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Gardman Compact Mesh Ground Feeder for Wild Birds - £3.45

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The Gardman compact mesh ground feeder tray is ideal for feeding garden birds on the ground. Robins prefer to feed on the ground and often seen picking up bits of seed that have falling from seed feeders. The feeder features a deep dished with strong wire mesh structure enabling any rain to pass through and not fill up the feeder. We recommend using Peckish Mealworms or Suet Pellets with this feeder to attract more birds to your garden.

  • A great feeder to use if you want to attract more ground feeding birds to your garden, including the Robin.
  • Made from strong metal construction this feeder is suitable for use all year round.
  • The mesh design allows for rain water to pass through and not build up inside the feeder.
  • This feeder is powder coated black.
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    A fair price if collected otherwise an old Splatter guard from the Kitchen will also do the trick,put on anything just to keep it off the ground even an old roasting tin.Put away late in the day so as not to attract rats. Or sweep up if placed on a patio.
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    4.95 on Amazon free delivery with prime
    Cheaper instore collection as its free
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    I’ve saved a fortune in cat food with mine.
    Is that because the cat is feeding on mice, rats and other pests trying to help themselves to the bird food in the ground feeder?
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    Nice idea to mention Robins BUT these are utterly pointless as once the starlings, magpies and crows discover it, it will be cleared out within minutes of every time you fill it and the poor Robins wont get a look in!!
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    Squirrels too.
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    I have a couple of these. The sparrows use it, but the robins and blackbirds still prefer to eat from the ground around it or under the seed feeders.