsbury's, Asda, Moto, Welcome Break,
Roadchef, EuroGarages, Center Parcs, Deliveroo,
Just Eat, Uber Eats, Krispy Kreme mobile events
and Krispy Kreme Nationwide delivery. Subject to
availability. Offers available until Tuesday 31st
January 2023. This offer entitles the member to
an Original Glazed doughnut dozen for £2, when
they buy any full price dozen. To redeem, the
member must have added the product they wish
to purchase to their Rewards wallet and present
their Rewards ID shown on the Krispy Kreme app
to a colleague instore. Cannot be used in
conjunction with any other offers. Excludes hot
doughnuts. Krispy Kreme UK reserves the right to
change, cancel or amend offer at any time.
Krispy Kreme More details at Krispy Kreme
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  1. Avatar
    Don't get me wrong, I like a doughnut but £17 for a couple of boxes of sugar coated dough. Not really seeing the hot deal here.
  2. Avatar
    Or for £17, get 85 Asda doughnuts and binge yourself to a heart attack
  3. Avatar
    Don’t forget Amex holders get 10% upto £5 when you activate in rewards
  4. Avatar
    Damn those original glazed prices have sky rocketed!
  5. Avatar
    Ridiculously overpriced
  6. Avatar
    Prices are gone through the roof for these. Pick your dozen is like £19. And these glazed are still well over priced. Krispy K, you’ve really losing interest from customers.
  7. Avatar
    Still nearly a £1 a donut!! Still a rip off! Should be bout 50p each at the most for bulk buys just my opinion
    About the same individual price at Gregg's these days, and I'm not paying that either!
  8. Avatar
    Lovely item but overpriced
  9. Avatar
    Love original glazed...warmed for 10secs in the microwave and washed down wi'tea...mmm...

    But..nah..can't justify the expenditure of enjoying this little luxury ..mad prices in there. But great deal IF you're gonna buy anyway. Sods law when I've needed to buy, there's never an offer on (edited)
  10. Avatar
    This has no comparison to a real fresh doughnut. For a stale piece of sugar coated flour it's not cheap
  11. Avatar
    Without the discount now its about £25 so taking into consideration we cant get that timemachine out Its a bloody good deal for an overpriced item
  12. Avatar
    I prefer to buy a brioche burger bun. They taste better.
  13. Avatar
    Good for parties or weddings but not for a family.
  14. Avatar
    They’ve got to go out of business. Who can afford this? How is it a deal?
    Most people can afford £17, but most would also choose to spend that for something better value. Most of these dessert places their donuts are over £1 each and at Greggd I buy 2 for £1.20, which are not as good as Krispy Kreme.
  15. Avatar
    Needed this 3 weeks ago when I bought 5 boxes for the office.
  16. Avatar
    So 24 donuts for 16.95 or am I understanding wrong ?
    You are right.
  17. Avatar
    They would sell more donuts if they sell individually for 60-70p each rather than boxes
  18. Avatar
    I am not getting the deal
    Ahh… I will try the app
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