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eBay is the world's biggest auctions site in the world wide web. eBay vouchers (also known as coupons) give the proud owner the ability to use their PayPal account to redeem the voucher value for items bought on eBay. The code can even be shared with friends if it doesn’t specify a linked e-mail address. hotukdeals collects all vouchers and coupons for redemption on eBay on one specific page. How to redeem eBay vouchers

All eBay Voucher & Promo Codes for May 2020

£5 off minimum £10 spend @ Ebay - Account specific
Popped up when I visited ebay.co.uk Not sure if this is account specific but no harm checking by visiting the site Minimum spend £10. Valid until 22 May 2020. Voucher seems to be v… Read more

there should be a purple banner near the top which mentions you have £5 off, even when you close the main popup. Should also show up when you go to checkout on paypal page


any spare codes ?


Anyway to get your code again. I accidentally swiped off the notification before copying the code


This is why Amazon does not accept your post, they want a review of a product, not a review of your experience with the seller. Which I think is right. I don't vote cold on a in store Tesco deal at the other corner of the country, just because I can't get the product. I rather not vote. To me, the eBay discount is a good deal fpr those who qualify, and a no deal (not a bad deal) fpr those who don't qualify. So, I see it like voting hot, or not voting, sorry.


Why is it a surprise? This is no different than people leaving a bad product review on Amazon because delivery was delayed. The concept of focusing simply on the merits of the deal is not commonly seen.

5% off your purchase on ebay, up to £50 off
5% off using code PRODUCT5 on ebay expires 17th march





Nose piercings




I don't understand the selection process. Is it based on very specific product types or sellers or what? I am watching two different camera lenses from two normal sellers. One has the 5% offer and the other doesn't. Why is that? Needless to say the one that I want more is the one without the offer :{

eBay £3.00 off eligible items - £3 per redemption and you are limited to 15 redemptions per transaction (invite only)
The war price is on. You may need to wait until it is available for you but it should be for everyone who is registered on eBay.co.uk 18 years of age or older, and who have a UK s… Read more

I used it to get free Alton Towers tickets without having to buy The Sun as there was nothing else I needed. Got 15 application forms and all the tokens needed for tickets on their way soon for nothing. ;) https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/163731816636


"Invite only" COLD


Any update on what good deals can be had with this code? Any xbox/playstation/wii u/ switch games work with the code that anybody has found?


The worst offers compared to ebay in other countries.


Everything that's just gone up by £3. :{

Ebay 5% off eligible products ebay.co.uk
Terms and Conditions Redeeming your coupon This coupon is a 5% discount valid until the date specified on the item’s view item page (below the box showing the price and buying opti… Read more

hit n miss between sellers, but yeah usual its the ones in the reg ebay codes!. sometimes a nice cpu comes on offer, but subject the base price isnt to high to be worth it.


Incontinence Store is usually included and given the idiotic run on toilet paper going on, diapers may be the next option :p


Not this one again.


I don't even bother with the ones, almost nothing is included.


I'm still confused what this is eligible on.. Example: This is: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/NEW-Global-Xiaomi-Redmi-Note-8T-NFC-6-3-Snapdragon-665-Octa-Core-4G-LTE-B20/123957850337 This is not: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/GLOBAL-Xiaomi-Redmi-Note-7-Space-Black-6-3-Snapdragon-660-2-2GHz-Octa-Core/123703434203 So it can't be the seller, since they're both the same. It can't be the price, since the other is higher. Finally it can't be the catagory since both are mobiles.

5% Off Various Products (Up to £50) @ eBay
I noticed this appeared on some eBay listings. Terms and Conditions Redeeming your coupon This coupon is a 5% discount valid until the date specified on the item’s view item pag… Read more

https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/AMD-Ryzen-5-2600X-3-6GHz-Hexa-Core-AM4-CPU/382444778853?hash=item590b7c3565:g:RUwAAOSwNJpbikTq and another. lol


another pointless one: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/AMD-Ryzen-7-2700-3-2GHz-Octa-Core-AM4-CPU/112949736642?hash=item1a4c5434c2:g:j4sAAOSwovpa6XCI


its been going on a while now this, expiry date keeps moving and then a new set of items again, no links to anything, so if u seek something and its got it, nice.......... but chance of finding the full range good look lol. some GPU's have had it, then its moved on to some others, same as CPU's currys / ccl / ebuyer items are often found,. this has it atm: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/AMD-Ryzen-5-3600-3-6GHz-Hexa-Core-AM4-CPU/383038045324?hash=item592ed8bc8c:g:cZcAAOSwiZddIe1g was the 3600x last week.. but its a rubbish deal..


