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These days, gaming is about a lot more than just your basic console, controllers and the discs containing the games themselves. Much of the data in games is now processed remotely by services like PlayStation Plus, without which modern multiplayer gaming wouldn’t be possible. This buyer’s guide explains what PlayStation Plus is all about and how it can benefit PS4 owners. Read more
PlayStation®Plus: 12 Month Membership for £49.99 & incl. 3 Months of NETFLIX for FREE.. @ PSN
TODAY at 20:00Expires TODAY at 20:00Found 5 h, 35 m agoFound 5 h, 35 m ago
...simply by using PlayStation Network £50 GBP voucher to pay for it, which is now on sale on eBay for £40.79...… Read more

Still £21 via Indonesia store.


...just a quick update. £40.79 worked like a dream, as I've received code after 30 minutes, even though delivery was scheduled for Tuesday next week, so already added PS+ subscription to my account and it came down to £1.40 a month, so well chuffed 8) FEEL FREE TO VOTE THIS DEAL COLD (highfive)


I Think sony are setting themselves up for a lot of hassle come 3 months time when they get all the complaints about customers being mislead by the picture making it look like it's 12 months of netflix, which likely most people will realise is too good to be true, read the details and just be annoyed and not want the deal because it was misleading in title & picture then clarified in small print. But there's still going to be a number of customers who don't read and do complain - though by that point sony has their money and wont care anymore


...check description, cos moderator changed its title ;-)


This has been listed a lot already.

Playstation PS Plus 12 month membership / £31.34 with 5% discount code @ CD Keys
Found 16th AugFound 16th Aug
PS Plus 12 month membership - £31.34 @ CD Keys. Couldnt find any cheaper at the moment. Get an extra 5% off to make it £31.34:… Read more
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Hi. Yes this is what he needs.


Hi - excuse my lack of knowledge (I'm an old fart!) but my son is getting a PS4 for his birthday - is this what he needs in order to play online (e.g. Fortnite) with his mates or does he need something else? Thanks in advance MSWEBB

Fissshie If you want a work around, you can create an account and set it to UK and redeem it. When you change profile on PS4 onto your main you should have PS+ on the alt. It wouldn't be on your account, but if it's shared on the PS4 you can practically go online.


Hot! Last two years plus was free as an apology from Sony as they decided to give someone else my account (they called up and pretended to be me, not actually knowing anything about me, social engineered the support staff who willingly handed over the account, then they set up 2SV so I had no way of getting it back. Nightmare!!) Finally battled with them and it was returned.


I'm UK but have a US account, any chance this code could work?

FIFA 19 Ultimate Edition + PS Plus 12 months + 2200 FUT Points Pre-Order Bundle £104.13 at PSN Store Indonesia
Found 14th AugFound 14th Aug
I honestly know know if this represents a hot deal or who this Edition of FIFA19 is aimed at, or who might go for the pre-orders (maybe pro FIFA players?) as I don’t actively buy t… Read more
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This would be a great deal if it weren't for the fact that the bonus items you get from the ultimate edition will be tied to your throwaway Indonesian account.


Oh I agree. To most it’s a hot or cold vote regardless of what they’re actually voting on. To be fair most of the comments have been quite sensible.


The thing is, on the whole, folk on here don’t seem able to see a deal for what it is, if everyone articulated their response in the manner you just did everything would be fine. But no, it’s usually bravado fuelled one liners from part time keyboard warriors that add nothing to the discussion.


A friend of mine actually did buy the expensive early release edition of Fifa17 but even that I thought was madness. And no I don’t pay for any early editions of any games. There is no reason why I can’t wait till the game is on general release.


I alluded to the fact it might go that way in the original post.

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PlayStation Plus - 15 Month Subscription (UK) £37.80 / £39.79 @ CdKeys
Refreshed 12th AugRefreshed 12th Aug
Good price for ps+ sub. Works out £2.52 per month or £30.24 for 12 months after 5% off facebook code.

I hope so 😁


The same kind of deal was accidentally up there last year as well. Not sure how they didn't catch it before this prime day... Fingers crossed and maybe we'll see it again next year!


Ordered thanks OP


£28 profit, wow! You hustler, you.


Red Dead Redemption 2 is coming so multiplayer is a must for me

PlayStation®Plus: 12 Month Membership (includes 3 months Netflix subscription) - £49.99
Found 11th AugFound 11th Aug
PlayStation®Plus: 12 Month Membership (Netflix) Description Offer starts 10th August 2018, 10:00 (BST), ends 24th August 2018, 10:00 (BST) or while stocks last. Participants must … Read more
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...that's why I was asking, if this stuck up on existing PS+ subscription (2 months left on mine), but it seems nobody knows!?!


