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Posted 7 March 2023

eFootball 2022 PlayStationPlus Member FREE Bonus (March-June) - 300 eFootball Coins, Exp. 4000 x23 @ Playstation Store

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An exclusive FREE bonus for PlayStation®Plus Subscribers (March - June).

■ Bonus Contents

① 300 eFootball™ Coins
In-game currency used to sign players in eFootball™ World, as well as to purchase in-game items.

② Exp. 4000 Training Program x23 (PS Exclusive)
An item used to gain Experience Points and level up players.

Offer ends 6/6/2023

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  1. kcspurs's avatar
    I just want master league
    rapid85's avatar
    Apparently that's going to essentially be DLC.
  2. Redinho's avatar
    I still hate this game, bring back 2021
    galaxy20's avatar
    I get why you say that but there’s a little more balance as 2021 those legend players had you running in circles
  3. Glasshalfsmashed58's avatar
    This isn't Pro Evo.
  4. richHDUK's avatar
    eFootball, surprisingly, is good now. Yes, it's not very complete but given that football games haven't meaningfully changed now in 25 years, who cares? Do you really need to play another manager career? Or play a season of Serie A matches? Been there, done all that.

    What eFootball does for me is that it plays a solid game of football and the events mean that every few days you can pop on, play a few matches, earn some points or a chance deal player and get out. I've built a top-level squad entirely for free.

    The on the pitch action is certainly no worse than the last FIFA I played or indeed the last full PES that I played either. This is good, free and, if played in the spirit it is intended, a really good option if you don't want to spend £60 on a new FIFA.
    subzero1234's avatar
    Exactly, not spent a penny on it, been getting to division 3 regularly. Been a win off division 2
  5. subzero1234's avatar
    I'm really enjoying it. Updates have sorted the game out, if your good, your good,

    Also you don't even need ps plus to play online. That's a massive bonus. Proper free to play game. (edited)
    essjay_22's avatar
    The hate against it is silly. It's decent.
  6. jokerevo's avatar
    no coop, no bingo bango
  7. delusion's avatar
    It's terrible this year. Don't touch it.
  8. dixonofdockbean's avatar
    Having been a big pro Evo fan for a number of years I was gutted when this came out. Played the beta - garbage. Played the released game - just as garbage. Gave up on it. Glad to see from these comments that it is now payable at least. Think I have moved on though.
    nickyzizou's avatar
    Nothing will ever touch the halcyon days of the PS2 / Xbox era! Glorious.
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