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Half Life 1 Steam / PC ( needed for new Ray Tracing mod! ) 71p @ Steam

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Just in case anyone doesn't know, there is a new ray-tracing mod out for Half Life. You can get the game for 71p at the moment (see the Half Life Alyx post by Trve_Kvlt for more Half Life games currently on sale). The mod is free, obviously. Here is the mod page…ses

Digital Foundry review:
Steam More details at Steam
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  1. cameron.carter's avatar
    The deal title seems a bit obtuse. Effectively it boils down to "buying the game is necessary to play the game". No, really?
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    Sometimes simple language is better. There's only a small title space.
  2. Naqvi's avatar
    Black Mesa is better than this.
    cameron.carter's avatar
    Next you're going to tell me that FF7 Remake is better than original FF7 on a technical level. I wonder why. Could it be that they were made years apart? No, surely that has nothing to do with it.
  3. FactProvider's avatar
    This is running on a 3060 + i7 6700 (ancient cpu) in ultrawide using DLSS Quality. Always above 90fps with RT on, no stutter.

    49780526-lnDbp.jpgNO RAY TRACING

  4. mattymofo's avatar
    I almost bought this two days ago for the mod! Thanks OP!
  5. FactProvider's avatar
  6. flofulu's avatar
    Rtx 4090 offered with ?
    FactProvider's avatar
    No. Luckily my 3060 and 8yr old cpu gets 130fps at max quality at 1920 x 1080
  7. hecatae's avatar
    Does this work well on Steam Deck?
  8. TristanDeCoonha's avatar
    I watched the video, have absolutely no idea of what he was saying, the subject matter, or the concept, but to my old wrinkled eyes the upgrade sure makes thing prettier
  9. loopz's avatar
    Where do you get the mod from (I have it in my library from 15 years ago)
  10. geedundee_'s avatar
    the full half life bundle - £2.88
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