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Unleaded Petrol £1.327p @ Morrisons Bredbury

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Morrisons Bredbury Petrol price 132.7p

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    Out of interest, does anyone pay for their fuel by Morrisons gift cards? I've got some credit to convert into vouchers and was thinking I might put them into Morrisons or Sainsburys if I can pay for fuel with them (I rarely shop in Morrisons and never in Sainsburys). I know you're not "supposed" to be I'm sure I've read people saying they did without issue.
    Yep, I use gift cards to pay for fuel at Morrisons. As it's gets me 4% back on Airtime Rewards. So I got £2.20 back on my latest fill around 7p a litre back.
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    154.9 at our Morrisons. That;s an unbelievable difference.
    Same here.

    Supermarkets don't use regional pricing for Groceries, they only do for Fuel out of greed
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    Must be near its use-by date
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    Great price but I've found that fuel from Morrisons seems to burn a bit with less power?!?
    There's only a few refineries in the country, it all comes from the same place
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    They charge as much as they can get away with. It all depends on what the others charge. It's time there was a maximum charge and then we'd all be better off.
    Not if the maximum charge was £2 per litre.
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    Diesel is 20p per litre cheaper than worcester. There is no justification for these variances
    Posher the area the more you pay
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    All places are really dragging this out now oil has not been above $90 since mid November 2022 now.
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    Unleaded is still 150.9 within 5 miles of me
    Same. Is there an explanation as to why the price for fuel differs so much depending on where you are in the country?
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    As I've said before local area price fixing, theyre robbing us blind like the supermarket's and their food prices
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    I use this station and it’s 10p a litre cheaper for diesel than Esso which is just round the corner!
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    £1.35 at Cheadle today
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    My local Morrisons has unleaded for 146p. Heat.
    1.42 for me
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    Keep them coming
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    thats cheaper than my local costco at 137.9, wow

    super unleaded and diesel are near same price though at 142.9 and 155.9 (edited)
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    My local Morrisons is 138.7.
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    At Tynemouth
    Petrol 138.9
    Diesel 161.7
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    1.46 morrisons grimsby (petrol)
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    Using the PetrolPrices app, a couple of Sainsburys locations have it at those prices in that area but there is a lot of competition.
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    Not sure when the one near me in rochdale will put the price down because here it's still 173 for deisel, they are taking the biscuit.
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    £1.42.9 petrol Tesco st. Mellon’s Cardiff
    Slowly getting there. Before the fuel duty hike in March.
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    It’s 170 up near me