Agreed, I'm always looking on cd keys to get my xbox live gold and ps plus, it's madness how much they charge


£10 more than Xbox live for a service that’s not as good Sony having a laugh if people pay it I get both for around £26 to be fair must be mad to pay over that ever with all cheap options out there


Same deal £21 via Indonesian PSN Store.


The rrp is 50 now 😨

Electronauts vr playstation £13.59 with ps plus
21/08/2018Expires on 21/08/2018Found 7th AugFound 7th Aug
£13.59 with ps plus... £16.99 without ps plus... What Electronauts does is puts you on centre stage as a DJ, allowing you to use the tools it provides to drop your own remixes, be… Read more
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I don't disagree. Plus they are going to support it with free songs too. I reckon a tenner feels like a fair price but if they support it with more content that'll be value over time I guess. The big issue I had was the lack of instruments. All the songs have the orbs but hardly any have the harp or synth ball.


If it's fun for a few hours, it's worth money. I agree that it won't really appeal to most gamers, nor experienced musicians and producer/dj types, but it's still an interesting experience nonetheless.


This isn’t really worth money. It’s not a game but rather just a remixing tool. Experienced musicians will find it shallow and the VR element is very superficial. It is fun for a few hours though.


Not tried it myself yet...just seen some reviews from today and they are saying it's the most fun they have had in VR yet


Just watched a broadcast of this on the ps4, looks absolutely dreadful.

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PlayStation Plus 12 months + Netflix 3 months bundle £21.00 at PSN Store Indonesia
Found 4th AugFound 4th Aug
Priced at 350,000 RP - £21.00 in equivalent PSN credit. To complete purchase you will need either 2 x 200,000 RP or 1 x 400,000 RP PSN cards from Offgamers (£24.22 either way). … Read more
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Heads up, the free PS+ games for August for Indonesia ie Mafia 3 and Syberia 3 are now available to download (this usually happens a few days after the UK goes live).


@dodoegg1 When you set a console as primary for a user, the purchases and subscriptions belonging to that user are made available to any user on that console. If you want to benefit from those same purchases or subscriptions on another console, you have to be logged in as that user. As the other console is not primary for that user, no other user on that console may play that user's games or take advantage of their subscriptions. Game sharing works in this exact way but your friend's account is invariably another UK one. If you can convince your friend to start using the Indonesian account instead of their own, it's game sharing. The down side is that the non-primary console has to be connected to PSN to authorise the use of the games... If the Internet or PSN goes down, the ability to play those games goes too.


See above for 2nd point, a couple of the others who contribute on here may be able to help re: sharing of PS+


You’d have to set up a new Indonesian account, but once set up you can hop back on UK account and use benefits of the Indonesian account go online. I’m not sure how the mechanics of PS+ sharing works, not tried it (only done this sort of thing with Xbox Live) but @copperspock or @BubaMan may be able to shed some light on this.


Aye got The Following. Ummmm not sure to be honest on the second point.

PS+ August games for Asia - Mafia 3, Syberia 3, Assassin’s Creed Chronicles Trilogy, Draw Slasher, Bound by Flame
Found 4th AugFound 4th Aug
For those of you with a cheap Indonesian PS+ account, these are the free games for August - note the key difference from UK/EU being the inclusion of Syberia 3. Mafia III, PS4 Syb… Read more
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The more you type the more you sound like a petulant child.


I didn't purchase it for myself dumbass. I bought it to sell on which I made a tidy sum for. Don't understand the mechanics of an account? I think you are idiotic if you believe that. Have some cooling like I said. Just another idiot on here who got no respect either for other people's opinions who likes to go cry when people won't vote them hot. I'll judge any so called cod player who think they are sh!t hot. Those games havent a clue what the real world is like.


I haven’t got time for some part time wannabe keyboard warrior who simply can’t/won’t understand the mechanics of using an International PSN account. Whilst I’m at it, who are you to judge others playing habits? Did you think COD was idiotic 7 months ago when you were going bat **** crazy over your own Infinite Warfare deal? No, of course you didn’t. Pot. Kettle. Black.


Have some more cooling for the deal as well. If you are a GOW or COD do people still play those idiotic games? COD players says it all.


Well plenty of folk are busy playing their £10 COD WWII or £20 GOWs tonight, so more fool you.

