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PlayStation Plus is a premium membership service that offers you access to multiplayer gaming, free games every month and more. With options for 12-month, 3-month or 1-month membership, getting the best value for money is essential. The latest discounts and offers on Playstation Plus can be found here on hotukdeals. Read more
PlayStation Plus / PS+ 12 month subscription (UK) £40.41 @ Instant Gaming
32° Expired
Posted 21 h, 54 m agoPosted 21 h, 54 m ago
My friend has found himself in a need of renewing Ps+ and this is the cheapest I could find. Hope this helps someone.

You'll always have them in your library, you just won't be able to play until you renew again


Only paid £30 last year on days of play sale, hoping that it comes around again for my renewal this year.


Nah, you get to download them when you renew. Even if your subscription lapses. (y)


Thanks for letting me know. They don't specify that on the website until you get to the checkout - sneaky. I'll take the deal down as 48£ is not very good.


Don't you know there's always a catch? ;)

Apex Legends PlayStation Plus Pack - Free Skins @ PSN Store
Posted 4th MayPosted 4th MayLocalLocal
Again some free skins and banners for you Apex players with PlayStation Plus memberships. Includes; Bloodhound and Rampart skins Volt & Hemlok skins Bloodhound and Rampart ban… Read more

One thing with Fortnite that's come out, via the Epic v Apple case, is that Sony have a deal with Epic where they'll get compensation if amount spent by PS players on other stores goes above a certain threshold - so do think money is an issue in most cases, although I think that could just be Sony in this one. Would definitely prefer cross play & progression though, hope more follow COD etc on that. I'm believer that pro-consumer policies pay off in hidden (and not so hidden) ways, although not easy to measure that difference so the suits go for what aught to get them more money & less hassle.


The main issue is that other cross platform games like COD: Warzone and Destiny 2 have Cross Progression, Rocket League and (I believe Fortnite) let you migrate or pick which of your accounts you want to you for progress, so people are hoping Respawn will do the same. There is still a bit of gatekeeping when you change platforms, COD Warzone for instance won't transfer credits bought on the PSN store or awarded on the PSN gameplay and any PSN specific skins get changed to generic ones if you play on other platforms.


The platform owners want you spending money on their store - if free to move, then you may end up spending elsewhere


Mind you I'd quite like my progress just to load. Seems like the new update is struggling lol


Oh I see thanks. I could see how that would be useful. Suprised progress isn't linked to the ea account and by logging in, it is "loaded" into whatever platform you're using.

PlayStation Plus PS+ 12 month membership [Brazil PSN account required] £16.99 @ CDKeys
Posted 2nd MayPosted 2nd May
Brazilian PSN account required, free monthly PS+ games however may be played from a UK PSN account after downloading and installing. Online eg multiplayer benefits may be shared wi… Read more

This comes up, can anyone help how to continue creating a Brazilian account? Thanks


Yes mate


Sorry, just to confirm, if I'm on my UK account, the store will be in English? Its only on the Brazilian account that the store will be in Portuguese? (sorry if this has already been answered)


Only the store itself won’t change, all all aspects of the console OS will be in English (when on the Brazilian account only)


When I try and sign up for a new Brazil PSN account after putting email and password in just comes up an error has occurred on the next page

PlayStation Plus PS+ 12 Months Subscription £22.18 @ PlayStation Store PSN Indonesia
76° Expired
Posted 28th AprPosted 28th Apr
PlayStation Plus 12 months £22 Priced at Rp 447,000 on Indonesian PSN store. Prices based on currency conversion only as of 28/04/21. PSN gift cards may be obtained from a number… Read more

Hi @joeydeacon, I've setup a new Indonesian account, but looking at getting 500,000 credit for 12 months PS+ using two types of top ups from Offgamers and I will get charged twice for transaction fees: once for 400,000 top up and again for the 100,000 top up, the total being £28.27. I know that gives me an additional 53,000 to spend on the store (as PS+ is 447,000) but just wondering if there's a way to buy them both at the same time so I only get charged one transaction fee? Thanks for all the info (y)


Ok, I've just tried again using crypto and it still won't let me. However it's just let me purchase the last of us pt.2 (confused)


These deals come and go all the time, it’s your call but I imagine there will be further PS+ sub offers during the summer months. No guarantee though obviously.


Thank you Joey for all of your work! My question is : I believe I had a -30% off deal on my ps+ on the Indonesian store back in June 2020. As my sub will run out in June this year, do you think I should wait for another -30% off deal or is it not likely to happen again in the coming months? Thanks a lot.


Yeah, been used in previous sales on both Turkish and Indonesian stores no problems. I'll try again tomorrow maybe.

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PlayStation Plus - 12 month (365 days) subscription (United Kingdom) £40.89 @ Instant gaming
-172° Expired
Posted 25th AprPosted 25th Apr
Was looking for the best price I could find, since the recent sub £40 deal at CDKeys has expired. Found this and can't seem to find it cheaper for a UK based 12 month card. Instant… Read more

Anyone know of any real + deals. Just moved over from Xbox so not sure of best places. And search on here’s not giving much great atm


Cold on here 4 is not a deal


£49 you having a laugh? (devil)


Got added VAT and came up at 49.07 so cold from me.

Rocket League® - April PlayStation®Plus Pack - Free @ PlayStation Store (Playstation Plus Subscription Required)
693° Expired
Posted 13th AprPosted 13th Apr
Cheers @merb0786 for the heads up. This pack includes four unique customization items including Septem BL Wheels, Polygonal BL Boost, Pixelated Shades BL Topper, and the Pollo… Read more

Thanks for this I couldn't find it on the ps store but your link helped. We've only just started playing so any variety in customisation is fun


When you read comments to find out about deal and 90% of them are people bickering about some sh*t....! Lols, I'll come back later.


Thanks for the generosity 😁 maybe it will turn up one day!


If I could find the receipt I'd give you a code for free!


I would like to offer 2p for one of your finest codes.