I'm not happy about this one.


I've never seen so unclear T&C on any of the %off promo on ebay. It's just hit or miss.

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5% off selected sellers- max £50 @ ebay (Eligible items)
Upto £50 off This offer is open to users registered on eBay.co.uk who must be 18 years of age or older, and who have a UK shipping address.9 coupon redemptions per registered user… Read more

Still not a deal (mad) (mad) (mad) (mad) (mad)


valid again? showing now: Enter code at checkout to redeem. Hurry, your voucher expires 25/02/20. Terms and conditions apply. PRODUCT5 For more details, see Terms an


stingy 5% probably the lowest discount of ebay worldwide.


5% off selected items? Why even bother? (poo) (poo) (poo)


And still not valid at currys :( Had me eye on a little telescope for a while now but none of the vouchers have been applicable

Double discount on Laptops, Desktops etc 40% Off Stock Must Go / eBay using code
Just seen on my Facebook post they are double discounting Computing, Headphones and Mobile phones Other links on the deals are below Happy Hunting Mobile Phones 30% with Code … Read more

I've had plenty from them, never had an issue


You might when it turns up


got a surface go for £150, can't complain


They selling things as refurbished for brand new prices


One of the worst sellers on eBay

Ebay voucher code 5% off selected items - min £50 spend
Simply make a purchase of £50 or more on eBay.co.uk on an Eligible Item and pay with PayPal, credit card, or debit card. An “Eligible Item” will include a reference to coupon code … Read more

Maybe bite the bullet and buy something (shock)


i need thaht offer really urgently..as i got problem..my basket is overloaded:( and ebay not helping with his issue at all


I wouldn't go quite that far but was hoping for something similar being available which could be coupled with Currys/PCWorld's iPhone 11 (64gb) reduction to £699.


already boxing day and nothing good from ebay...no 15/ no 20 site off.. what a crap company


Interesting, that looks like it is taken from a mobile phone I didn't see anything like that on desktop com

Up to 70% off everything @ Trespass Store / Ebay
Up to 70% off everything Trespass Store @ EBAY

Got those for 150£ (party) 8)


Be careful here, for example the kids torches are £2.99 on Trespass.co.uk with free click and collect vs £4.99 on eBay!!


It's cheaper from MandM but the website domain is banned so I can't provide example!


I got a coat form their out lost it was £35 reduced from like £150. No way was it ever worth £150. I think this is their strategy just pretend they have a massive sale on all the time. Coats nice tho


Prices have shot up since yesterday. Some items are even double yesterday's price.

5% off certain categories on eBay including mobiles
5% off certain categories on eBay including mobiles - use code PICKME5 Redeeming your coupon: This coupon is a 5% discount valid until the date specified on the item’s view item … Read more

Not sure who keeps expiring this but it’s still active (y) 🏽


Yeah exactly mate if you need something now then it all helps :) I’m hoping for at least 15% next Friday or I’ll be very disappointed!


No worries- its not 20% but better than a kick in the head lol I hope we will get a nice 10/15/20% code next week.


Cheers I’ve reactivated :)


It is still working btw... Item price:£480.99-£24.05 Your price:£456.94Enter code at checkout to redeem. Hurry, your voucher expires 25/11/19. Terms and conditions apply. PICKME5 For more details, see Terms and Conditions.

100Pcs Mix Wooden Scrabble Tiles Letters Craft Alphabet Board Game Fun Toy Gift - £5.95 @ eBay / eazyonlineshop
100Pcs Mix Wooden Scrabble Tiles Letters Craft Alphabet Board Game Fun Toy Gift

Hi, are you looking for a way to get extra money? All is easy and free. https://www.ysense.com/?rb=59429643


Thanks for posting (y)


same item, also a chinese seller, but more than 300% higher price. Ok then. i care.


I ordered some of these for £1.91 from AliExpress and they took 13 days to get here and were great quality... So sorry, this isn't a deal!


Any reason why this shop vs others on eBay (curios as there are cheaper ones on eBay under similar sponsored items)

10% Off ebay.de (Germany) on all Garden and Terrace using code "PRIMA10"
10% OFF on Garden and Terrace ebay Germany. Max discount 50 EUR. Use Code "PRIMA10"
Ebay (USA) $5 off purchase with HELLOFIVE (expires 29th June)
For those that set up a usa ebay account as per previous offers. Using the voucher takes $5 off any purchase. I used it to buy a couple of things from a chinese seller for a camera… Read more

Not sure why? I used it earlier today. And when I just checked ebay.com is on the home page. (if it isn't on the home page for you, it could imply that it is account specific.


