Playstation PSN discount codes

Playstation PSN Discount Codes

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Visit the official PlayStation Network website to explore various PlayStation models, PS4 games, PS Vita games and more. Sign in to connect with friends and the larger PlayStation community. Download games and explore more inside the PlayStation: visit the blog, get all the news, read about the latest games, enter into competitions and participate in community events. Join now or sign in to PSN; have all your queries answered and find solutions to gaming or other issues. How to redeem Playstation PSN vouchers

All Playstation PSN Voucher & Promo Codes for March 2019

-25%Get 25% off a PlayStation®Plus 12 Month Membership at GAME with PlayStation Store
Get deal
50% off
50% off 50% off Sky Sports Day Pass in Feb for PS Plus members
PS Plus members can get 50% off a NOW TV Sky Sports Day Pass for Feb. There's also 20% off

Still available till end Match. Got one today following the link here as couldn't find it on the ps store


It's a disgrace.


Wish sky provided 1080p+ streams. 720p is garbage IMHO

More Info
More Info Get a 15% discount by pre-ordering any PS4 game on PSN store Indonesia
Preorder any PS4 game on Indonesian PSN store during 21 Feb to Mar 10 and get a 15% discount code which will be valid through 22 to 28 March. Coupon will be issued by 21 March

Code for a later purchase, discount codes can never be used on pre orders


Is this 15% off the pre order! Or a code for a later purchase.


Keep the battle going people, I don't understand why cold, I see some hukd offers with loopholes upon loopholes, chuck something in a basket, add an item, delete an item put this and that code in, then phone em etc etc...yet people can't follow a few simple steps for significantly cheaper games (horror) always heat


Can I make account and use my uk account


Ah ok, I never knew about My O2. Thanks gor the clarification.

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40% off
40% off 40% off on PSN store. Check your emails.
Just got a voucher code for 40% PSN store from an email. Check your emails as it appears to be account specific. Ending 15/02 Terms and conditions… Read more

Don't work for me ever


Thanks for the feedback and the small ray of hope (highfive) Maybe it is random but just such low probability that loyal players start reading into it (embarrassed)


Last time this happened I was convinced I wouldn't get one because my wallet basically just spills out onto games from psn store. My brother had got an email (who very rarely buys anything) and was thinking about giving me the code but I told him he should treat himself and not to worry. I guess that good karma did something as after a good few days I indeed received my own email! If memory serves it was in my junk mail though (which I was checking every day). So all may not be completely lost.


And that's the thing isn't it - frequent spenders don't need encouraging so why lose out on 40% when we are likely going to give them money anyway. I was really hoping for responses to confirm my suspicions and so I don't do a repeat of last year and hold out for discount emails during deals that simply won't come to me. Also, I'd love to know if anyone can confirm they've used someone else's unused code on their own account. It's possible they could issue account-specific cores but I'm not convinced they would go to that effort - at the end of the day it's better for them and their turnover if more people use the codes they issue, otherwise they wouldn't run the offer.


I had one today but was only 25% off....RE2 will be getting purchased!!....Glad I waited!

10% off
10% off Get a 10% discount code by pre-ordering a PlayStation 4 title at PSN Store Indonesia
Coupon valid 31st Jan to 13th Feb, coupon issued on or before 31st Jan UPDATE: 06/12/18 - Revolut payment method confirmed as blocked on the Indonesian PSN Store. Only option for … Read more

Same, back to US and Canada we go!


Bummer, twas good while it lasted. I might have to buy some of that Canadian credit now :).


UPDATE: 06/12/18 - Revolut payment method confirmed as blocked on the Indonesian PSN Store. Only option for purchasing from the Indonesian PSN store now involves the purchase of PSN top up cards from Offgamers or Seagm.


I think folk see this as a convoluted process they have to go through every time, rather than it being a one time set up thing


Wow. Trolls are truly alive!

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11% off
11% off 11% off on Indonesia PSN
With singles day on 11th November, the Indonesia PSN store is offering 11% off coupon usable until 12th of November. There is also a singles day sale on as well. Code is only usabl… Read more

The main reason is it is a very quick and easy way of paying on the store in their currency and often without bank charges. I've never used Monzo so don't know if it works but the free Revolut virtual card definitely works on the Indonesian site, you just need to make sure your Indonesian address you make up matches that of the playstore when adding the payment card.


Can I use Monzo? What is the main reason for using Revolut? Because it's fee free on foreign transactions?




... aren't we all.


I've added a post with the sale listing.

10% off
10% off Get a 10% PSN Discount Code - Halloween Candy Hunt Campaign at PlayStation PSN Store Indonesia
Trick or treat! It is never too old to have candies, so the PlayStation™Store has prepared treats for all of you. BUT knowing that gamers would love a good challenge, these candies… Read more

Got my code :)


I’d imagine there will be some form of sale or another on then. Thanks for heads up I’ll check my Indo account later.


That's a very restricted usage period (shock) .


Just logged into my Indonesia account and got notification with redeem code. Valid from 28th to 3rd December so can’t use in current sale ;(


I tried again there now and managed to get the avatars. The promo's also on for Singapore so hopefully I'll get two 10% codes :).

