Unfortunately, this deal has expired 26 April 2023.
Posted 24 April 2023

Fairywill Sonic USB Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush 2 pack with 8 heads for £17.59 delivered, using code @ thinkprice /eBay

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It's back again, in case you missed it. Great reviews. You get 2 brushes and 8 heads + travel cases.
Professional teeth cleaning at Home - just like visiting a dental hygienist

Safe to use in the bath or shower as the toothbrush is rated IPX7 waterproof

With 40,000 micro oscillations per minute this provides you with the ultimate clean for your teeth

Your teeth will feel healthier in one week and your gums will be strong and more resilient within 2 weeks

More effective at removing plaque and stains from smoking, coffee etc... than manual or regular electric toothbrushes

Travel case is included with both the 8 Brush models making this ideal for use at home and whilst travelling abroad

Professional cleaning with 5 Modes: White, Clean, Sensitive, Polish, Massage

White mode - removes stubborn plaques and stains
Clean mode - Normal cleaning
Sensitive mode - Perfect for kids/children
Polish mode - Enhanced polishing for the front teeth
Massage mode - Strengthen your gums

2-minute automatic smart timer

Dentist recommend brushing each of the 4 sections of your mouth for 30 seconds timed to perfection with the 2 minutes built-in timer.

Pauses every 30 seconds reminding you to change sections, so you don't end up "over-brushing".

After 2 minutes you can restart the brush by simple pressing the 'on' button again.

The built-in memory module remembers your last mode you used.

Rechargeable toothbrush, waterproof and simple to use

Once fully charged, the automatic charging mechanism will shut down, thereby keeping energy bills low !

USB charging make this globally compatible, you can charge the brush anywhere in the world using a USB port / plug.

The most efficient electric toothbrush you can buy, with a quick 4 hour charge your brush will last for 30 days based on 2 minutes usage in the morning and at night

D7 - 8 Brush Package Includes

1* Premium Black Travel case
1* Black Electric Toothbrush Handle with 5 cleaning modes
8* Standard Brush Heads
1* Protective Cover for the brush head
1* USB Cable (Charger not included - charges via any USB plug or port)
1* Instruction Usage Manual

D7 - 4Brush Package Includes

1* Black Electric Toothbrush Handle with 5 cleaning modes
3* Standard Brush Heads
1* Interdental Brush Head
1* USB Cable (Charger not included - charges via any USB plug or port)
1* Protective Cover for the brush head
1* Instruction Usage Manual

D7 - Couple Package with 2 Handles and 8 Brush Heads Includes

1* Black Electric Toothbrush Handle with 5 cleaning modes
1* Pink Electric Toothbrush Handle with 5 cleaning modes
1* Black Travel case
1* Pink Travel Case
6* Standard Brush Heads
2* Interdental Brush Head
2* USB Cable (Charger not included - charges via any USB plug or port)
1* Instruction Usage Manual

Fairywill Teeth Whitening Strips - 28 Strips for 14 day treatment


Achieve express and professional whitening result at Home. Fairywill teeth whitening strips can remove coffee, smoking, tea and other yellow stains easily. 14 days 2 weeks course flash that intense white smile faster with the help of whitening teeth strips that fit easily and comfortably on your teeth.


Fairywill whitener strips with active ingredient whiten teeth effectively. Hydrogen Peroxide is the main whitening strips ingredient. These teeth whitening strips release oxygen power to actively remove stains and give you professional whitening results at home.


Professional whitening result whitener strips adopts unique water-less adhesive strips design, and uses polymer embedding technology to be more firmly adhere to the surface of the tooth, so that it can effectively lock the whitening ingredient of the tooth. Have whiter brighter teeth without expensive dental laser or chemical whitening treatment.


Ingredients of whitening strips are suitable for customers with sensitive tooth. Compared with other teeth strips, our Fairywill teeth whitening strips are less sensitive and will not stimulate the mouth and teeth.
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  1. Canny_lass's avatar
    As a dentist I have to say these are not the best toothbrush you can get. Always look for a small rounded head and with a pressure sensor so you don’t end up putting too much pressure which can lead to receding gums with time.
    sufy123's avatar
    So shall i cancel my order then?
  2. upcreek246's avatar
    After my Sonicare toothbrush failed I bought a Fairywill toothbrush based on the reviews on Amazon. I can honestly say that it was awful
    sufy123's avatar
    What do you mean, you didn't like it?
  3. reptilemonkey1's avatar
    Great price. I have one and only have to charge it once every couple of months
    Monaco.Blue's avatar
  4. fishmaster's avatar
    I bought a FairyWill before they were banned from Amazon for self promotion. Had it 18 months it's not died yet. £9.99 with 2 years worth of replacement heads. Crazy.
  5. david10666's avatar
    I've had one of these for about 3 years with no issues charge lasts for ages
  6. Miss_understood's avatar
    A his and hers wedding pressie!!
  7. defgimp's avatar
    Do you need to buy specific brush heads for these or do any others fit?
    sidesey's avatar
    You do, Seago one’s fit. I’ve not tried any other makes though, even though Amazon has so many that do look like they maybe would fit.
  8. masif1's avatar
    Where they ever really £149.99?

    Ordered - Thanks
  9. badgaltritri's avatar
    I have one of these and the charge etc is great - seems good quality… but I will say the vibrations sometimes make my teeth ache!
  10. Ru8z's avatar
    Will this be suitable for an 8 year old? Was hoping to move my child to an electric toothbrush but not sure if I need to get a kid specific one?
    R2FyeSBMYW1iZXJ0's avatar
    Fairywill do a kids version but the battery is rubbish, I have to charge it everyday.
's avatar