Wipeout Omega Collection PS4 £12.99 (with PS Plus) @ PS Store
Found 2nd AugFound 2nd Aug
Just been looking at this on the Playstation Store and is £12.99 if you have PS Plus. It’s currently £29.99 in Argos and £18.55 on Amazon. I’ve tried searching for it but doesn’t s… Read more
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It's sold nowhere at the same at the moment, cheapest it's been physical is just shy of £9... that doesn't make this 'really really expensive' and seeing as though none of us own a time machine it's a good price in the current market. If someone wanted to go out and buy this today then it's the hottest there is, regardless of past prices


I loved it on Ps1 but I think this game controls really badly. Heat for those who want it tho.


You should have turned off all the comfort features and set the camera to follow pilot. Amount of comfort warnings in this game are almost scare mongering. Certain tracks it will give you a warning that you may die if you play this race, and will turn back on the comfort settings as default.


I never got into this game in VR. It was just like having the screen glued to your face. Because of the nature of the game you're always looking forward so you dont get the full VR immersion and the graphics obviously aren't as good on the headset than in 4K or on the TV. The best examples of PSVR games are the ones where you're forced to look around. That's emmersive.


It’s like a rollercoaster ride with rockets and machine guns. Really fun though once the nausea abates.

PlayStation Plus 3 month membership £5.03 at PlayStation PSN Store Indonesia
Found 2nd AugFound 2nd Aug
RP 82,000 = £5.03 An Indonesian PSN account is required if you don’t have one already, may be set up by following this guide (the same guidance applies as per setting up a US/Cana… Read more
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The Indonesian PS+ will still allow people to play online on their UK PSN accounts though.


The vote colds are probably because the deal is for Indonesian accounts, most people here are living in UK, additionally the title is trimmed


No they would not! :-/


I'd like to know if the cold-voters would vote cold on a UK deal for 3 months of PS+ that'd save them ~£14?


Great deal. This would be particularly handy for ppl who're considering buying something in the current sale if they've already used the trial.

PlayStation Plus August - Mafia 3 / Dead By Daylight (PS4) & More
Refreshed 7th AugRefreshed 7th Aug
Mafia III (PS4) Dead by Daylight (PS4) Knowledge is Power (PS Plus Bonus – PlayLink) Here They Lie (PS Plus Bonus – PS VR required) Bound by Flame (PS3) Serious Sam … Read more

Finally got round to playing Dead By Daylight, nowhere near as fun as I had hoped


Asia had R & C back in December. Unfortunate timing I guess, though the regions often have the same games at different times, so there's a chance HK will get DbD at some point.


I sorely regret setting up PlayStation Plus on my Hong Kong account, poor selection of games most of the time, missed out on Rachet and Clank and now Dead by Daylight! (mad)


Amazing line up. First year I'm actually playing all the psplus games (y)


Certainly better than last month. Heavy Rain was the only game I was interested in and I bought it for PS4 years ago

PLAYSTATION PLUS [12 MONTHS] £33.25 @CdKeys using 5% OFF via Facebook
Found 29th JulFound 29th Jul
PLAYSTATION PLUS [12 MONTHS] £33.25 @CdKeys using 5% OFF via Facebook

Tried getting this about 5 times and each time the payment wouldn’t go through, might just be the websites fault but I entered everything in correctly and even tried apple pay but neither worked


After getting the 15 months for £19.99 on Prime Day, this price just seems extortionate.


How is this hot, it was £29.99 without code a week or so ago


This was like £28 2weeks ago. All they do is increase their prices.


Or go on CD keys. Always good offers

Guacamelee 2 PS4 pre-order £12.79 for PS Plus members @ PSN
Found 27th JulFound 27th Jul
Out 21st August and a nice saving if you're picking up day one

Oooh loved first one, didn't know they were making another. I thought it was gonna be a random free PS Plus game but I got hooked and since finished it on PS3 and PS4. Really looking forward to this!


CAN. NOT. WAIT... Guacamelee! is genuinely one of my favourite games of all time... A little salty it's not coming to Vita, but i'll gladly attempt another platinum on PS4. The next 6+ weeks look immense for my gaming tastes; Chasm, Dead Cells, Death's Gambit, Guacamelee 2, Yakuza Kiwami 2, Dragon Quest XI, Destiny 2: Forsaken, Spider-Man, Shadow of the Tomb Raider.


Very good point freedomspark, I really enjoyed the 1st one on plus and knew I would get the sequel day 1, can imagine most people who have played this got it through plus so if you liked it get the sequel and support the developer


Perfect for Switch.


Well excited for this, got platinum on the first one, hopefully it comes to the vita at some point too.