30% off
30% off Save 30% on FIFA 19 Standard Edition - PS4 - Use Code: FM2RAGAN4L
Hi All. Just got an email from PS with a 30% voucher code for Fifa 19 Standard Edition Only. Voucher Code: FM2RAGAN4L Effectively paying 41.99 instead of 59.99. Hope it helps … Read more



It’s a soft copy. Downloaded straight to your console. Might be worth checking if it applies.


My son had this on his Xmas list. Is this a ‘hard disc’ copy and not a download? I am clueless with these things




Terrible game, but can't say I'm not addicted to it. The only reason I'm buying FIFA over PES is the licenses

20% off
20% off 20% off discount code for PlayStation PSN Store US and Canada *Limited time only, act fast!!
20% off discount code deal is back! (If you claimed the earlier code you can still claim this one) 20% off total cart discount but exclusions apply (can’t be redeemed against pre … Read more

No they have all been claimed

so there is no discount code?


You had to claim the discount code as a prize a few weeks ago.

Whats the code? everytime i get the link, it says: Erreur : URL de redirection incorrecte


I can’t recall ever receiving a discount code from the UK store. I’ve had 5 from the US region and 3 from the Asia region in the past month alone.

20% off
20% off 20% off discount code for PlayStation US and Canada PSN Stores *Confirmed Working*
To receive the code you need to log in to the following site with your US or Canada PSN account: Scroll down towards bottom and clink the link to follow th… Read more

No worries, don’t have any spare codes at the moment, but I know the feeling. I’ve got about half a dozen games in my basket on the Indonesian store but I’m waiting until the new US sale on Tuesday before deciding on whether to buy these or not with having this discount code. I think the current US sales (and UK) for that matter are pretty average to be honest.


Oops! I missed the one post where you said you were all out. My bad. :/ Like BiffyBear mentioned, if there are any other benefactors that have a spare 20% off code, please feel free to share 'em if ya'll ain't usin' 'em. If I can save $12 on my purchase, I promise to put that money to good use (like on a Costco pizza). :D


Hey, Joe! If you had one of those codes to spare, I'd be more than happy to take one off your hands. I put about $60 from my wishlist into my cart right now (the sale is too good to pass up) and was thinking that I'd be getting a 20% off code. Unfortunately, no code ever came. :( Let me know if you have one to spare. :)


Hi, Just given out 3 first come first served and I need to keep by the remaining two (one for US, the other for Canada) until next sale goes live on Tues, if come Tues I don’t need them and you’re still after one, you’re second in line to @BobSmith


@joeydeacon you would be even more of a legend than you already are if you have any spare left? (embarrassed) trying to buy dino crisis 1 and 2 but only have $10 credit ha

15% off
15% off 15 Percent off PlayStation Store Singapore English

Shame DQB isn't on sale there but the RRP on the Singapore site isn't terrible to begin with. Heat for the voucher and thanks for pointing out the differences in the Singapore site (y)


The world doesn’t revolve around £7 Skyrim games, there are other titles out there. Shadow of the Colossus being a case in point, yes the 15% off takes the game under $40 on the Singapore, but you then need the $40 credit which at today’s conversion is £23.06. Using the recent Canadian coupon I bought the same title for £22.84 using credit from PCGamesupply. As you will see, whilst in both cases the game is cheaper than buying from UK store, the difference between the Canadian and Singapore stores on this occasion is marginal. I recommend doing a bit more thorough research before openly declaring that ‘everything about that is wrong’


Every word in the above is incorrect ;) Can I buy Skyrim for just over £7 on Canada store? No Plenty of deals and then take off 10% plus and 15% voucher and there are loads of better deals.


Looking at these prices and the cost of Seagm PSN cards you may as well buy from the Canadian store


Sorry my mistake, completely forgot this is Singapore store, was looking at HK store earlier as they have a sale on, got confused

20% off
20% off 20% OFF total cart purchase at US and Canada PlayStation PSN Store - Check email for code
20% off voucher codes are currently being sent to US and Canadian PSN accounts. Check your email account for the ‘What’s New This Week’ email. The code is displayed at top of emai… Read more

No sorry, I used my remaining code to grab Shadow of the Colossus from PSN Canada for £22. I haven’t personally explored this yet, but someone has posted a 15% discount code to the PSN Singapore store on here (the games are in English) and you can get SG Credit from Seagm. I’ve only briefly looked at prices and cost of credit but this seems largely the equivalent of a spend at PSN Canada


Anybody would happen to have an extra voucher code laying around? I've never received these e-mails from Sony even though I have always accepted to receive marketing material, such a bummer to only see Transaction e-mails :(


It doesn’t help that I’ve been trying to wade through Assassins Creed Origins for close to the past 2 months, reached a point where I’ve had to take a break. Unless you have bags of time to play it, I’ve realised the game can’t be completed in a reasonable timescale, started playing shorter, more linear experiences, easier to justify the time required. Like the Return to Arkham pack, playing the first game (never played on PS3), really enjoying it, difference being only been playing it since Sunday and I’m 1/4 way through already.


