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Posted 1 September 2022

Felix good as it looks 120x 100g - £26.99 delivered with code @ Zooplus

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Very good price for 120 pouches of felix good as it look

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Now when you buy 120 x 100g of selected Felix As Good As It Looks, a complete wet cat food with different tasty flavours, you'll get 25% off!

This promotional offer applies only to the listed variants starting with 1379034.xx (.xx = variant identifier).

Felix As Good As It Looks really is as good as it looks! 4 different, delicious in jelly varieties in this 120 mega pack will keep your cat happy and content:

  • 30 x Beef
  • 30 x Cod
  • 30 x Tuna
  • 30 x Chicken
  • 30 x Tuna
  • 30 x Salmon
  • 30 x Cod
  • 30 x Plaice

Felix As Good As It Looks Doubly Delicious really is as good as it looks! 4 different, delicious in jelly varieties in this 120 mega pack will keep your cat happy and content:

  • 30 x Beef & Poultry
  • 30 x Chicken & Kidney
  • 30 x Lamb & Chicken
  • 30 x Turkey & Liver

Felix Senior As Good As It Looks really is as good as it looks! 4 different, delicious in jelly varieties in this 120 mega pack will keep your cat happy and content:

  • 30 x Beef
  • 30 x Salmon
  • 30 x Chicken
  • 30 x Tuna

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  1. Avatar
    Thanks to hotukdeals i have stopped feeding my cat this and now give him blink cat food. He is also very happy and thanks the hotukdeals community. This is still food though and not every cat even gets that! Great price. (edited)
  2. Avatar
    7% cashback on Quidco
  3. Avatar
    There has been news about this making cats unwell previously so thought I'd say.
    Indeed! Never heard about this matter but fed my cat with this food and she was loosing her fur, skin was flaking. Spent shed loads on vitamins and suplements with very little progress. Was just about to go to vets, when an old lady stopped me at Morrisons and told me that I am doing a big mistake buying Felix. She asked if my cat wasn't shedding lately or had any other issues. Guess what. 3 weeks without Felix, with suplements and my cat is healthy as never..
  4. Avatar
    That’s the meat and fish one, My cats only eat fish sadly
  5. Avatar
    Many now don't trust Purina on a whole due to many cats becoming sick and worse off Felix
    We had been on Purina for 5 years ( usually gourmet for my picky cat), then suddenly she started losing her fur on all of her back,legs,stomach. She was excessively grooming herself and pulling chunks of fur out till there was nothing left. She was skinny and hairless, although eating up all of her food. Vet trips suggested flea allergies,stress etc,but nothing seemed to help. Then one night I accidentally came across an article about Purina changing their recipe and making cats poorly,and one lady had commented that her cat had an allergic reaction to the food making it over groom and pull it's own hair hair out. The very next day I swapped my cats food for harringtons,which she luckily liked,and within weeks she was back to her old self. All of her hair grew back, she's put weight on and once again is a happy cat.
  6. Avatar
    the food issue with purina has been going on for over 12 months with many cats severly unwell and a lot dying - this was attributable to when they changed the ingredients for all the food
    Some cats may have died in the last couple of years related to certain foods that owners have purchased.
    This article is about it, but I see no mention of Felix/Purina...


    There are 'claims' that this food has made some cats gag/vomit or cases of lethargy, but NOTHING about dying...
    Even those 'claims' are not proven, independent tests have found nothing in Felix that could make cats sick, and there is no proof at all that Felix is even to blame for any cats getting sick.

    You're getting mixed up with the illness mentioned in that news article which has caused the death of some cats, which has nothing to do with Felix cat food. (edited)
  7. Avatar
    4% of meat, ask yourself would you buy a meat product that only contains 4% of actual meat.
    It's not a 'meat product', it's cat food that happens to contain enough meat for a cats dinner...

    My 2 cats (both over 10 years old) refuse to eat any other wet food, and they are happy, healthy and as active now as when they were kittens.
  8. Avatar
    "MMmmiaow!" google translated - this works out at £2.25 per Kg compared to Aldi's £1.99 per Kg for their box of 12 pouches. That is 12.5% more expensive ... or in cat meal terms that is a whole pouch an a half extra of cat food.

    My cat wants me to get 13 and a half Aldi pouches instead of just 12 Felix pouches - saves her going without food for a day and a half.
  9. Avatar
    Good find - and first deal, @Chloe_Gates - thanks for taking time to share
  10. Avatar
    Thanks. For clarity the code is for new customers only.
  11. Avatar
    Great price, many thanks OP, ordered
  12. Avatar
    It doesn't look that good though
  13. Avatar
    Wow big deal this makes SOME cats sick. so does many other foods, do we go on a big scaremongering campaign for them? No.

    Unless your cat has specificly told you they dont like the food then i don't believe it.
    It is a big deal SOME cats have died through eating this food.
    It is an awareness campaign and you now know that if your cat is gagging, vomiting, eating grass more or more lethargic than normal there is a problem.
  14. Avatar
    sheba is the only good company for low tier foods.
    Says your cat?
  15. Avatar
    Great deal and my cats fave! Years they have eaten it and in excellent health. Thanks Op, have some heat
  16. Avatar
    Looked up the ingredients, salmon for example, the meat they can actually call salmon in this is 2%...
    Bet your cat loves you... (edited)
  17. Avatar
    I'm sure this food is as good as it looks.

    Go to any local pet store and you can buy your cats frozen blocks of microbiological tested 100% raw meat.
    It comes in at £1 roughly for 400g and i've not looked back since. The cat loves it and it beats even the Encore brand in terms of quality. (edited)
  18. Avatar
    My 3 cats favourite, fab thanks.
  19. Avatar
    ALDI 400G 62p tin best cat food about