Doesn't work.

£10 off £50 spend on eBay (Targetted Offer)
£10 off voucher on a minimum spend of £50 until 23/06/19 23:59 BST. Possibly account specific? T&C's : https://pages.ebay.co.uk/coupons/2019/b2dj2/index.html/

Doesnt work


Not working on my side


Thank you Orders a new Dpf for my car


I got it, but mysteriously the item I want has gone up by £10 (mad)


Worked for me thanks

ENJOY 20% Off on all Lumberjack Power Tools Min spend £25, Max Discount £75 @ Ebay
Might help someone here .. Starts 10am 13/05/2019 20% Off Coupon: POP20 , Ends May 16 , Min spend £25; Max discount £75; T&Cs apply; The Lumberjack tool compan… Read more

I keep getting 'Service Unavailable' every time I try to narrow my search for anything ... what a piece of crap!


woeful quality tools


I wish if I can, when I posted it this morning there was no other sellers included but now that's already posted. :)


Original post needs amending, it is now redeemable on lots of other eligible sellers: https://pages.ebay.co.uk/coupons/2019/p4284/pop20/index.html?_trkparms=&clkid=3108221368038552602


I have never heard of this brand before, but looks like they have quite an impressive array of tools. Are they any good? I'm guessing these guys import tools from China and rebrand them, like Sealey?

EBAY Save £5.00 when you spend £10.00 or more. Applies to the entire order.Expires 02/04/19 (Account Specific)
May be account specific so please log in and check.

Whar is the code


Can I have code please


With you on that. Following


Anyone reckon eBay will do another 10 or 20% their site soon for easter? I want to purchase a TV and I'm kinda holding off.


What is the code?

Ebay.com.au (via Aussie) 10% off most things
First time I've bothered to use a non UK code. Actually really easy to do! Sign up for an aussie account, I had to use an australian address. Then add a UK shipping address in my … Read more

Any site wide codes currently working? Thanks


Ok but the title of the deal is the .au one. I could not get the Italian one to work despite trying to order a smart watch which I would have thought fits in the correct categories


The other 2 offers are still valid


expired :(


Recommend avoiding using your main eBay accounts for these deals. It could mess up fees and eBay can and do suspend accounts. Otherwise easy to do and can net a good discount.

15% off tech at Ebay with code PLAY15
15% off tech with code PLAY15

Thank you just ordered myself a tv and saved £24


heat!! thanks op


Maybe looking at the hottest deal today might have worked :)


thanks. i did a search for ebay and play15 and got. no results... oh well


Already posted sir https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/live-today-only-15-off-electronics-at-ebay-on-20-spends-includes-tvs-gaming-computers-phones-more-max-discount-50-3200405

EBay US $5 off of minimum $5 spend
EBay $5 discount of minimum of $5 spend For all the eBay us members! May be account specific but I received the email today. Don't shoot the messenger! Set up US eBay account w… Read more

Code not working on my UK account


Account specific, doesn't work on my US one

10% Off Selected eBay Sellers with Code PRICECUT10 - Min Spend £20, Max Discount £50
Another Selected Sellers Promo code, this time 10% off selected sellers. It is starting on Monday 18th 10:00, ending Thursday 21st at 23:59. Min Spend £20, Max Discount £50

Got a fiver off. Result!🤚


Just tried it and says expired now x


Posted https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/10-off-selected-ebay-retailers-ebay-wcode-min-spend-20-3184175


Dont get me wrong, this is still a good deal, however back in Aug2018, they were doing 20% and gradually been going down 15% until now 10%. If we control our urges and hold back I wonder if Ebay will go back to 15 or even 20%???!!!!

Newest eBay Discount Codes:

DiscounteBay Discount DetailsExpires
£5£5 off minimum £10 spend @ Ebay - Account specific17/05/2020
5%5% off your purchase on ebay, up to £50 off13/03/2020
% offeBay £3.00 off eligible items - £3 per redemption and you are limited to 15 redemptions per transaction (invite only)25/03/2020
5%Ebay 5% off eligible products ebay.co.uk12/03/2020
5%5% Off Various Products (Up to £50) @ eBay29/02/2020