Ninety! I have a paltry 26 to get through, though PS+ takes that to around 40. Plus 20-30 Vita games, a handful on the Switch, and a bunch of PS3/360 games I still intend to play (perhaps naively).


Haha no I really won’t be using it, I’ve got roughly 90 unplayed games to get through. In reality this is years of game time, I get 1 to 2 hours per day game time at the most. Will send you the US code, may still use Canadian code for SOTC

Free shipping
Free shipping Free $10 voucher code to use on US PlayStation store (check notifications)
Checked the US PlayStation store to see if there was any Boxing Day deals, and found a notification giving me a free $10 to use in the PlayStation store. Just had to redeem the cod… Read more

Mozeli netko da mi pomogne Ja sam iz Bosne kupio sam PS4 ali nemogu da igram Online trazi mi Bankovni racun da bi mogao dobit 15dana besplatno Play Station. Plus.. Pa ako ko moze da mi se Javi da mi napravi jedan Acaunt koji bi mogao koristiti za igru Online bio bi mu Jako zahvalan jer Sony nepodrzava nijednu Bankovnu registraciju u Bosni



Worked for me by logging into PSN on the PS4.


Can't tell if trolling or being serious. Nothing happens when you click on the 'Get voucher' button, just directs you to the psn store page.


Thanks op. Logged in and got $10 voucher. Expires for me on the 31st. Bloodborne complete collection it is 8)

20% off
20% off US PSN 20% In Cart Discount Valid to 25/12 - Check Emails
Check your ‘What’s New’ email, directly under the ‘Holiday Sale’ banner you should find the 20% off code. *May be account specific.

The deal ended 9 months ago


May i be able to get one of these?


Change your US state to one that doesn’t charge tax


Can someone email me the code i come to purchasing a game i want but tax stopped me


Anyone got a spare code they won't use? Thanks I'm advance

20% off
20% off US PSN 20% in cart discount
See the ‘see what’s new this week’ email, around half way down directly under the Call of Duty WW2 banner you will see the discount code. For redeeming on US accounts only. *This … Read more

Mind sharing the code please.


Ccan someone send me the code plz


Same please, if it's not a single use code :) Thanks!


Can someone send me the code if its still valid? Tia


Can i get the code too please

10% off
10% off 10% OFF Code For PlayStation Network USA Only
INSTRUCTIONS: 10% off purchases on PlayStation Network USA Only. Redeem the 10 digit code in your cart and receive a discount on your purchase. Expiry Date:1/12/15 USA Accounts… Read more

didnt work


Thanks Op, worked nicely.




Any minimum spend amount?


Code works for USA PlayStation accounts only. Expires; 1/12/15 Find code under spotlight on USA PSN.

10% off
10% off Playstation store 10% off your next shoping cart TOTAL PRICE
Here shoppers can use the code FH24P5BDR6 on the PlayStation Network to save 10 percent on one total cart purchase. This offer ends on December 1 and stacks on top of other deals.

​Hopefully we will get one friday with the psn black friday sale.


Doesn't work I get this message. "This discount code is not valid for the country associated with your account"


Think so spotted on flip board will have to wait till home to double check this unless anyone else can confirm plz


Saw this on the us store. Is this Uk too?

10% off
10% off 10% off psn store this weekend US only using promotion code @ PSN (Playstation Network)
10% off this weekend Shared Via The HUKD App For Android.

Bloodborne by 300% its exceptional.


It is great for me. I have $30 i need to spend by the 31st :) Still can't decide what to get. Hardline, Bloodborne, Borderlands or GTA ?


or vouchers even :)


can this not be unexpired and go in freebies?


Still good. I would of added heat but it's expired.

10% off
10% off 10% Off Purchases using promotion code @ PSN (Playstation Network)

Cool, I bought the Ace Combat Infinity Campaign, thanks!


It is kind of a big issue on pre-orders though. Ah well, at least it meant that I wasn't tempted to buy anything anyway. :)


It's not a big issue on the PS+ (in my opinion) even with the 10% discount it's still cheaper to purchase from CDKeys.


That's not your fault. It's the 2nd time this year that Sony have promised that via social networking only to backtrack on it later.


Sorry, I updated the description earlier after member input stated 4. This Offer is not available for out-of cart purchases such as (i) pre-orders; (ii) subscriptions, such as PlayStation®Plus and Music Unlimited; and (iii) video on demand and PlayStation®Now rentals.

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DiscountDiscount DetailsExpires
25%Get 25% off a PlayStation®Plus 12 Month Membership at GAME with PlayStation Store22/05/2019
50%50% off Sky Sports Day Pass in Feb for PS Plus members24/02/2019
% offGet a 15% discount by pre-ordering any PS4 game on PSN store Indonesia21/02/2019
40%40% off on PSN store. Check your emails.29/01/2019
10%Get a 10% discount code by pre-ordering a PlayStation 4 title at PSN Store Indonesia6/12/2018