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Posted 16 June 2022

Overwatch 2 Free to Play on PS4, PS5, Series S/X, Xbox One, Switch & PC from Oct 4th

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Just confirmed on the Overwatch 2 stream, this will be free to play. Can't wait

Overwatch 2, launching on October 4, will be free-to-play on Windows® PC and Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PlayStation®5, PlayStation®4, and Nintendo Switch™ consoles. Anyone can join, and anyone can play and take part in our always-on, always-evolving live service. This is the most significant release in Overwatch history since its debut, and it will begin with early access to a new PvP experience, heroes, maps, and more with a new, free-to-play model. At its core, we believe the game is a social experience that should be shared with everyone. This shift to free-to-play will open up and make the world of Overwatch available to more people than ever before, removing the barrier of entry and making it easier than ever to quickly jump into a match with friends. Inclusion is a strong driving force for this decision; when we stick together and work as a team, there's nothing that can stand in our way.

Note: The October 4th Date is 'early access' wherein some content may not yet be in game (PVE)

Xbox More details at
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  1. Trogador's avatar
    I’m confused, I thought I bought this game back in 2016?
    Terreneflame's avatar
    This is overwatch 2, sometimes games get sequals
  2. SunTzu's avatar
    Thought this should probably be un-expired as it releases tomorrow, can pre-download now on PC and console from 5pm tomorrow UK time, Overwatch 2 launches at 8pm. Also a good time to make sure your battlenet accounts are linked correctly to ensure you carry over all your items from OW1 and you now need a phone number attached to your account to play.
    bumbaclart's avatar
    bumbaclart Author
    Yeah can't wait...it's unexpired now
  3. bumbaclart's avatar
    bumbaclart Author
    It's available to download now
  4. kos1c's avatar
    Fully free2play?
    Guess we'd see another diablo immortal with over the top micro transactions in here somehow.
    bumbaclart's avatar
    bumbaclart Author
    Yes full game is free to play
  5. Antsaves's avatar
    Isn’t this post a bit premature? Oct 4th?
  6. Mojomaster1979's avatar
    Hope the Micros are just cosmetic and not P2W
    B0ne5's avatar
    Didn't they say loot boxes are taken out?
  7. Shahintr's avatar
    How is this a deal again?
    bumbaclart's avatar
    bumbaclart Author
    Because my original post was moved to discussions until today where it is allowed as a deal
  8. Mojomaster1979's avatar
    Heal the Tank, Healers
  9. Micrometeoroid's avatar
    Can someone remind me in 4 months when this is happening ?
  10. Mojomaster1979's avatar
    Can you healers please heal the tank. Thanks
  11. saucymonk's avatar
    I'll defo be buying that supershot upgrade!
  12. Acquiescence's avatar
    Is it possible to join the beta yet?
  13. Big_lebowski's avatar
  14. DeanPrince's avatar
    Need to do a new timesplitters
  15. garnerw's avatar
    Is this just a game trial? (edited)
  16. odiedodie's avatar
    Great. Another “deal” useless for months
  17. Kishibe_Noa's avatar
    Overwatch 1.2
  18. ah_heng's avatar
    Only if this come with Total Mahem mode I will then try it..
  19. Shaunh256's avatar
    Does anyone know a cheap way to buy the watchpoint pack it’s £34.99 uk and on the Turkish psn it’s £14 but I play overwatch on Xbox so wanton a cheap solution for Xbox if possible
  20. Opethian's avatar
    After reading about it, Blizzard have really stretched the meaning of "Free to Play" to new heights with this game.
  21. Mojomaster1979's avatar
    DDoS attack, my behind . Desperate excuses because they once again didn't want to spend out on making sure they could handle the load.
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