Dead Or Alive 5 Last Round: Core Fighters - Free for PS+ / Xbox
21/08/2018Expires on 21/08/2018Found 24th JulFound 24th Jul
"Add to your experience with in-game purchases! Play all modes of the game (except Story Mode) as much as you want with the characters included in Core Fighters without purchasing … Read more

Sorry, it looks like it has. I was on psprices at silly o'clock & spotted it as a new listing. It turns out it was only new as today's listing has a bonus character added for ps+ users.


I see what you did there, don't think 81980085 did (despite their username) :-)


That's true for any game.


Every now and then this comes around again with a member of the roster for free, which usually you pay for, so technically it's still a freebie on top of a freebie. This time the character is called Raidou.


Yes it's always been free Cold.

PlayStation Plus (+) - 12 Month membership - (With 5% off code) - £31.34
Found 22nd JulFound 22nd Jul
Considering the fact that the normal price of PlayStation plus got 10 quid more expensive (From PlayStation themselves it's £49.99!) This is a cracker of a deal. CDKeys are always … Read more
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Can I use this one for PS4 what I bought and profile created in UK but nowadays I use in different country?


How do ps plus payments credit to psn? Is it possible to stack this deal with the Gta V 15 months for 12 with Gta dollars thrown in. Long shot, but it's a nice little.bonis if it works. At moment I'm tagging cd keys psn credit at £42.74 for to pay for this deal. However 31.34 would be peachy if possible.


You have to be careful with digital good sold through eBay, like you said there's a lot more scammers and you have no protection. I'd say they knew exactly what they were doing, they were hoping you send it by email and they simultaneously claim fraud..


Exactly! So you have no place to comment. lol


No I didn't delete it, why would I? After all I don't have a PS4 or PS+ let alone TLOU

Playstation plus12 month purchase with 3 months Netflix £49.99 - Check emails
Found 21st JulFound 21st Jul
Purchase 12 more months of Playstation plus full price and get Netflix 3 months, for existing or new customers. I used CDKeys to get cheaper credit and top up wallet before my purc… Read more

It sounds like a good deal until you find out it's £50 and you can get 12 months of Plus for around £35 or less


People who actually like good quality picture and audio? Yea you can watch anything online easily, but is it full 1080p,, is it Dolby 5.1....hell no.


Mate I'm one of em that bought that deal. Just didn't get it for £19.99 sadly !


Did you see how much heat that deal got and how many people took advantage of it? Fortunately my OH is a student, so I managed to bag it too. Even with plain old non-Student Prime, it was £34.99 for 15M, which is probably more appealing to most than 3 months of (free-ish) Netflix (as evidenced by the temperature in here). Incidentally, I’m only trying to explain the psychology of the cold votes, not actually voting cold.


The offer is available for me (received offer email), and as a current Netflix subscriber it's an absolute no-brainer for me (especially taking into account the cheaper CDKeys PSN credit) . That's my PS+ sorted until Dec 2021 now :D

PS4 slim 500GB with CoD WW2 and 90 day PS plus £207.20 with code @ AO / Ebay
Found 16th JulFound 16th Jul
PS4 slim 500gb plus CoD WW2 and 90 day PS plus at the reduced price using code.

Tis over.


Price has gone up to £299 cold


up to 299.99


Seems a good deal. Need one for my lads birthday but that's not till October. Is it worth waiting or will this time of year have the best deals?


jailbrake, obviously!

Prime Day Offer - 15 Months PlayStation Plus £34.99 @ Amazon (Goes live on 16th July)
Found 13th JulFound 13th Jul
Another heads up guys. 15 Months PS Plus will be £34.99 on Amazon Prime day. Works out £2.33 per month or £28 for 12 months, so outstanding value in my opinion. Please note deal… Read more

You could try the "Order Details page", either through your account page or the link in your Digital Delivery Confirmation email for the order. On the order details page is a button "Go to Your Games Library" that will list all digital codes purchased on your account.


Hi, i ordered this on the 16th, where would i find the code, i dont see the games and software option. Thanks in advance.


You can buy it as a gift, the bit about sending it to the Playstation is optional. It will display the code when you buy it and it will also show in your Amazon account. Go to your account page and click on "Games and software" in the "Digital content and devices" section.


I just got mine am sooo happy even though I only play when my nephew comes over (embarrassed)


Amazing deal, thanks, my subscription just ran out. :) (party)

12 months PS Plus at CDKeys for £29.49 / £ 28.02 wcode
Refreshed 8th JulRefreshed 8th Jul
Thought this was a great deal! Not sure if there are any cashback deals to make it even cheaper, but £29.49 is a great price
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That's true lol


Ah mate I can't be asked but thank you.. at least I keep all my psn games 😬


Very nice ordered thanks for post (y)


Showing as £32.99 now (before 5% discount) :(


Funding the black market :/ (highfive)

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